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[RELEASE] RemindR ~ don’t miss an important event!


(Dan Hoffard) #202


I can’t seem to get it to work with lannouncer. I select lannouncer as a speech synthesizer but i do not see any speak commands being sent in lannouncer’s recent tab. I did confirm lannouncer is working with Core.

I tried setting lannouncer as a notification device… When I do that I can see it receives “deviceNotification” commands followed by the message string but that does not result in any speech.

Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

(Emerson Vier) #203

Can I play mp3 files from my Tablet? SDCard

(Emerson Vier) #204

I add my MP3 in my ow server at my home its takes 15 seconds to play I tested MP3 files from other server on internet takes the same time to play, how this take so long? any way to play faster?

(Bobby) #205

The trip to SmartThings server takes the same amount of time if it’s coming from a 3rd party or local server. Processing takes place in the SmartThings cloud.

(Emerson Vier) #206

OK I understand, what the difference when I use Custom Sound like “A door opened” takes 5 seconds?


Retrigger doesn’t stop


I have not activated the option “Continue to deliver reminders after condition changes” and expected that the reminder stops when I set my switch back to “off” (trigger is switch “on”). The retrigger is set to “every minute” for 3 times and it still only stops after the 3rd time.


(Bobby) #208

Sorry, that is a known bug that @emersonvier also ran into it. I still haven’t had a chance to fix it…


Great app, tons of uses but unfortunately I can not get rid of a persistent delay no matter what I try. I’m using VLC Thing and other triggers such as Big Talker TTS work instantly with my setup, but with RemindR the logs consistently show

message is already playing, delaying new message by 12.084 seconds (raw delay = 10.1, elapsed time = 0.016)

even though nothing is actively playing. Any ideas or suggestions?

(Bobby) #210

Interesting… There is something that creates double events to trigger that delay… And based on the “raw delay” it looks like the two events are posted 10 seconds apart. Not familiar with VLC thing, but killing the auto buffer will help with your problem.


OK thanks very much @SBDOBRESCU, I suspected the same. Edited out the if/then logic and it reduced the delay to ~2 seconds, probably the best I can expect from ST cloud :slight_smile:

(AaronW) #212

First off I am very happy with this app especially if the weather alerts actually happen this coming summer. :slight_smile:

Question: I have RemindR announcing when Contact Sensors Open. My issue is it sometimes repeats itself or stutters and repeats. I don’t know if that is because the contact is quickly opening/closing/opening due to human error. So I am curious what I should setup to combat this. Honestly I believe contacts should have a 4 second rest between activity notifications. Meaning if you open the contact RemindR should notify you but if you open the contact multiple times in that 4 seconds it should ignore all the other open statuses. Thoughts on this?

(Richard W) #213

I’m new to RemindR, but not ST. I’m feeling flustered at the moment as I keep reading how intuitive it is to set a reminder (I’ve read this entire thread), but I can’t seem to get it to work. The installation went fine. I’m trying to create a simple reminder in order to get a feel for how the app works. All I want is a brief ad-hoc report that plays when I open my bedroom door each weekday morning. Here’s what I have…

I have created Reminder that generates the report. The notification type is Ad-Hoc Report. Under “Play this…” I have my report created that reads current and high temps for the day. The preview looks exactly like it should.

I have created another Reminder to trigger that report. (I couldn’t figure out how to do it all in one Reminder.) The Notification Type is “Triggered Report”. My trigger is “Recurring”, “Daily”, starting at 4:40am. Sensor Status is my Bedroom Door when state changes to open. The Output Method is my Living Room Speaker. I have chosen the Ad-Hoc Report that I created above. The restrictions are “certain time” between 4:40am and 6:00am.

In my testing last night the only thing that happened was that the Intro Sound played every time the bedroom door was opened, so I had to disable that or face the wrath of the wife. (I added the time restriction later, so it still should have played last night.) This morning nothing happened when I opened the bedroom door around 5am. I would appreciate any input on where my issue may be. I’m afraid it’s something that should be obvious that I’m just overlooking.

(AaronW) #214


How do you do an announcement when SHM arms/disarms? I would like to announce “Home is now &action” but have no idea how to trigger this.

(Jason) #215

Hello, all!!!

I just pushed an update for RemindR. Please see below for changes.

  • Retrigger cancellation fix - only a partial fix - unfortunately, SmartThings doesn’t offer a good solution to unschedule events - so while there was a bug in how retriggers were cancelled, if the trigger status changed, the problem is not fully resolved (event timing issue) . Retriggers may fire up to 2 times after the status has changed. Today’s fix requires a refresh of any instances that use retriggers. The cancellation option has changed from “Continue to announce events after status changed” in “Cancel reminder if the status changes”…

  • SHM trigger added

(Jason) #216

Please see above, SHM has now been added to RemindR, please go and update to use the new feature.

(Ash Stokes) #218

Anyone able to help, I’ve succesfully setup one profile that’s working correctly with the door notifications, I’ve gone to create a weather report and get the following debug, it’s like it times out looking for my location although the location is correct and occasionally clicking view variables can see the variables pulled for my area:

14:31:15: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 311118192295435 @line -1 (mGetWeatherElements)
14:31:15: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘moon_phase’ on null object
14:31:03: debug cWeatherUpdate = 3:00 PM, cWeatherCondition = Snow Showers, cWeatherPrecipitation = 44 percent, cWeatherWind = 23 kilometers per hour, cWeatherHum = 74 percent, cWeatherHum = 0.0

It’s not always the moon_phase property, this was part of another log

14:31:25: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘forecast’ on null object


(Jason) #219

WU API is slower than it used to be, so when smart things makes the calls, remindR goes up against the time limits. We will look at ways to reduce number of variables we pull from WU to stay below the limit.

(Ash Stokes) #220

Great, thanks Jason and thanks for the prompt reply! :slight_smile:

(Andy Chrostowski) #221

I have just installed this for custom sounds for my air hockey table. I have 2 motion sensors in the goals and they do trigger when the puck falls in. However, upon initial configuration, the sound fired immediately which was awesome. Then I hit the puck into the opposite goal to test, and now they both have a pretty consistent 9 second delay or so. So I delete both and program them again. Same thing. First trigger of both works fine, but every time after that and I get a 9 second or so delay every time. How do I fix this? The same thing is happening when I set a custom sound to play from a contact sensor opening. Sound files are hosted on two different websites. If it helps, the sound is being played from a Sonos One. Hope you can help! Thanks for making this APP!

(Bob Kerr) #222

This app seems like a lot of fun, can someone post a few examples of “custom text” using the plethora of variables provided? I have a hard time mixing and matching these?