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I have seen some data coming through now as well, about 95% there.

Thank you all for your support and patience. AirBnB has fixed their iCalendar and the phone number/name information are showing up correctly. Normal operations had resumed and automatic phone number codes/SMS are working.

If you would like to refresh your Automatic users, set the number of Automatic users to 0, wait for 10 seconds and then set it back to the original value (e.g. 10). This will not cause any duplicate SMSs to be sent.

If you are seeing a user named Airbnb (Not available), please update to RLA version 03.02.03. AirBnB has made a minor update to their iCalendar format for blocked reservations which has been addressed in this update.

It’s much better this morning. I’m still seeing the blocked dates, but will install the new code. My current/future guests are now showing up as automatic users just fine, which is the main priority.

It is recommended to add a buffering device close to your lock for the best performance.

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 03.02.04

  • Update for changes in AirBnB calendar format making blocked dates show up as Not available
  • Now with separate iCalendar URL’s for HomeAway and Vrbo

More details about RLA can be found in the first post of this topic and on the RLA FAQ page.

NOTE: If you’re seeing duplicate/error Automatic Users after the recent AirBnB calendar outage you can reset/resynchronize your Automatic Users with these 2 simple steps:

  1. Open RLA and set the number of Automatic Users to 0 and open the Manage Users page to verify that they’ve been cleared (this does not affect Manual Users)
  2. Go back to the main page and set the number of Automatic Users back to the original number (e.g. 10), wait for 5-10 seconds and open the Manage Users page to verify that they’ve been resynchronized

This will resynchronize all the Automatic Users with your calendars (it will not send duplicate welcome SMSs)

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Hi Maddie,

When I go into “Manage users”, I do see all of my upcoming reservations, but they are scattered throughout the open slots. In between, there are still some “Airbnb (Not available) entries” without codes. I assume these are the dates that I blocked off of my own airbnb calendar.

I set Automatic codes to 0, saved, waited a few minutes, then set it back to 20. No change.

You should have my iCal link in a past email.


I did update prior to doing any of the troubleshooting… Published, saved from the ST app, etc … I’ll set automatic back to 0 and let you know if it is still happening.

I ended up resolving this by changing the automatic codes to 1… then 2… then 3… then 4. (I had 4 pending reservations)… then back to 20.

It seems that it wasn’t forgetting the “empty” spots properly.

This is what it looked like before:

Due to the most recent iCal issue, I now realize it would be nice if RLA provided a way to also send SMS Door code info on-demand, versus only the default method via Schedule.

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Thanks Kris.
It appears to be a quirk with the ST app UI for some phones. It does not register the changes until one presses the enter/return/done key on the onscreen keyboard.
I’ve updated the instructions above so it works with all phones.

How do you disable an active rental code for an automated user, what if there is an emergency or some kind of situation where the person using the rental becomes unruly and you need to change their access? I noticed that I cannot change any setting for the automatic users and the only way to remove them is to cancel the entire reservation. I’ve had a situation where I needed to give a guest more access and I was unable to unless I changed what locks all users under that listing are given. Is there any way to address this ? possibly in a future update ? thanks in advance for your assistance.

Just change the end/expiry date to yesterday (or something in the past) in the Manage Users page for that automated user. Save it and within a few minutes the user code will be disabled.

You can change the expiry date/time to the future (to extend the reservation) or to the past (to terminate the reservation) and the app will remember it.

You can find this and other tips on the RLA FAQ page

Is there a way to manually enter phone numbers of vrbo renters into the app, or is that planned? I would like to be able to do that at the time of booking to allow an SMS to be automatically sent to them at the chosen time.

Is there a native way to have an action take place when a guest code is entered but not a permanent code without manually assigning each one? Also, if it would run “check-in” actions the first time the code is used as opposed to when it hits the activation time, that would be awesome!

Yes, it’s very flexible, depends on how you configure it.

When you assign actions in the Main page → Lock/Unlock Actions page it executes when any valid user lock/unlocks the door, but any user defined custom actions take priority.
So if you don’t want any actions to run when a permanent user code is used, open Manager Users → Tap on permanent user page, scroll down to the bottom, Custom actions and notifications → Enable custom Actions for the user (but don’t define any actions), so now when the permanent user unlocks the door no actions will be run.

Check-in actions are designed to run at/ahead of the scheduled activation time. This is used primarily for time intensive preparatory actions things like pre-heating/cooling the house before the renter shows up. (similarly for check out actions).
If you want an action to run when the renter actually uses their code at the lock, then define those action in the Main page → Lock/Unlock Actions.
Check-In/Check-out actions and Lock/Unlock Actions are two separate features. One runs at a pre determined time while the other runs when a valid user code is used.

@RBoy Great, I think this is exactly what I needed. I didn’t realize I could override actions for permanent users. Very pleased with this SmartApp! Thanks a ton!

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I asked this a few days ago, but I’m not sure I put it in the right place, so I’m trying again!

Is there a way to manually enter phone numbers of vrbo renters into the app, or is that planned for the future? I would like to be able to enter their number at the time of booking to allow an SMS (or email) to be automatically sent to them at a chosen time.


A few days ago I started receiving this message from Bookings.com am I the only one having this error ? Is there someone I should reach out to at bookings.com ? I have included a screen shot of the error.

Hi, I just checked and it’s working fine here. Couple of things you can verify:

  1. You’re running the latest version of RLA (v03.02.04 as of today, you can refer to these instructions on how to update your app)
  2. Check your Booking iCalendar URL, sometimes they invalid/refresh old URL’s. See the RLA FAQ page on how to get your propertly latest iCalendar URL’s

If you’re still having an issue, eMail our support desk and I can look at your live logs to see what’s Booking is returning.

Update: After looking through your logs, it looks like there was an issue with your iCalendar URL being redirected to a different server

Thanks for your response, I tried getting a fresh iCal link from Bookings and it still shows the same error. I have captured the error in live logs, should I PM you the logs ? I am on v03.02.03 I will update and see if that resolves the issue. Thank you

I updated to 03.02.04 and I am still getting the error.