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[RELEASE] Resilient - My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa

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With V1.1.7 I was able to delete the extra sensors.


(Yves Racine) #959

To all my contributors and ecobee users (which would like more resilience under the ST platform),

The ecobee outage was reported at 17:14 EDT and was resolved at 19:16 EDT and now everything is back to normal. The commands sent to My Ecobee device that were not executed have been stored in a queue for execution in the next hour window.

It’s always a good idea to check the following ecobee status page for any ecobee issues:

P. S. With my ecobee Device, you don’t need to re-login at ecobee as the code is resilient to the ST or ecobee outages.


Ecobee Servers Down
(samba) #960

If you’ve tried to re-login at ecobee w/o success because of a temporary issue, then you may have lost your auth tokens in the process, so just make sure to follow all the steps at the readme, and re-login when your ST account is back to normal.


(Yves Racine) #961


For all my contributors & ecobee users, I’ve just released a new version of My Ecobee device (v5.9.9x.3) which allows you to change the backlight settings of the ecobee (ex. BacklightSleepIntensity, BacklightOnIntensity, BacklightOffTime in seconds).

The new commands are

	command "setBacklightOffTime"
	command "setBacklightSleepIntensity"
	command "setBacklightOnIntensity"

ex. device.setBacklightSleepIntensity(0) // in webcore, to deactivate the backlight in sleep mode

FYI, a new smartapp at my github called ecobeeSetBacklight allows you to change the backlight settings on a predefined schedule.

You can also use the github integration to get the smartapp using the following settings:

Owner : yracine
Name : SmartThingsPublic
Branch : master

As a contributor to my code, if you haven’t upgraded to MyEcobeeInit (v4), you need to carefully read the release notes to ensure a smooth transition. The new version allows you to create all ecobee devices (ecobee tstat + ecobee switch+).

FYI, My Ecobee devices (tstat + switch) are compatible with the new Samsung Connect mobile app.

Please note that at the moment, the new Samsung mobile app will only display the basic attributes for the thermostat until the custom capabilities are available for the developers. You can then use the ST classic app for more capabilities and commands.

The instructions to force a refresh for your existing device(s) in order to be displayed under the Samsung app are included in the installation file as part of the download zip file.

You can download the new versions at my store using your original sellfy download link.

P.S. If you’re an active contributor to one of my support packages (and I have access to your ST account), the upgrade has already been done for you. You don’t need to do anything, everything has been taken care of.


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Portable (movable) thermostat?
(Richard Bryant) #962

Question about the humidifier control. The internal humidity sensor doesn’t have the best accuracy. Can you recommend a external humidity sensor to integrate into the humidity control?


(Yves Racine) #963

Hi, there is a thread here :slight_smile:



(Brandon L) #964

Just used one of my updates now that setting hold type is easy in WebCore.

Just wanted make sure I’m doing it right:

  • My fan is set to 10-15min/hr
  • When I leave, life360 calls ST and sets away so fan schedule still operates
  • Hold type default was previously set to indefinite, but I’ve now set it to nextTransition so me yelling at my Google jelly donut (home mini) doesn’t last forever.

To retain previous behavior plus limiting Google commands to nextTransition::

  • When I want to set away as triggered by Life360, I should call setholdwithholdtype with the string parameter indefinite, then set away?
  • Then when returning home, I should call setholdwithholdtype with string parameter nextTransition, then issue my resume commands as normal.

Did my life just get that easy?



How do you do it in WC? I tried that quite a while ago and couldn’t figure it out. Sounds like there is a new update to WC that makes it easy? I haven’t updated WC since with my ST ecosystem I don’t update something unless broken or new functionality I want, but this would fall into that new stuff I want! I have that exact problem of not wanting to set holds forever through Google.


(Brandon L) #966

With the new version it takes a few minutes to settle and you have to pop open the webcore app smartapp and kick it until the new commands show in the config dashboard. Then it’s just choose it like any other command. the only tricky part is the selections aren’t programmed in so there’s a button for parameters to pass and you can select the string type and enter your values as needed. Not as clean as retail-supported methods but hopefully coming in the future so we don’t have to look everything up.

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Excellent, thanks!


(Brandon L) #968

Or, at least, that’s what I’m here to make sure I’m doing right… :smiley:


(Yves Racine) #969

@farlicimo, @brandini,

Since this post, the setHoldWithHoldType method has been available for webcore users :

There is some documentation about setHoldWithHoldType under the ST community wiki (at the end of the section):

There are also some explanations near the signature of the method (in the DTH code).

Make sure to call the method with the right parameter types (setpoints as number).

@guarddog13 can help you with webcore, as he was the first to query about this method last month.


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(Ryan) #970

@brandini @farlicimo you set it like this.

Its string (leave blank), integer (heat sp), integar (cool sp), string (fan), string (hold type).

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(Brandon L) #972

Hm, I have all temperatures in my Ecobee comfort settings already, do I need to re-duplicate them all in this call now? I’m just trying to trigger away, as-programmed, indefinitely (like when I leave), and then remove the away/resume and return to normal function of holds defaulting to nextTransition.


(Ryan) #973

Just make that call as your away, if you want to be indefinite and indefinite is different than your normal transition. When you return home just use resumeProgram() and it will go back to your ecobee program.


(Ryan) #974

I do it like this because i have my ecobee switch back to its normal program after 2 hours of a temp change. I also want yves DTH to do nextTransition. If everyone at my house is away i want that to be indefinite so i use this method.


(Richard Bryant) #975

When using your app and device handlers to expose the ecobee remote sensor, what is the polling interval, is it adjustable ? The stock ecobee app only reports on 15 minute intervals, not usable for motion.


(Yves Racine) #976

First, the ecobee’s proprietary remote sensors are not motion sensors per se, but occupancy sensors…

They have some limitations for motion detection, refer to

In any case, the polling interval can be changed in the ecobeeRemoteSensorInit smartapp (by default, it’s every 5 minutes).



(Brandon L) #977

So is this the correct way to set an indefinite away hold?

Per it seems to be but if so I’m not sure why setholdwithholdtype was needed…

Now that WebCore is so popular is there any documentation on how to interact with myEcobee with it?

I did see this: device.setClimate("",‘away’,[holdType:‘indefinite’]) BUT I have no idea what to put where in WebCoRE because I can’t seem to find an example of values mapping (a list of commands, arguments, variable types, and orders required).


(Yves Racine) #978


No, it’s not the right way.

First, do you need to set a permanent Away Hold (which will apply the indefinite option for all your commands to the thermostat) or a temporary one (for just one command)?

  • If the former, then you’d need to set the holdType parameter in the device (indefinite is the default anyway).

  • If the latter, then you’d need to use the setHoldWithHoldType() command with your heating/cooling setpoints as indicated in the previous posts above. Webcore doesn’t support Maps as input parameter hence the setHoldWithHoldType() method for the webcore users.

In all cases, refer to the ST community wiki for a better understanding of the holdType possible options.

P.S. If you’re using webCore, then you’d need to contact power users in this forum (or the webcore forum) who use webcore with My Ecobee device.

FYI, I don’t use webcore as I’m focusing on implementing some smartapps for the most common use cases (refer to my smartapps at my github).