[RELEASE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands (see post 177 for 2021 app version)

Hmmm, does it show anything in the “Recently” tab or does anything show in the logs when you push a button? Could it be a range issue? Try a button press while it is close to the hub. If none of that is working, I would try to exclude it and include it again.

It doesn’t show any information at “Recently” or at “Live Loggin”.

Before write to you, I had tryied:

1- to exclude the device and re-join it do my hub (far from it, and very close to it too).

2- to join my second ZRC-90 device unit, to check if it was a hardware problem.

3- re-enter the device handler code, and publish it to me.

I get always the same result at the device page:

  • Name: “Zwave Remote” and not “Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master” as written in your code;
  • Data: “No data found for device”
  • Current States: “No states found”

My hub (v2 US customer rev E) is running over firmware version 000.015.00008.

My ZRC-90 (BW8510US V1_01) is properly set to Op: Operational mode

I don’t know what can bo wrong, if there is a firmware version issue or if am I missing some important step to make it work.

It sounds like you haven’t assigned the Remotec handler to the device. You need to go into the device in the IDE, click edit, and select the Remotec ZRC-90 handler from the dropdown list.

Thank you, Eric!

I was late in to answare back, cause I was busy making some tests.

After to select manually the device handler from the combo box, it worked fine!

The next issue is to handle double press (in order t use button# 9-16).

I was trying to set it up on your Button Controller - Enhanced Lighting smartapp, by choosing 16 buttons, but I could only work w/ buttons 1 to 8.

Have you any tip on how to do it?

Thanks you in advance for supporting.

I believe the Enhanced Lighting SmartApp would use button 17-24 as double press.

1-8 would be single press
9-16 would be held
17-24 double press

I butchered a smartapp to work with the Remotec ZRC-90. I’m by no means a coder so its pretty basic and might not work for everything.

It’ll turn on/off switches, toggle dimmers, toggle doorlock (sorta) switch modes, run routines, and do siren things. It can use single taps and double tap inputs from the remote for a total of 16 different actions. I haven’t figured out the held command yet but when i do it’ll be added.

UPDATE: I fixed a derp and added the held function, its now a 24 button app.

TODO: Add Hue light colors


orginal smartapp built by dalec Here

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Having a hard time getting this thing to be discovered by SmartThings. Can someone give me a ‘how to’ on getting the ZRC-90 paired up with SmartThings?


Press the L button under the battery cover and then search for it.

See the custom code FAQ. It sounds as though you may have tried to paste a device type handler into the smart app section.

not only have i done this, you criticized me for duplicating CoRE functionality in that thread.

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It wasn’t my intent to criticize you, I just asked what was different about your smart app from what core could do.

There are all kinds of variations of smart apps and Device type handlers as people add specific features that they want for their own use and then generously share them with the community.

You replied at the time that you just wanted something simpler than core, which is a good reason to do one. :sunglasses:

Sometimes people will put out their own device type Handler because they want a different kind of UI control. Choice is good. It’s just helpful to other people in the community to understand how one choice differs from another.

Double reply

Hi Eric. I am a total beginner in this and have some wall plugs, motions sensors and scene master. I have installed your device handler without any issues but how do i assign my wall plugs to each button? Maybe a stupid question but the app doesn not look the same as on your print screens. It seems like the rule machine is not there anymore?

Thansk for any advice


You can use the default SmartThings app “Smart Lighting” to assign a wall plug to each button.

Also, you can use CoRE for some enhanced functionality, but Smart Lighting should be able to do what you want.


Thanks a lot for your reply and help, works well!


I installed the device handler from the first post but only can see 16 buttons in core.
Should I see 24 buttons? How do I handle the held function: button 17 through 24 then?



You would choose the button number and that it is “held” instead of “pushed”. Because there isn’t a standard for double press in the SmartThings universe, I mapped them to 9-16 “pushed”.

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Super! Tnx!

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Will this fit in a standard wall box and uase a standard plate?

It is probably too big for this, but it does come with a really nice mounting plate. The plate lets you easily remove and reattach the remote as well as leave it on the wall.