[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Excellent application. Ignore the haters. These people are probably the same ones that post hate comments everywhere also (like on YouTube, Facebook, …). Cyber bullies. If they don’t like it, they can easily not buy Or not ask for updates or not come to this thread. But they chose to bully and write hurtful comments. There is absolutely nothing shady.


Super happy with the updates and it’s process. Keep it going!


I haven’t read the recent points fully, but I just wanted to note that I have been regularly seeing updates as they come in since my original payment for the devices over a year ago, which is great. This device code is easily some of the most reliable and feature rich 3rd party code that’s made it out of the ST community.

The only “updates” improvement I could see is maybe a running list of updates with different versions on a single page - rather than the email method. Truly, I wish SmartThings themselves would implement a better app-store of sorts, but until that happens we have what we have!

Anyway, asking for a like in the thread was not much to ask for me. It’s not different than asking to “rate my app” in an appstore. Although having paid for it, I may not feel that it should be “Required” to continue getting updates is all (99% of people will do it just because they do like it). Nevertheless, I DO like it, so I did like it =).


Hi @wjarrettc,

Sorry about the frequent updates, in software engineering, it’s always better to send incremental changes rather than big updates.

I will consider your input for the future. In fact, I feel a bit exhausted after finding some oddities under the new Samsung accounts (I think it’s also shard related).

I wanted to get the code ready for the next big thing: the ecobee switch which will entail even more real-time processing. I’ve done similar work for My Automatic device (real-time webhooks), so I’m actually laying the foundation for it.

Thnx for your support. I will take a step back in the next few weeks to look into ways to improve things. But, as there is no AppStore available, I have to deal with my e-commerce server limitations.

Thank you all for your support.


I paid for the product and it works. I’ve tried a handful of other Ecobee SmartThings apps and can’t say the same thing for them.

@yvesracine provides regular updates in exchange for a like on this post. I don’t see what the problem is. I wouldn’t care to receive the updates if the product didn’t work for me and i obviously wouldn’t have liked a post for a product I didn’t care for.

I know the likes help others find @yvesracine offerings and that some of these people turn into customers. That seems like a fair return for the frequent code updates.


Couple points of clarification for your rant:

  1. I don’t care about the money. I asked for a refund due to being sick of arguing with him. His posts in Using Ecobee with SmartThings is what started all of this where he said anyone that criticizes his programming will no longer get updates to it.
  2. I NEVER received working code. When I made my payment was around the time when EcoBee/ST/this DTH was having authorization issues where you had to reauthorize multiple times a day. I uninstalled it until it could be fixed and publicly complained about it. yvesracine then removed me from updates including the ones that fixed most of those issues. So no “You got and used the code” is incorrect…I never got anything that actually worked.
  3. You are purchasing something. You shouldn’t have to stroke the authors ego to keep getting updates.
  4. I’m well past being a millennial.

@yvesracine - Your DTH was never under attack. Your shady business practices and the fact you cannot take criticism is what is publicly being discussed.

Again, never received anything that worked for more then a couple hours.

People deserve to be warned of his shady practices. He should also clearly call out his policies before someone purchases it by saying “If you ever say anything negative about me or my program ever then I will stop sending you updates” because that is his actual policy. I haven’t seen that written anywhere however which is why it’s being discussed right now.

If his policies were clearly stated in the first place none of this would be going on. Unfortunately to get a refund I have to retract anything I’ve ever said negatively about his program including agreeing to never say anything negative in the future: [RELEASE] The Most Comprehensive & Resilient Ecobee Integration - My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa . Thats pretty ridiculous.

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Hmm, so…I get a great product for $20 and to receive unlimited updates for the product I have to goto a site and give a positive review…

At this point, I can either choose not to give a “positive” review because I don’t like the product and don’t really want or need updates because I am going to find a better product or take a minute to give the review…

Oh wait, there is another option, not buy the product at all!

Even if this subscription is a little unorthodox, it’s still the requirements of the unlimited updates.

I don’t have an issue at all with the agreement because guess what? ITS A GREAT FREAKING PRODUCT!!! I’ve tried another and it was nothing but issues after issues.

If you don’t like the agreement then don’t agree to it and find another solution…

I recommend and back this product 100%.


Just as a reminder to all, my update policies are indicated at my store (where it matters)as stated in this thread before.

