[RELEASE] Qubino Flush 1D Relay, Flush 2 Relays, Flush 1 Relay, & Flush Dimmer

Never mind, I figure it out, just added the piece of code to my DTH and Voila! Now it’s working like a charm. Thanks for the update!

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Hi, Thanks for work on providing handlers for this product. I have a new Flush 1 Relay I just purchased. ZMNHAD3 H1S6P2.
Using flush-1-relay.groovy & contact-sensor-child-device.groovy
Temperature changes are showing in logs but not on Classic app, I see temp that app starts with but it doesn’t change to show what logs say.
I have three of these units; Flush1, Flush on/off thermostat, and Flush 2 Relay.
I cannot get any of them to have the temperature probe work. I need them to be able to control pump and a inline water heater. Switch seems to work but no reporting of temperature.

Currently have a smartthings water sensor with temp output floating in a plastic box in water!
Thanks Kevin

Hi @tyron

I’m facing the same problem… I have Qubino relay 2 / and i have same issues with device status, in new app… could you help me with that

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