[RELEASE] Remotec ZXT-120 AC IR Controller (2015)

For me the new app is working. Try the classic app which has many features missing but I keep it around for when the new one has missing features. Try the settings (the gear Icon) in the top right you can still enter the setting there. and the go back to the new STapp to try. This has been working for me. Give it a try. Hope this helps.
The classic app not working anymore but now the settings can be input in the new app. or using the api. Changing the device type to Z wave thermostat gives some added funtionality but play with both and see what works. It should improve as the new smartthings develops but I wish I knew enough to modify the device handler to make the best of the new smartthings environment.

I just bought ZXT-120 AC controller. So is running Groovy on the new app the only way to operate ZXT-120 at the moment?

The only way I’ve gotten to work for me is by using WebCore to manage the device. Which is all i wanted it to do anyways.

Once you have the code or remote configured with the Groovy handler, you can make a piston to first set the temp and then the mode (cooling or heating). It wont just update the temp with out the mode to execute it.

Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone have been successful in finding an edge driver for the Remotec ZXT-120?

Let me know if you find something, but I think this is the final nail in the coffin for the zxt-120.

I’ll probably land on Mysa Mysa Smart Thermostat for Air Conditioners & Mini-Splits

Yeah, nothing so far. Which is sad since winter I coming to where I am and the zxt-120 was a very convenient way of controlling the heater.