I do agree with this. If it is not working from the start, then you should not be required to give a positive review. It is up to the customer service to ensure that a product is working as advertised and once that happens then there shouldn’t be an lifetime obligation to ensure that the product always work. Lifetime product updates typically cost…

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And, I agree with you also. The fact of the matter is that this guy posted a negative review w/o contacting me first to see if I could help him.

And, then, almost 2 years after (he contributed in December 2015), he was asking for a refund because of my updates policy.

The way I see it, it’s just a smear campaign at this point.

So every single one of these positive posts is in response to a very unprofessional e-mail blast asking for people to come here and support the product? Talk about a complete lack of credibility and integrity in the review process.


So instead of trying to fix things you got defensive and stopped sending me updates making the software you sold me worthless since as mentioned above it didn’t work?

Again, never asked for a refund until recently simply because you were being arrogant. I don’t care about the money at this point, I care about other people not being swindled. There is also no way for people to say anything negative without being penalized as they stop getting updates.

I’m not trying to “smear” you. If you remember you brought all this out in the other thread. IT was you that started this, not me. I’m just making sure people have the FACTS to make a good decision between buying your EcoBee DTH or one of the free alternatives like [RELEASE] The Best FREE Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps - Now with Ask Alexa Message Queue Support, and an Enhanced User Experience!.

Give me a positive review if you want to keep getting updates. Give me a negative review and I stop giving you updates. I’d trust this business model with my money.

Complaining about frequency of updates is at least misguided and definitely short-sighted. The updates are partially a function of a rapidly changing framework at SmartThings but also expanding functionality being revealed from Ecobee. Why would you want to discourage the amazing support you are getting for your investment? Without these updates, the software would become flaky and unreliable. If the simple fact that your investment is being maintained and enhanced is not obvious and underappreciated, at least have the common courtesy to just say thank you and move on.

Here are the terms of service from your site:

(*) Terms of Service

(1) Downloaded files are zipped. WinZip or similar app required:
(2)Prices are subject to change
(3)Due to the nature of the goods (licensed source code), no refunds will be given. Exchanges may be provided when justified.
(4)Thermostats and motion/temp/contact sensors supported by the zoned heating/cooling solutions need to implement the corresponding SmartThings’ standard capabilities.
(5)Some limited minor updates will be sent according to your support packages (if any). Otherwise, you may have limited “free minor updates” if you “like” or post positive comments about my solutions at the ST community forum. After doing so, please send your ST handle via email to get the limited “free minor update” promotion.

Where is #6?

(6) If you criticize me or my product for any reason what so ever I have the right to stop sending you updates even if the product I sold you is faulty and cannot be used for the purpose you purchased it.

I don’t see that listed? It should be added.

I don’t think he’s complaining about the amount of updates but the fact that it’s a manual process every time there is one as opposed to the current GitHub integration with SmartThings that makes updating any of the “free” apps easy.

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Sorry if my point was misunderstood, the real problem here is really a lack of a commercial infrastructure from SmartThings to allow @yvesracine to automate the update process for his subscribers. As a result, there’s a large burden on both the developer and the customer to keep the code up-to-date. I have thanked @yvesracine many times and recommended his product to countless users on various ST forums.

But I was also providing the feedback he requested on the update process and whether it was working well or not for the user.

I’ve been extremely happy using My Ecobee Device and am satisfied with the update process.

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Vseven, I don’t necessarily entirely disagree with your general points about things. But you do understand that his model is no updates after purchase for anyone who buys and then never returns, right? Leaving a review here is essentially like signing up for his emails.

I do question why he didn’t just send you a working update and be done with it. But you’re “number 6” there is asinine and is included in number 5 already. If you want updates, review the product. If you don’t want to be overloaded with updates, don’t.

Hell he’ll even log into you’re account and fix the code himself if you pay for a support package.

I’m completely on board with the people talking about incredibly frequent updates though. I usually delete about two thirds of the email updates he sends out and update my code about every third time. But I’m perfectly fine with that.

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If you, right now, publicly criticize his work for any reason he will PM you and tell you that if you don’t delete your post immediately you will never get another update from him. Doesn’t matter if you have previously made a positive comment or “liked” his post. Is that spelled out in his TOS? Because that is how he actually operates. That’s why there are very little negative comments in this thread…if you post one you are threatened to remove it. From another post:

When I asked for a refund (again…its not about the money) he said he would give me one only if I removed any negative comment I ever left about his product including one I posted in Jan '16. I posted a copy of the email he sent me above, post 678.

So no…I don’t think its asinine that he includes what I wrote based on how he does business.

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