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[RELEASE] RemindR ~ don’t miss an important event!


(Bobby) #121

Oh…I see what (one) problem is…I didn’t mean to allow the “default” type to have any “special” configurations. That type is primarily meant to measure the server side lag and to offer the fastest event delivery to connected speakers. I made an exception now for users of Ask Alexa. Please update to release R.0.0.10b.

PS if you don’t see anything in the logs, please make sure the to enable “debug logging” from settings…


Yes the SMS arrived. Which means that ReminR worked. But the sound never came.

(Bobby) #123

The sound on your doorbell?


The out put of the Trigered Report to my VLC Thing, when the Door Bell button is pressed. It fire off the SMS but no sound played.

(David Wood) #125

Is there a way to have this app text me if there hasn’t been rain for X days based on a wunderground station?

I was sent here from another thread, and have installed the app(s), but I can’t figure out how to do this.

I have a SmartWeather Tile set up that is receiving data from that station.


(Bobby) #126

Hi there, the reason I was asking you more details about your set up on the other thread, was for me to better understand your set up. Currently, you cannot achieve what you need with this app. But, I am working with @RBoy s device now to allow integration so you can be able to set up a notification if it hasn’t rained more than X inches in X day… I am personally interested in your use case, as I have my own WU PWS… :smile:

(David Wood) #127

Ah, I see. Thank you very much. It’s really appreciated :slight_smile:

I was just looking at CoRE. (Didn’t know it existed until now.) Will the final set up involve setting up a CoRE piston? Or would it be incorporated into the app in another way?

(Bobby) #128

remindR will be able to send notifications if it hasn’t been raining for x number of days. However, if you need to take actions based on the fact that it hasn’t been raining, then I would recommend to set up a Piston that would handle both the notification and the subsequent action. WebCoRE should be able to handle the ask, right now…

(David Wood) #129

Once I get a sprinkler system, I’ll probably have actions. For now it’s just a reminder though.

(Bobby) #130

Every good sprinkler system would have its own algorithm to account for the rain, either using the PWS that you want, a rain sensor or a near by weather station… Rachio does that… :slight_smile: I use my own PWS with it …

(David Wood) #131

That’s true, but I may want to create a more complex algorithm. Last thing I heard, Rachio doesn’t have moisture sensors, which provide better data for watering. But Rachio also seems to be a more reliable system than competitors with moisture sensors, not to mention much cheaper. So I would probably find some third party moisture sensors, and fine tune a set of rules to combine both weather data and moisture to make sure that I get the result I want. Maybe something that uses the moisture sensors primarily, but goes to weather data as a fail safe backup in case the sensors have problems, thereby providing a minimum level of irrigation no matter the circumstances.

(Mark Povolo) #132

Hi. I tried this setup and same result. No messages in personal queue.

(Bobby) #133

Ok, PM sent, I will need to see some logs, if you don’t mind

(Coreylista) #134


I know this is kinda late now but did you try the link with a “?dl=1” at the end? That tells db to download the file instead of pull up a webpage to play the file.



I have an idea for an added Triggered event RemindR Weather Events ->Weather Element.
Can you add Barometric pressure as an element? Since falling barometer is a sign of BAD weather, you can have a reminder pop-up that the Barometer is below 1000 Millibars and thus rain is Very possible.

(Bobby) #136

Sorry, I am in “jail” right now, but that certainly is doable…


If that is jail. They can take me away and toss out the key.
Can I drop by with my family? Bear and steak is on me!


I am just now trying out RemindR and I am loving it.

I had a few questions:

  1. If I play a custom MP3, does the file have to be hosted on the web or can I play a local MP3 file. If I can play a local Mp3 file, can you show what the URI would look like?

  2. I would like to get some notifications when the Smart Home Alarm has been armed and disarmed. How would I go about doing that?

  3. I seem to be getting a bit of a delay (like a second or two) for a sound to be played for a reminder that I setup to play when a door is opened or closed. Is that delay normal or is it supposed to be pretty instantaneous?


One thing I was thinking of as a feature request is that it would be cool if one could play random files from a pool of files for a given event occurring. So say for example I have a contact sensor and I want one of 3 files to play when the door opens to add a little bit of variety to life :slight_smile:

(Bobby) #140

Glad you find the app useful.

#1 I know it’s possible, but I personally couldn’t make it run. I found myself alwas going through cloud. Maybe others can help.

#2 good catch, there were other ways of getting SHM notifications when remindR was part of the EchoSistant. Being a stand alone app now, I definitely need to add SHM triggers.

#3 yes, a delay is normal. It depends on many factors, but mostly on ST cloud performance.

I like the random messaging idea. I’ll think about how to implement…