[RELEASE] Qubino Flush 1D Relay, Flush 2 Relays, Flush 1 Relay, & Flush Dimmer

I’m also having trouble getting my ZMNHID1 working. I purchased it to control my electric floor heating but I can’t find a correct handler for it. Any plans to implement ZMNHID1? Thank you

I just installed a Flush 2 Relay and used your device handler. The temperature is working but it does not appear to refresh on it’s own (or it’s taking a long time). Is there a way to set the temperature to Poll every minute?


I don’t know anything about programming. I’ve been dealing with the Smartest House and using smartthings for 2 years with multiple devices. I have the Flush 2 Relay and it seems to be working with your handler. I want to use it to monitor my hot tub temperature. Right now if it stops working, you wouldn’t know it because the temp display doesn’t change.

This is what I am looking for: measurement of temp, indication that the qubino is off or not working, ability to set time to poll the temperature periodically whether it changes in value or not and a way to get an instantaneous reading of the temperature.



I have two working Qubino Flush 2 Relays in my HVAC and I am adding a Flush 1 Relay unit for its sensor capability. I can read i3 sensor for all child devices that I tried (contact, motion, water; powered by either 24VDC and 120VAC) but in neither case I see response to closing i2.

Device does not seem to see the input, not just read it. Physical open state reads “open” for both i2 and i3, but in water leak and motion modes i2 remains “dry/inactive” while i3 open state reads “wet/active” unless physically closed.

i2 Child device state says “no data”. There are no events in the log except for “device updated” from configuration.

I am using latest device handler (2017-04-19, 1 Relay, not 1D Relay) and child device handlers for testing. My unit has S5 firmware.

Was anybody successful in reading both i2 and i3 with S5 FW? Am I missing something or is my unit defective?

I did find that i2 was reporting different notification info than the one I was testing before. I have updated the handler in Github.

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Many thanks, erocm1231! Both input channels are now reporting their status using handler commit f8aa393!

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just got a flush 1 installed and setup. I’d previously had a qbino thermostat in the same place, but I really just need the thing to work as a switch not a thermostat, I do however also need accurate temp sensing for another process.

In any event, I was getting temp data in F out of the qbino tstat, but I’m not seeing any from the flush 1 relay using the same tstat sensor, same wiring. It came up with some data ONCE, but it was reporting 546F. This is not possible so its seemed like garbage. Never been able to reproduce either.

The docs say that there’s a terminal for connecting a temp sensor, but after that its never mentioned again. #thanskqubino. Honoring that noble tradition of sh*t documentation of crap home electronics going all the way back to the VCR.

I’ve spent… I dunno 6 hours trying to get this thing to work now? Now I remember why I put this project off for months. Working with these qbino devices is absolute torture. Why can’t some of these companies make any effort at all to make the UI of their devices reasonably useful? This is just effing hopeless guess work.

Does anybody at all have a clue on how to get temp data out of this POS?

How can I tell if it even sees the temp sensor?
How can I tell if the driver for the temp sensor is installed?
Is temp sensing part of the main driver or is it supposed to be a child device?
Does it not load the temp sensor portion of the driver if it doesn’t detect sensor at startup?

I’m looking at the 1D to replace a crappy MIMOLite, and I think I remember reading that the temp sensor has to be connected prior to joining the device, otherwise you need to exclude and readd the device. Did you include the relay prior to adding the tstat sensor?

yes, afaict the sensor is attached properly. I suppose its possible that the connector isn’t fully seated. This whole thing is complicated by the difficult location of the device and by the fact that the only way to exclude it is to turn of the whole circuit, which also kills my router.

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Also I’m using the ercom123 driver. Is that the only one? Does it support temp?

That’s the one one I’ve found, and would probably trust it since The Smartest House links to it.

At looking at the code for the relay you have, yes it natively supports temperature. When it joins, it has a different fingerprint.

I did notice that excluding these is not as easy as pressing a button, and that’s a bummer with your config.

Welp, woo hoo. Finally. On like the 5th or 6th exclude and re-add it came up seeing the temp sensor. I did reseat the TS wire so maybe that was the issue.

I suppose I should go back and delete all my near-profanity :wink:

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Yeah the exclusion is a serious PITA.

I have to take my st hub to the basement on battery poewr, and run a different cat 5 wire over to it.

I then set it to exclude mode
turn the circuit off
turn the circuit back on
and within 60 seconds toggle L1 on the qbino 5 times.

This excludes the device, but then I have to wait for my firewall and cable modem to come back up before I can see much else in the smartthings app.

At this point I can add a new device in the ST app
Then toggle L1 3x to discover the device.

It definitely seems to help to have the hub very close to the qbino to get the thermostat discovered.

That’s probably the one thing that worries me about these. Luckily, I’ll be using the 1D off a 24vdc power supply, so I’l;l be able to use the button.

You got that right. I’ve had to do it a few times and it’s painful. But you may want to see this post and switch I installed in the same box as my Qubino to make pairing and resetting much easier:

Yeah I considered something like that but mine is in a crawlspace that’s about 28" high. Hopefully I’ll never have to touch it again… then again, that’s what I said last time.

Thanks for the DTH, awesome work.

Can someone provide a feedback on Qubino devices in terms of stability, compatibility with ST, and overall experience? I’m looking to move from Fibaro modules to Qubino. TIA

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I have a couple of dry contact relays and they are awesome, super reliable, very configurable with many parameters and options… That said, I used this DH to configure it but as with any custom DH it executes in the cloud so as soon as I confirmed all the settings I then switched to the “Z-Wave Relay” DH and works flawlessly and local ex cution which is faster and way more reliable…

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I have installed this and am using it with 2 motion sensors wired to I1 and I2 with nothing wired to the output

I can configure I2 to work as motion sensor fine, is there any way to mod this DTH to have I1 and I2 as motion sensors ?

I have it working using webcore and and it detects when the switch is turned on so triggering the devices (RGBW zigbee bulbs) as if it is a motion sensor, would just like the device page to look like only a motion sensor.

Also, a way to label I1 and I2 in the device page would be great

Thanks in advance

Hello erocm1231! Thank you for all of your work!.

Is it possible to set the status of an output according to the status of an input? in a fixed way

for this example:

“0” at the input must be “0” at the output.
“1” at the input must be “1” at the output.

I have done tests with Qubino Flush 2D Relay, according to what I could prove there are situations where the behavior is inverted (for example due to a change in the input during a lack of energy)

with a 0 at the input I get a 1 at the output.

I am looking to operate a water pump with the floating water tank level … in no case can I reverse the operation or the tank may overflow. :disappointed: