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[RELEASE] RemindR ~ don’t miss an important event!



Ok, so on the MAC, I was able to get a local file to play. I had to use the following format:


Any plans for implementing Amazon Polly?


I just read that amazon polly is integrated with smartthings:

read this post by: rappleg
SmartThings is no longer using Ivona and is now using Polly which as you know has Turkish support as well as a bunch of other languages listed here.

So for Turkish could just do

textToSpeech(“Some text to speech”, “Filiz”)
If no voiceId is passed in then it defaults to the Sally VoiceId (en-us)

Is it possible for me to use this with Reminder? but to change “Filiz” with “LIV” ?

(Pizzinini) #144

It can do other English voices, too (e.g. Australian!)

Here is the correct link for the voice list:

For non-English voices with special characters in the message there is a bug in Smartthings and the messages will currently not play. Fix is in progress:


Could you tell me how I can use this with RemindR app? anywhere I can set it up to use smartthings local TTS? or is it a variable I need to write in custom text for it to work? this is gonna be a game changer in my house if Its working…

(Pizzinini) #146

As a “hack”, you could probably just update the code of the child app in line 1485 and 1671 to textToSpeech(eTxt instanceof List ? eTxt[0] : eTxt, “Filiz”) and replace Filiz with the voice you want to use.

It will be up to the creators of the app to decide if they actually want to implement this…

(Bobby) #147

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into updating the code soon for everyone. Also, for future reference, anyone is more than welcome to contribute in github with ideas and code. I will make sure to merge any changes…


Hey, I have tried this without any luck now.
Any chance you can help me edit these two files? cause I must have messed up somewhere.

1485: def sTxt = textToSpeech(eTxt instanceof List ? eTxt[0] : eTxt)
1671: if (speechSynth || sonos) sTxt = textToSpeech(eTxt instanceof List ? eTxt[0] : eTxt)


(Pizzinini) #149

I used “Hans” and not “Filitz” but here are the edits. I tested and it works. Dont forget to save and publish the app.

1485: def sTxt = textToSpeech(eTxt instanceof List ? eTxt[0] : eTxt, “Hans”)
1671: if (speechSynth || sonos) sTxt = textToSpeech(eTxt instanceof List ? eTxt[0] : eTxt, “Hans”)

(I did not submit in github because I have no clue how to do a voice seletion menu in groovy and I am not sure everyone want their reminders in German :wink: )


deleted, mistake


Thank you very much for your help, it works very well now, hopefully the non english character problem is fixed soon :grinning:

(Yaggayoyo) #152

I still can’t get mine to work with google chrome cast added via “Google cast web”. Anyone got that to work?


I never managed to make this happend so I stuck with notification through CoRE.
Im moving everything to RemindR for notifications now, so I would love to have this up and running.

My kids have their own smartthings presence sensor which open the lock at our house when presence changes to present.
This is done through webcore now.

When I tried to follow your guide, the notification outcome was this «danalock arrived and unlocked door at time».
It doesnt mention device name of presence sensor.

In remindr I have one remindr called presence, for trigger I have: locks (danalock), notify when state changes to both, and I have presence (kid1, kid2, kid3) notify when state changes to both.

Any idea whats wrong with this? Thanks

(Mark) #154

Has anyone managed to get a Button Push to send a notification?

I have a Ring Pro Doorbell, when configured it will simply not send a string through to any speaker yet if I add a Contact Sensor or switch etc. to the same ‘rule’ it works fine.

I have also tried a few other Button devices with the same result.

Would be grateful if someone could try to add a Button Press to see if it works for them.



I have a bell alert device integrated with my doorbell chimes. And when someone presses my wired button, RemindR makes my VLCThing announce that “Front DoorBell has been pushed.”

(Mark) #156

Thanks for the reply!

No idea what mine will not work with button presses :frowning:

Will try to set up a few new rules once back home. Perhaps something has just got stuck somewhere…

EDIT: Actually, what device is your button under when you setup the rule? Is it under ‘Buttons’ ?


My device is a door bell sensor which connects to the button leads on the door bell and uses a modified doorbell device type (SAGE). Unfortunately, it is off the market now. However, there is a similar device on Amazon which some on the forums have talked about. It does same job. It detects doorbell presses and then send notification via RemindR/VLCThing to me and my wife.

(Mark) #158

Thanks but under RemindR Do you select this trigger Device under the ‘Buttons’ section or a different one please?


Correct. I select the “Button” device.

(Mark) #160

Crazy! Just created some new rules and simply cannot get any Button events to send notifications via RemindR. If I use one of my buttons which is configured as a Switch it works fine.

@SBDOBRESCU Was not able to check before but looks like this is the issue, is this something at my end or can it be fixed in the app please?;

d2643380-93ad-4ae0-82f1-52f145ba0862 19:06:52: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: bTN for class: script15041753936342105373318
Possible solutions: app, log @ line 1283
d2643380-93ad-4ae0-82f1-52f145ba0862 19:06:52: warn button num = 1, value = pushed
d2643380-93ad-4ae0-82f1-52f145ba0862 19:06:52: info button event received: event = {“buttonNumber”: 1}, eVal = pushed, eName = button, eDev = REMOTE (MiniMote), eDisplayN = REMOTE (MiniMote), eDisplayT = {{ linkText }} {{ name }} is {{ value }}, eTxt = REMOTE (MiniMote) is pushed

So it looks like RemindR is getting the Button press just not doing anything with it…