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[RELEASE] Resilient - My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa


(AaronW) #800

I am quite impressed with this investment I have made. I am able to see a lot about my EcoBee environment and look forward to automating leveraging the zones integration (soon to be buying z-wave zone units). Thank you for your dedicated work on this!

(Andres Castano) #801

Hi Yves,

Over the last 5 days I had heavily tested the setzonewithschedule smartApp and the problem persist. It seems changes done to My Ecobee device trough the smartthings android app is causing the issue, for example, manually changing the program to Home, Sleep or any available program suffice to bring the setzonewithschedule SmartApp to a kind limbo state since the SmartApp stop making adjustments to my Ecobee, Stelpro Ki and Keen vents. I’m preparing the logs and will be sent to you shortly.


(Yves Racine) #802

Hi Andres,

If you make changes to the climate (or comfort settings) using the ecobee app or the ecobee portal, my smartapp will not be able to detect the new program (as it was done externally from ST, the smartapp will just then consider it as a “hold” with new setpoints).

If you want the smartapp to recognize the new climate/comfort settings, I’d recommend to use MyEcobee device to change your climate using the “Set Program” UI tile.

This way, my smartapp will be able to detect the new climate/program and make changes accordingly.

BTW, for each climate/comfort settings at ecobee, you’d need to define a corresponding schedule in the smartapp so that it can process the climate/comfort settings correctly.

P.S. For any issues under ST, you need to use “live logging” in the IDE for capturing logs (not the list of events).

If you want me to investigate some issues that you don’t understand under your ST account, please contribute to one of my support packages. I’m actually working on a brand new ecosystem of DTHs for SmartThings and my support time is limited.

Otherwise, please refer to the ST community wiki for configuration & troubleshooting.

(Andres Castano) #803

Hi Yves,

  1. I’m using the “Set Program” UI tile to change climate and that’s is causing the SmartApp to crash.
  2. For each climate/comfort setting at ecobee I have a corresponding schedule in the smartapp.
  3. I just recreated the issue again, I will send the logs captured from live logging within 5 minutes.


(Yves Racine) #804

Hi, the smartapp is not crashing, there is a numberFormatException, but the smartapp is not crashing (according to the logs).

I’d need some logs for MyEcobee device and I already sent you an email about it.

(Jerry) #805

I am not very technical nor experienced with SmartThings. I first started using this app with my two ecobee3 themostats in 2015. It was such an excellent app even for a novice like me that I purchased the support package in January 2016 and renewed my support again in 2017. The customer service and technical support from Yves has been outstanding. I have had a minor problem twice during the past two years. Both times, Yves responded within 24 hours, and as a convenience to me, he performed a version upgrade for me and verified my system was working again. I wish other companies had service and support this good. This app and support is well worth the money.

(Matthew Sugarman) #806


Really digging the new way to get updates. I like just going to the site when ready and updating without feeling like I have to immediately or I’ll have some degraded function.

Thanks again, am continually impressed with the product.

(AaronW) #807

OK so this is an unsolicited post of praise. We have been using this SmartApp for about a week. I purchased this app ONLY to control and give me action routines on the Ecobee sensors and system. What I didn’t expect (and am quite delighted in) is the comfort settings. Our home has two rooms on the second floor which are always colder than the others. Even when an Ecobee sensor is in the room there isn’t much difference in comfort. After installing this SmartApp (and encouraging the wifey NOT to change the settings on the Ecobee) we have experienced three days of incredible comfort even with the outside temperature being -13 degrees. I am quite amazed how the entire house maintained 68 degrees and it was all done through the single stage furnace I have.

I just want to say THANK YOU for your time and effort and YES your SmartApp was well worth the $30!!

Keen Smart Home Vents
(Yves Racine) #810

@samsungsucks, Could you stop polluting my thread with your comments?

I believe that you are not a contributor to my code, so please post your negative comments elsewhere (for the ST stock device).

(Kirk Hilzinger) #811

The account appeared 2 hours ago. Troll.

(Jason) #812

Hey curious, how do we know what the latest release version is now vs what I have installed?

(Yves Racine) #813

I will post here from time to time when new releases are available.

You can also check on your own at my ecommerce provider (selffy) using your download link.


(Andres Castano) #814

Hi Yves,

Is there an option in the ecobeesetzonewithschedule SmartApp to decrease the temperature in slave thermostats when presence is not detected? I have 2 Zwave Stelpro Ki thermostats in my basement zone which don’t support the off command so the option “turn off room tstats when outside scheduled zone(s) or rooms are not occupied” doesn’t work for me.



(Yves Racine) #815

Sorry, no I don’t have this option as the ST thermostats usually support the ‘off’ command. It’s part of the ST standard thermostat capability.


(Yves Racine) #816

I found a way to do it using the ‘eco’ mode.

The new version of ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule & ScheduleTstatZones (v8.1.4) can now send the ‘eco’ command to thermostats which support this command when outside the zones or when the room with the slave thermostat is not occupied.

Just use the sellfy download link to get the new version.


(Andres Castano) #817

Yves, you rock.


(Andres Castano) #818

Bonjour Yves,

Please see attached logs. For some reason the eco command is not being
pushed to the thermostats, only the off command.



(Yves Racine) #819

Hi, you have to make sure that your DTH has the eco command in the header, otherwise, it won’t work.

   command "eco"

Also, don’t post any logs in the forum, as there may be security issues with those posts.


(Andres Castano) #820


Yes it has.



(Yves Racine) #821

OK, download the revised version and try again. I changed the order to send the ‘eco’ command first.