[RELEASE] Qubino Flush 1D Relay, Flush 2 Relays, Flush 1 Relay, & Flush Dimmer


I just installed the Flush 1 relay with temp sensor handler. It seems to work ok but the app won’t display the temperature. I can see the temp updates in the IDE event list, but in the app the log only shows Temperature: NaN°C

Have I missed something?

Using the new Smartthings Android app, and now also the new Smartthings Alexa Skill, the Flush 2 Relay no longer works. I have updated the Device Handlers (I noticed a commit commenting the change was to fix compatibility with the new app), however for me it still isn’t working. In the mobile app, on the tile it always says ‘Checking status …’. When you click the tile for the detailed view, it does correctly show the status (either off or on), however if you try to click it on or off, you get ‘Network or server error. Please try again later’. The classic app still works fine, though it is scheduled to be retired on October 14. The Classic Alexa skill still worked, but it was going to quit working tomorrow (9/21), so today I upgraded and the new skill now doesn’t work. I don’t think it is possible to get the Classic skill back now.

I have 3 of the 2 Relay devices installed in my home, and am hoping there can be a fix for this.

Thank you,
Danny Green

Updating the device handlers will not fix the issue, you have to either

  1. Delete the parent & child device < OR >
  2. Delete the child device. Then in the parent device, click edit and update so that it can create a new child device.

The child device must be re-created again.


Thank you for the quick reply, I will try that when I get home. So to clarify, I can go into the new Smart things app, and delete the 2 devices that are the children. Then I go into the parent device, click edit, and maybe make a small change to the title or something, and click save. That will trigger it to recreate the 2 children nodes, and it will correct the issue. Doing this will not require re-pairing (or including) the devices? Also, do you know if this is separate from the classic application, meaning that doing these actions in the new app will not affect the classic one? As the classic one still works, I’ll feel better knowing that I’m not risking messing that one up.


I am having basically the same issues but I tried the above method from hongtat and it didn’t work. I deleted one of the child devices using the “edit” screen, but I couldn’t find a way to bring it back. So then I excluded the entire device and re-included it, but now I only get the two child devices to show up, the Parent device which has all the parameter settings, has disappeared. (Be aware that excluding it using the new App, also deletes it from the Classic App) . After many exclusion/inclusion attempts to try to figure this out, now I think my Qubino module has gone TU, so I’m done for the day!


Thank you Hongtat, your suggestion worked for me. In the new smartthings app, I deleted the child devices, edited the parent (changed the name), and when I saved, the children came back, and now they work. Coronamike50, did you update the device handlers in the ide before going through the process?

Danny Green

I tried updating the DHTs, but not sure if I did it right. I’ve tried so many things to no avail, that I think I’ve caused more problems than I’ve fixed. It’ll be a pain, due to their locations, but I think my only alternative now is to just bite the bullet, exclude all my Qubinos, delete the handlers and start over. I’ll post with results when I’m done. :pensive:

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OK, got things working again. When I did a fresh Z wave inclusion on the Qubinos, they came up as 2 Qubino Switches, but no Parent device, which normally contains all the settings. I went into IDE and and changed the device type for switch 1 to Qubino Flush 2 Relay, then back again to switch, and the parent device magically appeared! All good now :smile:

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I have a Flush 1 relay with a temperature sensor attached, and I can see the current temperature in the “current state” on the parrent device.

I also get the two contact sensor child devices but no temperature child device

Is there anything I can do?


Just an FYI, I wrestled with this for a while - I was easily able to get the 1D added and the switch working with this handler, but I could never get the temp working. It worked fine in Vera (I had it there before, and I re-added it to confirm). I tried all the stuff in this thread.

Finally I saw a post on some random forum (indigo or something) with this procedure:
Hard reset/unjoin
unplug temp sensor
Power down device 30 secs
plug in temp sensor
join ST
unjoin ST (soft unjoin)

Anyway, the funny thing is that it worked out of the box after that using the standard Qubino Flush 2 handler it picked. And it added a separate temp sensor that works perfectly (as a child device). Only thing I don’t like about this is I can’t set advanced settings, so I changed handler to this one (but temp stopped showing up), set my auto-off setting, and set back to out-of-thebox handler and now all is well.

So maybe it’s mentioned above, but the out of the box handler will work for this, though you lose some configurability if you need it.


