[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Yes, when I press resume, Ecobee resumes the schedule. But the values in ST stay the same.

I’ve emailed my password :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your logs and there is no exceptions/errors. The Tstat behaves normally (from the logs).

Thank you to yvesracine for going above and beyond to help me with my issues! Works perfect again :slight_smile:

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Your situation was a bit different as your were using Celsius under a Samsung account.

It’s the 2nd time that the Samsung account reacts differently from the SmartThings account
for certain part of the code.

Anyway, it’s now corrected and I will send an update to all my active contributors

Thank you for letting me check within your Samsung account.

@yvesracine, Love all the new changes. The issue I’m having and maybe I’m missing something. I’ve updated all the code and have the same problem since the first version you induced with virtual device zones.

I can change the tempDelta down all I want (up to -10 i’ve tried) but if i try to take it back to zero, or increase at all, it doesn’t do anything. Looking at the logs I get an error

"groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: toDouble for class: java.math.BigDecimal "

every time i press the up arrow to change the delta. any ideas?


Could you send me some logs to services@maisonsecomatiq.com?

This is not related to the DTH (My Ecobee device), but the smart zoning app.

Please enable detailed Logging in the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule app & the virtual zone device and filter the logs for the virtual zone.



Hi again,

I’m asking for logs as I could not reproduce your issues under different SmartThings account.

Are you using a Samsung account by any chance?

If so, I may need to temporarily access your Samsung account.


I sent you a new version of the Virtual zone DTH. Please update and let me know if it fixes your issue.

I’m assuming here that you’re under a Samsung account.


I’m experiencing the EXACT same issue. Though it just started today. According to the app, it’s 70° on each t-stat. However, looking at the actual t-stat, it’s 78 and they’re running.

I immediately checked to see if the devices needed to be re-authorized in MyEcobeeInit, but when I clicked the “you are connected” section, it gave me a blank screen. If I moved to the next screen, it showed that I didd’t have any devices configured and, “you can’t currently add this” was displayed.

I’m writing this as I’m troubleshooting, so I installed Yves’ latest update, 5.9.9m. Initially, no change, but I rebooted my phone and looked again. No change.

I attempted to re-authenticate again and it worked. ST was not connected to Ecobee. Once I reauthenticated, everything seems to be working again.

I don’t believe the update had anything to do with it, but it did get in a weird state.

If you have any issues, send me some logs to services@maisonecomatiq.com and I will look into them.

Without logs, I cannot help you.

Was hoping that the issue I experienced would help the other poster resolve his.

Nonetheless, everything is awesome, as usual. Plus, your willingness to assist - much appreciated.

His issue was solved few hours ago…

Just started using this a couple weeks ago and am very happy with it so far. It is nice to tie any device I can in to my SmartThings hub. Thanks for the hard work and I am looking forward to the updates!

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I’m using Celsius under smartthings account since the start.
So Celsius should be no problem.
Probably slightly different implementation from Samsung account.

Yeah, no problem under the ST accounts. With the Samsung accounts, need to be more careful about datatypes of attributes depending on their usage.

oops. I didn’t check my email.
I see it’s already fixed and updated.

Great program! Moved to ecobee after being a long time nest user for the sensors which was a step up but your prigram really takes it to the next level with ST.

Thanks for your continued development!

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I finally bit the bullet and got the Ecobee 3, they had it on sale with 3 remote sensors for 199 at Costco. Using the stock Smartthings integration it worked pretty good but it didn’t update very often, especially the remote sensors. Using My Ecobee Device now gives me 5min updates on all sensors and I can see the Ecobee’s temp as well as the average that the Ecobee shows where as before I could only see the average of the sensors temperature. I use Webcore quit a bit so being able to have access to changing the mode to Away has been great too. So far I haven’t run into any issues, my next step is to create zones and set up rooms to control my ZWave baseboard thermostats.


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Great work @yvesracine, your updates to Samsung accounts is solving many of the smaller issues that the Smartthings account holder don’t face. Thanks for your hard work.

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I sent out a new version tonight (v5.9.9n) with minor corrections for Samsung accounts, and an updated MyEcobeeInit smartapp (v3.3.2) with even more resilience for any ST-ecobee disconnects (resilience is already pretty good, but why not make it even better!)…

You can download the new versions at my store.


P.S. The new code has been sent to all active contributors.

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