[RELEASE] Remotec ZXT-120 AC IR Controller (2015)

Are you sure you have it in constant flirs mode ? If not the device only listens for commands periodically and config will not work.

Check the manual for how to configure this. It can’t be included on your hub to change this mode so you will have to uninstall any smart apps, exclude, change mode, include, re-install apps.

Thanks Ron you are a Genius working now, I was going to use it in battery mode so I left it on default mode, once switching it I was able to set the IR code and figure out which one works.

I still need to decide if I will keep the smarter things in my house or switch to the Vera I have in my vacation home, I think it works better on the Vera.

@nysolutions Does the zxt-120 work on the Vera ?

I used to have a Vera Lite but it was a battle getting things to work on the older firmware and the newer firmware was horrible at the time. That made me switch to SmartThings but the way smart things is going I am looking for a new device.

Unfortunately SmartThings is the only one that works with my Amazon Echos.

I am toying with the idea of letting SmartThings have nothing but virtual buttons which fire an ifttt event and then let ifttt fire a vera (or other device) event.

I bought into the Animus Home but it’s still vapor right now. I am supposed to get it next month but not holding my breath on that one.

I did play with http://www.openhab.org/ a bit which is very nice, however I did not have the time to integrate all my stuff.

Hi all. Am a total dumb dumb. I bought the zxt and have smart things. When I connect all it shows is the temp on my smart things app.

How do I enter this code??? Do I have have to connect the ir blaster to the PC and copy paste? Do I need to DL any additional apps on smart things.

Thanks in advance sorry for being so lame


This code doesn’t install into the zxt-120. It’s all in SmartThings servers.

You need to install the device code using the IDE and then alter your ZXT-120 to use that custom installed device code.

Smart apps for the device are also installed using the IDE and then installed/configured in the mobil app.

Checkout this FAQ but resident export @JDRoberts

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OK thank you that helped a lot making me understand.

So for this particular device I did the following:

Signed into my account.

I add this code of the IR blaster as a device handler. I published to self.

When I go in snartthings and market place I can’t find my smartapps

What am I doing wrong???

OK figured out how to add it to the zxt now how do I add the code for my ac?? Or would it already be there do I have to change it in the code

You select the device in the mobile app, select the settings menu, then enter the configuration settings including the code for your AC unit.

Then you have to return to the device page, press the configure icon to send the new settings to the device.

The zxt responds with its new settings so the code you entered should display in the current code tile on the device page. If it doesn’t try pressing the button on the zxt and a red light should flash, then press configure tile in the app again to try setting while the zxt is awake.

Hopefully you read this thread and configured the correct flirs mode before including the device. If not you need to exclude it change the mode and then include again and change the device code to your published version.

Greetings Ron. I have tried to publish your device handler ZXT-120 IR Sender improved and got the multiple error as in the below image. Your help is highly appreciated. Please note I know nothing about coding.

× startup failed:
script1473137252764922328090.groovy: 71: Repetitive method name/signature for method ‘java.lang.Object off()’ in class ‘script1473137252764922328090’.
@ line 71, column 1.
def off() {

script1473137252764922328090.groovy: 86: Repetitive method name/signature for method ‘java.lang.Object off()’ in class ‘script1473137252764922328090’.
@ line 86, column 1.
def off() {

2 errors
File Explorer
ZXT-120 IR Sender improved SavePublishIDE SettingsDevice Type SettingsSimulator

  • ZXT-120 IR Sender improved


  • Copyright 2016 Roland Goulnder


  • Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except
  • in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:


  •  http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0


  • Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed
    Device Handler Templates

Looks like you pasted the lines numbers with the code.
Also make sure you are pasting to devices and not smart apps.

Use raw view to get the code without line numbers

Read through this thread there are tips on how device types are installed, how to configure code etc.

Greetings Ron. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me on this. I an not sure I understand " make sure you are pasting to the devices and not smart apps".
I just got to my account and created a new device handler.
Can you point me to a step by step procedure for creating a handler?
I am asuming once I use the name “ZXT-120 IR Senser Improved” and namespace “gouldner”, your name for the author and ticked all the listed capabilities it would be complete.

Just to add. The ZXT-120 thermostat is communicating with my ST vversion 1 hub but I have not found the prefrence option or and configuration option to enter my LG A/C code.

Ron is it possible to use ZXT-120 to control 2 different manufacturer AC in the same room with your device handler?

Thank you

In the phone app goto your things tab
click on ZXT-120
then on the top right corner click on the cicle it will open configuration
on remote code try anyone of these codes and see which one works (294, 17, 91, 464, 81, 82)
then click done
then scroll down and click on configure button.

Thanks fbinsbri. Unfortunately when I click the configration icon on the righ top corner it goves me only to choices in red
There is a configration icon on below the circle but it dosen’t prompt to any thing. It only set up and change in the temperature slider.

Gents. I with your help (special thank to Ron) I got my 2nd ZXT-120 working and was able to configure the manufacturer Code. I just added my 2nd ZXT120 and worked fine via the Excellent code by Ron.

Seems like you guys figured things out that’s good. To answer @fbinabri I don’t see how one ZXT-120 can control 2 devices in the room. I think you need two zxt-120’s. This is a limitation of the device itself not the ST device code. The hardware itself only stores one code.

Hi Ron. I am about to add my other ZXT-120 to control another A/C at diffren room and have some questions:
1-Do I need another device handler for the other ZXT-120 Thermostat or the created handler would be enough for all ZXT-120 devices connected to my ST hub?

No need it will automatically use it

No the device code is only installed once. You can then add as many zxt-120 devices as you want. I have 6 installed myself.