I also got the temp sensor to work with the standard Qubino Flush 2 handler, my problem now is that the sensor is not reporting the temp regularly

For some reason there can be a pause of 40-50-60 mins between reporting intervals. (I have checked that the temp as actually changed during that time)

I have changed the reporting change value to 10, but I have the same problem with the value at 1 (This is used on a heating central where the temp changes continuously between 26 and 50 degrees

It doesn’t seem to be a problem with the z-wave network as I can change the status of the relay during the time it doesn’t report.

With this handler I could see the temp updated in “current state” and didn’t seem to have that problem.

@erocm1231 thanks again for posting the handlers here. I would like to get them working with the new ST app. The switches work, but the contact sensor just says ‘checking status’. Any way to fix?

@erocm1231 Both my Flush 1D Relays have become unresponsive recently. They will stick in one state and nothing is going to change that state. After about 20 minutes they settle back to off.

I only use the basic on/off functionality, but even that is not working now.

As far as I’m aware I’m up to date with the latest code from github.

The app occasionally throws the ‘a network or server error occurred’ message when trying to use the relays.

I have several Flush 2 Relays, no 1D relays, but I’m assuming they are similar. First, are there “timer” settings that may have been inadvertently been changed? Check your settings menu thoroughly. Another “bad news” possibility is failure. One of my Flush 2s started doing the same thing while I was working on a project. Completely removed it, reset factory settings, re-included it, and nothing helped so I assumed I fried it somehow and replaced it. But 2 going bad at once seems doubtful.

@coronamike50 Certainly not impossible but as you say, unlikely they failed at the same time. They also do work correctly sometimes.

They are set to be auto off, after 2 seconds, as they are just telling a garage door controller what direction to run a motor.

This has only occurred since they killed off the classic app, up until then a floorless few years of service! Seems like too much of a coincidence.

The device handler that the ide pulled from github does seem to be identical to my originally installed version which has a 2017 date.

Can anyone confirm what the date at the top of the latest version should be? (for 1D)

You have to update the device handler to the latest version and then delete the child devices (through the IDE) and change a preference in the app to have it recreate them.

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many thanks Eric - all good.


I’ve just installed this on my hub and installed the DH and the contact sensor child device. I have a contact sensor between ‘L’ and 'I2" using 24v DC supply. The switch works perfectly, but the contact sensor shows offline always. What am I missing? Thanks

Hello Guys, hello Eric,

Maybe you can help me with something, last night until 5 in the morning i almoast got crazy, i have 2 qubino Flush 1 Relay, and i didn`t manage to get I3 contact to work, i deleled the parent device several times, i deleted I2 and I3 contact child several times and changed the preferences to readd them, I2 contact is working fine, however what i have noticed after several deletion of I2 and I3 a couple of times under the child devices I2 was reading from qubino both I2 and I3, meaning that if i would close the contact I3 on the app it would close I2 if i open I3 on the app same it opens I2, if i do the same with I2 is opening and closing I2, somehow I2 is reading both I3 contact and I2 from qubino, and i got this with 2 devices, i thought first one was defective but actually both devices do the same. In the Smartthings app i get changes only on I2, for both qubino contcats I2 and I3. Can you help me somehow i really need the I3 contact.

What i want to mention is that in the past i think last year i have installed one qubion flush 1 relay, and for that device the readings are good, I2 is reading I2 , and I3 is reading I3, i didn`t dare to delete those because it is mounted on my walkway gate and i need both contacts also ther.
Thank you

Hi @erocm1231 - first of all thank you for the DTH, I have a number of the Qubino Flush 2 Relays at home and am moving my installation over to Smartthings, not without problems… I just move 2 of these - the first one I had problems similar to above, so I figured it could be something brought over from the previous installation and I factory reset the device (pressing S 6 seconds, o much longer actually). Then re-installed, removed child, assigned your DTH, and it’s fine. When I tried the second one, I kept getting the error above, no matter how many times I factory reset the device… I kept getting the “network or server error” on the parent, and it just never seems to want to go off. It’s inconvenient as in this particular case, I only needed to use the parent/master switch really as I need both switches to go on at the same time.

So - just wanted to ask - had you figured out what is wrong with it please? The ST DTH seems fine but does not give you a master device with metering for both child devices… So I’d rather have this one working.

Many thanks in advance!