[RELEASE] RemindR ~ don’t miss an important event!

The sms service in ST rocks!


How can do that? Please advise. (Tried many option but didn’t work.)

Use ’ continues to be …’ field when you select trigger. Note that not all triggers have the delay available.

Here is an example for a switch to get notification if it stays on for more than 5 minutes…

Tested. I setup ’ continues to be …’ 2 mins. It would send notification after door was opened 2 mins only. Is it correct?
But I would like to continues to push notification until door is closed, is it possible?

Sure, add retrigger. (you can pick how often and how many times you’d like the retrigger to fire while the door is open). When the door closes, it will stop retriggering regardless of how many times you set it up.

If you get a chance, could you please take a moment to complete this 8-question survey posted by our friend @femwitjava? While question # 8 is not applicable to the EchoSistant’s philosophy about making apps available to the community, we are interested in seeing the results for the other seven questions. Thanks for your help!


Thank you Bobby and Jason for your support!



I currently have a weather report working every morning at a predetermend time period and triggered by my motion sensor.
The only thing is there lag between motion being triggered and Weather playback of a few seconds.

Yes, that is expected. When motion is detected, RemindR goes out to Weather Underground and pulls your data, so there is a lag between the two servers. And then add the Sonos lag on top, so there could be a few seconds delay…

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Still is now the perk of my morning. Now if Goggle Home could be the device making this announcment from your app, I would be extatic.


I grew accustomed to my morning and evening weather updates. I get them on the speaker and in text. Glad to hear is working for you. Now you just need to build ad-hoc reports to know about the gadgets in your home, if you are there or not :slight_smile: I used to check at certain time if doors are open or lights are on. Now I have remindR do these tasks for me …

I am ready to try that as I or my wife always leave the door to the deck open and at 12am my house arms itself. Well you can guess what happens than. All lights turn on to Alert us. Lots of Fun to have all lights go to 100% brightness. :joy:

Can you give a pictorial example for ad-hoc setup?

Here is a brief one :slight_smile:

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We are happy to announce our first integration with a third party community smart app, as additional output method. Folks using Ask Alexa, can now send RemindR notifications to their Message Queues. Thanks @MichaelS for your support!

This release also builds on the already popular “Intro” sound. You can now pick between two sounds or even add your own intro sound. Thanks @jasonrwise77 for your suggestion.

The update R.0.0.9 is live. Please see the first post on how to run an update.

How to enable Ask Alexa Message Queues: on the main page, scroll to ‘Output Methods’ toggle the ‘Send to Ask Alexa’. From there, a list of available queues will be displayed. After selecting your desired queue(s), you can tell Ask Alexa how to manage RemindR notifications (either keep them or delete them after x number of minutes).


One reminder (pun) for making sure all of this works…In order for RemindR to see the ‘list’ of available Message Queues available in Ask Alexa you must follow this process the first time:

  • Install RemindR app or update to the latest version…Go into the app and then exit the app by pressing “Done”. This allows RemindR to ‘listen’ for Ask Alexa
  • Go to Ask Alexa. If you need to add a Message Queue you can. Please note that all partner apps going forward will not broadcast to the Primary Message Queue, so personalized Message Queues work best. I have some for categories (text messaging, push messaging, etc). Be sure to click Done to exit the application. This ‘broadcasts’ the list of all apps that are listening.
  • Go back to RemindR…the list of all Message Queues (minus the Primary Message Queue) should be visible.

Enjoy the integration!


Seem not working for me.

  1. setup trigger after 2 mins. (Working) - Door was opened on 7:53
  2. Retrigger after 5 mins. (Working) - Door was closed on 7:58
  3. Still receiving retrigger notification even the door had been closed.

Ok, I’ll try to reproduce tomorrow and see what I can do. Thanks for feedback…

Oh before I look into this further. There is an issue, which I am aware of, but never got around to fix as I got used to it. The retrigger fires one time after the condition changes but then stops.

I have seen that on my door open/close report.

Another thing that is on my to do, but not a high priority, is the number of retriggers. It always comes one short. That is because I suppressed the first one, because it is fired immediately after scheduling it (a platfom issue).

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