[RELEASE] Remotec ZXT-310 Z-Wave-to-AV IR Extender

Yes - Open legacy mobile app and push corresponding button numbers.

A clunky, but simple way to make this DTH work in the new mobile app would be to add the switch level capability and map the dimmer levels to button pushes. Level 10% pushes button 1, 20% pushes button 2, etc.

That being said, ST plans on retiring the IDE and I suspect it will happen within 1 year. When that happens you won’t be able to use custom handlers that are written in Groovy and they haven’t announced the new language that they’ll need to be re-written in.

Thanks Kevin.

I have created nine virtual switches that I will use to simulate the button pushed in WebCore. I have received conflicting answers from the SmartThings help-desk about availability of WebCore after the switch…fingers crossed.

Thanks for looking into this Kevin!

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