[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

I’ve been terrible being active on here and need the latest updates. I suppose it was working so well that I became lazy. Have to change this.

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There has been some ecobee server outages in the past few days…

However, there was no need to reconnect to ecobee with My Ecobee device as the Device Type Handler’s code is resilient to those short ecobee outages that come from time to time.… This is due to the many robust coding mechanisms that I’ve put in place in the DTH for the last 3 years.

I personally monitor many user site locations throughout North America and there has NO disconnects in the past days (or months).

If you want to avoid losing your connection to ecobee, you just need to contribute to My Ecobee device and you’ll get all the smartapp ecosystem that I’ve built since 2014 that covers the most common use cases (and more with the new ‘comfort and energy savings tips’). This is the most comprehensive ecobee integration PERIOD. And, you’ll also be able to upgrade your HA scenarios later (if you want) to include my zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions that allow you to only heat/cool your chosen (and occupied) rooms in your Home.

Refer to the use cases here at the beginning of this thread (and the satisfied contributors’ testimonials):

My Ecobee device can be downloaded here:


I’ve just released new versions of the ecobee smartapps to all my active contributors. The new versions take advantage of the new Message Queue mechanisms put in place in Ask Alexa.

  • Runtime stats from the ecobee portal (HomeIQ) can be sent to your chosen Ask Alexa’s Message Queue(s) as verbal notifications (refer to the ecobeeGenerateStats smartapps);
  • Any informational (ex. ecobee Alerts) or exception events (in MyEcobeeInit) regarding the ST-Ecobee Integration can be sent also to your chosen Ask Alexa’s Message Queue(s) as verbal notifications;
  • Remote Sensors’ informational or exception events (in ecobeeRemoteSensorInit) can be sent to your chosen Ask Alexa’s Message Queue(s) as verbal notifications;
  • My Zoned Heating/Cooling solution smartapps can also send any informational (current zone(s) and schedules running) or exception events to your chosen Ask Alexa’s Message Queue(s) as verbal notifications;
  • The new settings are part of the “Notifications and Other settings” page. You can specify the logging level (INFO, WARN, ERROR) to be sent to Ask Alexa according to your own requirements.

Most of the ecobee smartapps are documented at the ST community wiki:


The new versions can be downloaded now at my store:



Awesome! I’m loving using your ecobee dh/apps.

I get my keen vents next month (if they deliver on time), and am looking forward to integrating them as well.

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Always looking forward to your updates - keep up the great work.

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Long time user and supporter, just wanted to say thanks to @yvesracine for the excellent job he’s done with not only with the device type handler but also the handy additional smart apps that really make it shine.

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Wow, excellent code and the level of effort in supporting getting me running was very impressive! Thank you very much for all of this.

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New supporter and still getting used to it but so far this seems pretty good!

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Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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I had been getting other updates via email as a contributor, but didn’t get this one. Do I need to comment/like every so often? Thanks for all your hard work, btw!

Hi @jeremyinmt, please send me an email to services@maisonsecomatiq.com with your paypal verified address.


Did you check your spam? After getting about 6 updates Gmail all of the sudden started flagging as spam. Unflagged and all good again.

I have to say, I’ve been using this for some time now and it’s absolutely amazing. I love the absolute control it offers and so far I’m only using a few of the features but those have been serving me so well. Keep up the excellent work.

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Purchased the bundle less than a week ago, and am looking forward to trying it with Keen vents in the near future. I’ve opened it a total of 1 time in the last week, and it worked perfectly. I greatly appreciate all of Yves hard work, and commitment to the community!

Per an email from Yves, in order to receive updates I must either like his post, or post positive comments. I believe in full disclosure, and would like it to be clear that even though I was told to post here and like the thread, I am very pleased with the software, and all of the hard work put into this effort, as well as Yves contribution to the community! I do so happily and willingly.

Keep up the great work!


And, there are some explanations on why I’m asking this feedback from my contributors here:

And, it’s also clearly indicated at my store under the terms of service.

I am excited to get started with this code. I bought an ecobee last year, and just recently bought an echo device, and ordered the smartthings hub this week. I actually purchased this code before owning the hub, because lots of people on reddit seem to love what you have done for the ecobee!

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Hi Clayj, please send me an email with your paypal verified address so that I can associate your ST handle with your contribution.


Hi @farlicimo,

With the latest release (v5.9.6) of MyEcobee DTH, you may want to check the new options for the holdType input parameter and how to use the setHoldExtraParams() and setClimate() methods in the DTH for permanent/temporary holds.

Refer to the guidelines indicated here at the ST community wiki:



Thanks, will give it another try. I have been trying (prior to this update) using webCore but don’t seem to be able figure out the right way to send the command for the hold type. I think I am not doing the format quite right for sending multiple arguments.

@farlicimo,as indicated at the ST community wiki, if you send successive holds, you may need to send a resumeProgram() command to the thermostat to make it work before each hold.

There are examples of commands at the ST community wiki.