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Yes yes yes. I have a cottage in the woods and it would be super helpful if the outside lights came on for guests on the day of check-in. Is this in the pipeline?



Pretty sure you can do that with Minut integrating with the lock and with Hue

Hi Matt, you can already do this through the app with check-in actions, under manage property.


I got RLA working for my Airbnb and I have a couple questions.

  1. I can see back in January that this question was answered, about Airbnb’s iCal not including names. Can we add the names through the app so we can see them or will that cause RLA to pull the reservation again or something?
  2. When we initially got the app running we set the days before arrival to activate code to 2 days, then we realized we didn’t want that so we changed it back to 0. Currently we have 10 guests in the automatic user section and their codes are set to activate 4 days before arrival, not sure how this happened. What’s the best way to fix this?

I have been using the RLA app for a couple years to manage my Airbnb listing. I have a new Aeotec Smart Home Hub (my ADT hub was bricked) and until recently a Z-Wave Kwikset SmartCode 916 deadbolt (I don’t recommend it, btw. The touch screen was terrible.) I replaced the 916 with a Z-Wave Kwikset SmartCode 914 deadbolt. The locked added to my hub fine and will lock and unlock from the app, but it cannot set the codes. There is a Z-wave light switch inches from the lock, but it is old and may not be a buffering device, so I got a Minoston Repeater/Range Extender Outlet and plugged it in a few feet away. Same issue. I decided it may be defective, and I ordered another 914 lock–same issue. Additionally, I got a Z-Wave Kwikset SmartCode 912 lever and have the same issues with setting lock codes. Any thoughts on what may be wrong?

I don’t use the same lock, but for another device to buffer it needs to be capable of meeting the equivalent Z-Wave security standard of the device it’s buffering for. My lock is S2, and I suspect most are, so your buffering device also needs to be S2. Maybe this is an issue?

I ordered an Aeotec Smart Switch 7 and for good measure excluded the lock and re-included the lock after including the Z-Wave S2 repeater which was only a couple feet from the lock. Still it would not program my lock codes. After some research, my locks are Z-Wave Plus (chipset 500) not S2 (chipset 700). I even increased the wait time between program attempts and increased the number of attempts. Anymore thoughts anyone?

Check if your lock is using the correct device handler (Z-Wave Lock or Universal Z-Wave Lock).

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WORD!! I had an old lock device handler. I deleted it and install the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock. It’s working perfectly now!

Good morning. So I see that there was mention of yourporter not providing phone numbers which they do now, but I’m not having any luck getting the system to recognize the phone number, but it is getting the name and date. I have tried without quotes “Phone Number: +”, “Phone Number:” and “+”. Below is the data from ical scrubbed of course to see the format. I’m trying to use 6 digits which is why I’m not grabbing the 4 digit code listed.

SUMMARY:My Place AirBnB-First Last-20 Sep-03 Oct
DESCRIPTION:Phone Number(Last 4 Digits): 5555 Phone Number: +19525555555

I just did a quick test and it’s working here (it picked up 555555 from your example above). Make sure you’re using the latest version of RLA (v04.08.03) and check the following options:

  1. Custom channel managers page
    • Enable → Extract phone no. from reservation
    • …beginning markerPhone Number:
    • …end marker leave empty
  2. Manage Property page
    • User code length (digits)6
    • …automatic code generationUsing phone number

This is what it looks like

Thanks! I had the “\n” in the end marker as I saw in the instructions. I didn’t think of removing that since it was the end of the line. It is working correctly now!

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 04.09.00

  • (Fix) Update for changes to the Airbnb iCalendar format affecting automatic guest reservations
  • (New) Warn about using reserved codes which may be rejected by locks

RLA supports Channel Managers & Custom Calendars integrations for for hundreds of channel managers, custom PMS systems and custom calendars.

Thank you for the great app! We run two separate rentals and have purchased two licenses for your software as it’s an integral part of our operations.

Is it possible to request option to separate the time to enable / disable automatic code from the time check-in / check-out actions are performed?

We prefer to have the check-in codes before actual check-in just in case some connection error occurs, but would like to have real check-in actions run at the time of the real guest check-in.



Is the Rental Lock Automater (RLA) compatible with this lock:

Samsung SHP-DP609 (WI-FI)

I already have this lock added to my Smartthings account.

Thanks you

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 04.10.00

  • (Fix) Update for changes to the Airbnb iCalendar (429 error)

RLA supports Channel Managers & Custom Calendars integrations for for hundreds of channel managers, custom PMS systems and custom calendars.

Updates are great and all, but can you please address groovy being depreciated? Won’t that just break everything?

When exactly is that happening? Is there a hard date that the rboy rental app will end of life if nothing is updated?

@Ben_Fletcher I agree, since we don’t have access into Samsung at the developer level, we count on RBOY to provide us feedback on the direction of the platform that they get from Samsung.

What will happen to WebCore, what about other Groovy Apps, including the ones that have just “worked” for 5+ years? Many of us rely on RBOY for our business, and we might need to lean on RBOY to develop a stand-alone Z-Wave product if Samsung fails us. They certainly have the background and knowledge to do so.

I agree, what is there plan for sustaining the RLA once groovy is retired? @maddie?