[RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!


Just to let you know, My ecobee device has been tested with the latest ecobee thermostat (ecobee4) with its remote sensors… Everything works as expected.


Just installed the Ecobee4 and tossed my Nest. Installation was easy - thermostats usually are. I bought the myEcobee Bundle and installed it - very easy to install. Configuration is very similar to ScheduleTstatZones app - but many more capabilities with Ecobee than there were with Nest.

I have to say, the app has a LOT of things that can be configured - well worth adding a support package and letting Yves tailor the configuration to meet my needs.

Love having a solution that integrates ST with Keen vents and my thermostat. Overall our house stays much closer to our desired temperature in heat or cool modes.

I’ve installed MyEcobee and remote sensor device types. I am wondering if I can us them as sort of a poorman’s security system (report on movement when no one is home). I think I realized that there is something like a 30 minute delay (which is OK, we are talking poorman’s solution afterall!).

Just not clear how I would set that up…

Thanks in advance!


Look up Smart Home Monitor (SHM) in the ST community forum.


Oh! There we go. I see my remote sensors but not the main units? Does that make sense?

@Scott_Chapman, no it doesn’t quite make sense to me.

  • Go to the IDE, and check which devices are up and running:

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. (or your own shard)

For more info about shards, refer to

  • Then look up for “My Ecobee Device” in the list. You can do a search if you have a high number of devices under ST by pressing “ctrl-F”.


I see my 4 ecobees, and the 6 remote sensors there. Ecobees are active, remote sensors are inactive.

Probably unrelated to above, but I installed the changemode smart app so I can put my ecobees into away mode when everyone leaves. I am getting two notifications for this event (both include all 4 of my ecobees).

Hi Scott,

The 'INACTIVE’s status in the IDE next to the remote sensors doesn’t mean that they don’t update. You need to click on the list of events for each remote sensor to see if they are updating or not.

If they are not updating on a regular basis, and you want to troubleshoot the issue yourself, refer to


Otherwise, if you need further assistance, just contribute to one of my support packages at my store, and I will look into your specific issue under your ST account.


I spot checked a couple and they look like they are updating.

So, I think I have two issues?

  1. Not seeing ecobee devices in motion sensor list
  2. duplicate notifications on changemode smart app

Oh! Checked my device types for remote sensor and the ecobee itself. The remote sensors have “Motion” in their current state, but the ecobees do not.

I think that explains why I don’t see them. Any reason why that wouldn’t be a state being reported?

Hi, you have the option to create the Ecobee thermostat as a remote sensor with the motion capability. So, let’s say you have only 1 remote sensor unit, the ecobeeRemoteSensorInit smartapp is able to create 2 remote sensors: 1 for the ecobee thermostat, and the other for the remote sensor unit itself.


The ecobeeChangeMode smartapp only sends one notification. Make sure that you have not created 2 instances of the smartapp (under Automation/Smartapps). You can set all your thermostats to Away in one instance (multiple thermostats can be selected).

Again, if you need further assistance,please contribute to one of my support packages.


Just want to say I’ve been using the Ecobee Device by Yves inside of SmartThings for years. He definitely knows what he’s doing. If you have an Ecobee device, there is no other option even worth considering. And you really need to integrate it into SmartThings to take advantage of everything it’s capable of doing. Be sure to support Yves, and you won’t regret it. I only wish SmartThings, or Samsung, would officially adopt his work as the defacto standard for integrating their platform with Ecobee and compensate him for his efforts.


Thanks for all you do. This is a great app and I really appreciate the updates that you send out!



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I’m seeing this error in the logs for both of my Ecobee thermostats about once every hour:

11:55:40 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: physicalgraph.device.CommandService.executeAction() is applicable for argument types: (physicalgraph.device.cache.DeviceDTO, java.lang.Boolean) values: [Hallway, true] Possible solutions: executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, java.lang.String), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, java.util.List), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.HubAction), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.HubMultiAction), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.ParallelAction), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.RestAction) @ line 223

DTH Version 5.9.2

All functions seem normal, but am not sure what the error is about?


Please refer to the ST community wiki, some exceptions are thrown by the ST backend (not my code), and I don’t have any control over them:




P.S. In general, do not post exception logs in the community forum as they may contain sensitive info about your location and thermostat, just send them to me via email at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.


OK thanx. Figured there wasn’t much harm since everything is working.

I got the Ecobee4 a few days ago to replace my Nest (gen2) using NST Manager. I try the ST stock device handler for the Ecobee and it was extremely simple and limited. I decided to get My Ecobee Device from yvesracine and its really exposes a lot of the capabilities of the thermostat. One thing I can suggest to improve its the documentation in the Wiki of few of the icons in the DHT UI, they are hard to follow at first.

I also went with yvesracine Ecobee Sensors Smartapp/DH. It works great and is another way to interact with temperature/motion for each of your sensors (including the actual Thermostat). One way I use the “motion” is ActionTiles were I created a Panel in which I have everything HVAC related and I can quickly see which sensor are “in motion” so I can know which one are being used to calculate the temperature in my house.

Since I have Keen Vents as well, I also got the ecobeeSetZoneWithScheduole Smartapp. I am testing this one and I will leave my post in the respective thread in case someone is interested.

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I’ve been terrible being active on here and need the latest updates. I suppose it was working so well that I became lazy. Have to change this.

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