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This is really interesting. Ideally the Sonos would welcome the party by name. Is there any way to pass a variable to Sonos to do this?

Is there any status on this?

Please see this post for the latest information


Any good suggestions for weather proof locks to be used outside on an exterior gate?

Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback. This release adds new features and significantly improves programming in a weak mesh environment. It is recommended to add a buffering device close to your lock for the best performance.

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 03.00.01

  • Added support for Check-In / Check-Out actions with a early/delayed timer for each property
  • Significantly improved code programming in a weak mesh environment by reducing user movement between slots while synchronizing with rental calendars
  • Detect if security keypads are selected and enable SHM direct control by default
  • Now up to 10 properties can share a common entrance/lock per app
  • Improved support for early/late check-in/check-out manual date overrides
  • Active users are now shown in green instead of blue.
    User status colors:
    • Green -> active
    • Grey -> inactive
    • Yellow -> pending lock confirmation
    • Red -> lock error

More details about RLA can be found in the first post of this topic and on the RLA FAQ page.

You can now use custom Routines to adjust your thermostats, arm/disarm your security system, adjust your switches, turn on lights in the evening through custom Check-In and Check-Out actions (a separate feature from Keypad Lock/Unlock actions) for each property. These actions will only run when there is a renter checking in or checking out.


Can you elaborate more on this improvement?

With this new version you can now manually change the activation (check in) and deactivation (check out) dates for automatically scheduled users in both directions (extend or shorten) for any number of days. E.g. If you renter decides to stay on for another month, you can go into the user’s page and adjust the end date to a month out or if they want an early check out adjust it accordingly. If you want to revoke access for the renter you can change the end date to yesterday and it will deactivate the code.
It also does a better job of tracking the manual changes made to dates for the automatic reservations and remembers them for the duration of the reservation.

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Ok cool. One suggestion I’d like to make is to allow us to access the guest management portion of the app even quicker. Once everything with the rental is automated, the most labor intensive part of managing guests are their frequent requests to checkin/out early/late. We go deep down into the guest details almost everyday, so giving me a shortcut to go straight to edit checkin times would be awesome.

Hi. This App is AMAZING!! Thank you guys.

I just have an issue. I installed the app yesterday and I have an issue. This is my scenario:

I have 1 house with 5 rooms rented exclusively on Airbnb. Each room is assigned with a different access code, so I configured the app with one lock with 5 properties, for each property I configured the iCal URL. Everything went so smooth! All the guests were synced great.

Now, 1 day after, I’m getting notifications from the app saying:

“AirBnB response from property XXX returned an error: Failed with status code 302. Retrying in about 60 minutes”.

I’ve received these messages it 3 times this day, per property (I have 5 properties, so 3 times today I’ve received 3 burst of notifications saying this).

I double checked the iCal URL and it’s responding well on a browser.

Is there any further information I can send to see if this is an issue from the App or Airbnb side?

Thank you so much!!

I would like to see MisterBnB support! Getting about 1/3rd of my bookings from there now. Still thinking of trying it out without it though

It is recommended to add a buffering device close to your lock for the best performance.

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 03.01.00

  • Added page to view last 7 days of user usage history (per lock)

More details about RLA can be found in the first post of this topic and on the RLA FAQ page.


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Hi, I’m getting a variety of errors from my 5 Airbnb properties.

  • No longer able to see the actual guest name, only the guest reservation code and user name “Airbnb”.
    RLA-611 updating schedule: Renter Airbnb (rescodehere), code xxxx in user 6, start at Sun Apr 14 2019 06:00 EDT and expire on Mon Apr 22 2019 22:00 EDT

  • Not able to send SMS code to random users. Examples below/attached.
    Cannot SMS code to user Airbnb (HMYWKAHQM3), phone number not found in OR-709 booking

  • Strange reservation date changes messaging Examples below/attached.
    AirBnB reservation start date changed from Nov 04 to Apr 19 and end date changed from Nov 07 to Apr 21 for Airbnb (Not available) in property Ocean Reserve #924

Here’s the response from RBoy support:

It’s an error with the AirBnB system. They seem to have removed the reservations from the iCalendar which makes RLA thinks that there are no reservations. Open a ticket with AirBnB and meanwhile create manual codes for your users.

This is making the RLA Rental Lock Automator basically useless for Airbnb integration. I have requested Airbnb support, unsure it they will respond at all.

Anyone else with the same issue?

Im having the same issue. AirBNB is not sending the Guest’s info within the iCal export, which is causing the errors in RLA.
Im on the line with support. They were able to recreate the error, but no fix at the moment.

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Hoping everyone that uses RLA opens a case to complain with Airbnb. We need to put pressure on them to fix this issue.

AirBNB Support was not able to confirm if this was a technical issue, or an update to AirBNB’s policy. They will update my support ticket when more information is known.

Awesome. Please keep us posted. I opened a bug ticket with them as well.

A quick update on this:

Some users AirBnB calendars are having an issue where the names/phones and other reservation information is missing from their iCalendar files which makes it look like the reservations are incomplete. This appears to be an error with some AirBnB calendar cluster servers. For example, some folks are seeing the information reported correctly depending on which AirBnB server in the cluster is responding with the iCalendar information. You can open a ticket with AirBnB to speed up their response to fix this issue.

In the meanwhile:

  • You can switch RLA to use check in/out dates instead of phone numbers to automatically generate user codes in the Property Management page for your AirBnB properties (it won’t send SMSs until the phone numbers are restored)
  • Alternatively you can create manual user codes for the renters and set the number of automatic users to 0 in RLA and create manual codes for your users until AirBnB fixes the phone numbers in the iCalendar.

More details here: https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Hosting/Where-are-guest-names-on-ICal-calendar/m-p/1001170#M249263

Update, AirBnB has acknowledged the issue:

“We’ve been investigating the cause of the issue, and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for your understanding.”

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I’m having the same iCal failure issue as of yesterday…opened a ticket with AirBnB. RLA has been working great and then yesterday my phone blew up with dozens of repeated failure notices regarding pushing codes to the lock. Since we’ve got guests in there and several that are imminent, I’m just grateful I was in a position to create some manual codes.

I opened a ticket with Airbnb on Saturday. I was afraid it was an intended change. I looked this morning at the iCal in my calendar app, and the missing data is back. Though I am hesitant to say the problem seems to be corrected.

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