[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Thank you @yvesracine. I went through the wiki for both the MyEcobeeDevice and EcobeeChangeMode and unfortunately was not able to find a good answer for it.

Basically, I would like to bypass the ST mode. I would like MyEcobee to change modes independently of ST mode.

For example, when I have guests coming home, I would still want ST to be armed (they only have access to their room). Though, I would want MyEcobee to be changed to “Home” (while ST home stays armed).

I could find instructions on how to do:
Front Door Unlocked -> ST mode changed to Home -> MyEcobee changed to Home

but I couldn’t find instructions on how to bypass the man in the middle and directly do:
Front Door Unlocked -> MyEcobee changed to Home.
or maybe
Front Door Unlocked -> Guest Arrived Routine -> MyEcobee changed to Home.

Is this not possible?


There is no way under ST to call ecobee to resume or set a specific climate/comfort settings from a routine as the ecobee thermostat is probably the only one thermostat that has this capability. ST routines were designed for the generic thermostat capabilities, not for the ecobee which has more advanced features.

FYI, even the Nest doesn’t expose its own schedule…And, the z-wave/zigbee thermostats are quite ‘dumb’ in terms of scheduling as they require external HA scripts.

However, using my smartapps, you can bypass the ST location mode and use any ST presence & motion sensors to achieve what you want to do.

In the configuration section of My ecobee device in the ST community wiki, I’ve written the following:

Most of my Ecobee smartapps have been developed with this principle in mind: ecobee is responsible for the basic scheduling (as it’s more reliable and also accessible from the physical thermostat anytime) and ST is responsible for managing exceptions to the schedules that you define (i.e., ‘Away’ or ‘Home’ mode switch as an example).

Under the following section 3c), I mentioned different smartapps to be used listed by their complexity (according to the use cases you want to achieve):


If you don’t want to use ecobeeChangeMode , you can use ecobeeAwayFromHome and ecobeeResumeProg which allow you to set your thermostat to Away or Home based on several conditions amongst others presence and motion detection.

For more details on ecobeeResumeProg, refer to


P.S. If the above smartapps don’t meet your requirements, you can always use your favorite rule engine (CoRE, webCoRE, smartRules) to customize your HA script for your own use case. The methods that you can call are resumeProgram(), away(), asleep() and home() in the DTH to switch to the ecobee Away, Night, or Home climates respectively.


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Any updates on getting the new code?

Awesome stuff!

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Purchased this app and have been very happy with how it works and all the attributes and capabilities it exposes from the Ecobee. Really great solution!

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I just checked my bills and I also did compare previous years
and find out that between 2x ecobees3 and this Smartthings integration
I saved over $500 this year on cooling/heating in the 3000sqf house already pretty efficient before installing MyEcobee.

I Contributed donation before it was mandatory and I decided to contribute again today.

This integration will bring your money back.
Also during last year it never disconnected unlike many of mine sensors and other devices.

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So another week and I still don’t get a response to either my email or this message? After paying for this?

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@black98gti, thank you Brian for following the update procedure and being courteous in your exchange with me.

You’ll receive future minor updates as indicated under the terms of service at my store.

@plantucha, thank you for being a long time supporter! I really appreciate your additional contrbution. There has been a lot of work put into this DTH (as you know it)!!

Is there a way to simply have this thing set the mode to heat, if outside temp below 60, and cool if it’s above 60? My wife hates the way it’s working, currently.

Well, ScheduleTstatZones has this mode change capability… I haven’t implemented elsewhere as this feature should should be used with caution.

You can also use CoRE/webCoRE/Smart Rules to do so.

A better way (if possible) would be to use the auto mode…


Last week, I got Smart Things and got it set up with Ecobee/Ecobee Sensors/Keen Vents using My Ecobee Device and ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule. It worked perfect for a few days, and then My Ecobee stopped updating (temperature didn’t update, buttons didn’t work except for ‘Resume Schedule’, equipment status not changing from idle even when heat was on). I deleted everything and started fresh, and it worked again for a few hours, but now My Ecobee is stuck again. Once again, no buttons work except resume schedule (can’t change temperature, temperature is wrong, temperature setting is wrong, refresh does nothing, etc).

If I add the thermostat again with MyEcobeeInit, it works once again, but will eventually get stuck.

The sensors/vents appear to work just vine.

Well, I can tell you that I personnally supervise many contributors’ sites (who pay for support) and I haven’t seen anthing like that for a while as indicated here:

There must be a specific issue with your ST account.

Could you send your logs to services@maisonsecomatiq.com?

Please filter only the logs for My Ecobee device.


And, I would like to have screenshots of your ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule’s running config screens.

I’d be very curious to see your logs.


P.S. Don’t post your logs in the forum as they contain senstive info about your thermostat.

Hmm I’m thinking you may be right about the ST account thing. Not sure what would cause it though…

I cannot open the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule config anymore. The icon spins and then nothing happens. MyEcobeeInit and ecobeeRemoteSensorInit open fine.

I’ve sent the logs anyway.

What is odd is that you can resume the program and the values get refreshed?

I need the logs for My Ecobee device with detailed tracing.

We can look at the other smartapps later.

Or, if you want a faster resolution, I can log in to your ST account to check it out.

If you wish, send me your ST credentials (username and a password that you can reset later) by email and I will have a look into your ST account.

Yes, when I press resume, Ecobee resumes the schedule. But the values in ST stay the same.

I’ve emailed my password :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your logs and there is no exceptions/errors. The Tstat behaves normally (from the logs).

Thank you to yvesracine for going above and beyond to help me with my issues! Works perfect again :slight_smile:

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Your situation was a bit different as your were using Celsius under a Samsung account.

It’s the 2nd time that the Samsung account reacts differently from the SmartThings account
for certain part of the code.

Anyway, it’s now corrected and I will send an update to all my active contributors

Thank you for letting me check within your Samsung account.

@yvesracine, Love all the new changes. The issue I’m having and maybe I’m missing something. I’ve updated all the code and have the same problem since the first version you induced with virtual device zones.

I can change the tempDelta down all I want (up to -10 i’ve tried) but if i try to take it back to zero, or increase at all, it doesn’t do anything. Looking at the logs I get an error

"groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: toDouble for class: java.math.BigDecimal "

every time i press the up arrow to change the delta. any ideas?