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Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 02.02.00

  • Fixed an issue for some users where setting Days before arrival to activate automatic codes to greater than 0 days would set a start date earlier than expected
  • SMS message template <start> and <end> now use the reservation dates (original or if modified/extended manually for individual renters) instead of the code activation/expiry dates
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Can this send emails instead of SMS messages? My rental is in another country and visitors from the US may not have their phones on. In either case, can the notification be sent a certain number of days in advance rather than at check-in (though the code would only activate at check-in time)?

Also is it possible to configure this app to work with the intruder app so that when RLA codes expire, the mode changes to “away” and the alarm is enabled? And conversely when an RLA code is active, the mode changes to “home” and alarm is disabled? Trying to figure out how I can automate alarming my unit when no one is staying there. Thought about just having the mode change to “away” anytime anyone locks it with the pinpad, but I’m worried about the alarm going off and disrupting guests who don’t fully understand the system (i.e. someone locks the door with the pinpad while someone is still inside and they set off the motion detector and alarm).

Hi Jessica, I’ve responded to your email.

The SMS notifications will be sent an international number as well if the country code is included in the phone number (most AirBnB numbers include this, eMail isn’t currently supported by ST)

You can adjust the number of days ahead of checkin to send the SMS in the Manage Property page in the SMS settings section for AirBnB. (this box shows up after a SMS message is entered, highlighted in the image below)

The integration of custom actions with checkin/checkout schedules is planned for a future release.


Including auto-generating a WiFi token through the UniFi Controller? Pretty please? :smiley:

Great work all!


Any chance of getting Trip Advisor integration also.


Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 02.03.00

  • Added support for TripAdvisor calendar integration
  • Added support for security keypad custom actions for away/stay/night buttons
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Great work! Thank you

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Does this mean I’ll be able to turn the heat down and turn off all of the lights when an Airbnb guest checks out?

As I understand it - yes. I want to do a similar thing. On the day of arrival I want to trigger a virtual switch that will enable a number of routines such as:

  • Turn on the sidewalk and patio lights at sunset and then turn them off at daybreak
  • Turn off my alarms
  • Have Sonos welcome the guests and give them a message on arrival
  • Turn on my water main

When they leave I want to turn everything off and arm the alarm.

You can do all this right now by configuring the Keypad unlock actions in the app, so when they use their code to unlock the door it will trigger all the above.

On exit, if your guests are instructed to use their code to “lock” the door (some locks like Yale and Schlage support this, i.e. disable Lock n Go/One Touch Locking) you can configure Keypad lock actions in the app to do the reverse.

But I actually want to have this all accomplished before the guests arrive. Many of my guests arrive after dark so I need to have the sidewalk and patio lights turned on. I also want the house set to a comfortable temperature, water turned on, etc prior to their arrival.

I have developed a work around by using the AirBnB Calendar URL, Google Calendar, IFTTT, and Stringify. It works okay but is not very elegant. Having your SmartApp activate this at a specific time on the day of check-in our out would be much much easier.

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This would be really nice! Do I need to install another app (text to speech?) to do this?

Is there any garage door opener system that can be integrated with this functionality - specifically the ability to automatically assign an access code for an external keypad to allow an AirBnB guest to access the garage via the keypad during their stay?

The only way I could think of doing that is embedded a Schlage lock in the garage door frame on the outside. You wouldn’t need the lock portion to actually work, just need a reliable / secure outdoor keypad.

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I another option is to use a Keypad like the ones here and assign it a custom action in RLA or have it synchronized with your garage door using this app.

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Are any of those supported devices okay for use outside?

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It depends on the conditions. I wouldn’t leave it in direct rain or direct sunlight.
We’ve got a few mounted outside under a siding next to the garage for over a year now. The Xfinity UEI are doing very well, followed by the IRIS v3 and v2’s.

There any many users using the keypads in more extreme conditions. Somehave mounted them inside a box (I believe the IRIS proximity sensors are very sensitive and have issues with certain types of boxes). Maybe they can share their experiences.

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I just emailed you about the same thing before seeing this post. Unfortunately I don’t actually have a keypad for guests to use to unlock the door as I have glass doors where I haven’t been able to find a lock that will work. I am looking to use GCal but would prefer to use your code and also have a switch or presence sensor, where at 2pm on day of checkin it goes active and I can use webcore to see if its active and then change the routine, the routine will turn on a light, turn on AC in summer to cool the house down, turn on the spa to heat up for the guests before they arrive, etc. At mid day on checkout day it does another routine to set the alarm, turn off the spa, etc etc.

This is really interesting. Ideally the Sonos would welcome the party by name. Is there any way to pass a variable to Sonos to do this?

Is there any status on this?