[RELEASE] Qubino Flush 1D Relay, Flush 2 Relays, Flush 1 Relay, & Flush Dimmer

Thanks, I’ll try this later today and see if it helps.

@kwdelange that worked perfectly for the Flush 1! Now I guess the same needs to happen for the Flush 2?

The weird thing about the Flush 2 is that your raw description isn’t showing that it was joined securely.

It should say “zw:Ls” and should have the security command cluster “98” in it’s list.

Is there anything in the logs that might point us in the right direction?

P.S. I have modified my device handlers to be able to process secure encapsulated messages.

I will try to exclude and re-include with the new DTH and see if that helps at all. I can’t see anything in the logs that looks useful, not entirely sure I’m looking in the right place for the logs though. I can only see the device events…

You could check if Debug Loggin is enabled: In the classic smartthings app go to the settings of the Flush 2 Relay and at the bottom change “Debug Logging Level?” to All. Then check the log in the Smartthings IDE and (after pressing on/off/configure/refresh/etc.) look for errors or messages that start with “Unhandled Event:”

Ok, the Flush 2 seems to work ok now since updating the handler. I can configure it and control from the classic app. However, for some reason the new app just shows the 2 child devices as “checking status…” indefinitely and I can’t control them from there.

Also my Flush 1 is now showing as offline all the time so I can’t control it, I’m sure the wiring is ok though because that light still works properly with a retractive switch as the device was configured to use. Not sure what’s going on with that one.

I am admittedly a newbie at this but i’ve been trying to get my qubino dimmer to work as a dimmer for my outside flood lights and motion sensor. I am using @EROCM123 DH with the motion sensor and contact childs (thanks for all this work) but i have been unable to exclude the device after updating the I2 to be a motion sensor. The only way i can eventually exclude is with factory reset which looses the settings. Any help would be appreciated as i’m at the point of giving up after days of trying all the different suggestions i’ve found here. TIA for any help. The wiring is correct as i am able to control the lights easily through both the classic and new smartthings apps. When i change the motion sensor in the parameters it just says “active” in the classic app.

In my experience, the devices are kind of finicky on exclusion / inclusion.

But, you shouldn’t have to exclude it after changing the device type. The device type is strictly done in the handler. So, the Qubino sends i2 open / close or i3 open / close, and the handler maps that to what ever device you have selected. For motion, that would be active / inactive. For moisture it would be wet / dry, etc.

Thx for the super quick respomse. This prompted me to look closer at the new motion sensor i was using and noted that the signal line was hot so the Qubino and DH were correct and the error was elsewhere. Again thanks for the work and help for all us newbies!

By the way don’t use Utilitech motion sensors they leave the signal line active. I installed one from Defiant and everything is working perfectly now!

I’m having the same issue as krish, re the new app and controlling the child devices of a relay 2. The main device works fine, but the child devices just show checking status.

Any one got an idea on how to sort it? It’s not a big issue for now as i mainly use the classic app, but i’d like to try and fix it.

As far as I know, Samsung has not released official instructions on how to get custom handlers to work with the new app. Some users have discovered some hints of how to get it working in the handlers in the SmartThings github repo.

I’ve added the “vid” to the device handler and child device handler. You can try to use the updated version, but my advice is to use the classic app until Samsung figures things out with the new app.

Also, after updating the handler you may have to: tap the gear icon on the device page in the mobile app and hit “save”, switch the device to a different handler and then back, kill the new SmartThings on your phone and re-open it (after the above steps).


Just set up a Qubino 1D last night to control my gas fireplace. I’m using Webcore to turn it on when I arrive home (if its cold out) and off when I leave. It’s nice to know it will turn off if I forget!
The temperature sensor is used to turn on the circulation fan when it reaches a set point. It all works like a charm.
Thanks for all your hard work!


Classic App in V2 hub

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I assume you are aware that some people have had ST send phantom “on” events to devices in the past?

I’ve not seen a report of it recently, but do consider what it would mean if that happened to your fire. And whether your insurance would cover things should the worst happen…

I’d be tempted to build in another frequently running automation that turns the switch off if it is on and there’s no presence indication of your own choosing (eg, all arrival sensors are away, no motion etc)

Also consider whether allowing the automation of the fire is within your local building regulation/control rules. There’s been some suggestions that some areas disallow this.

Sealed glass, zero clearance, externally vented fireplace. Any code that would exclude automating that would have me turning my furnace on and off manually. I would not consider automating an open fireplace.

Not so worried about it being on from a safety standpoint as I’m with the waste of gas. If I was concerned about the safety of it I would not have it in my house. So if there is a phantom ON it would be annoyance not a safety issue.

Thanks Eric,

Tried the updated handler and it still doesn’t work with the new “Aplha release” app, like i say it’s not an issue as i use the classic app. I’ll just stick to using the classic app till they force us off it.

Has anyone got both relays to control 2 separate switches on the Flush 2?

Yes, works great. In each of our bedrooms, there are separate switches for the fan and light of the ceiling fan. I used the flush 2 to independently control the fan and the light and the switches also still work also. It creates three devices but I never use the parent device which turns on/off both. For Alexa, I had to disable access to the parent so Alexa did not get confused by the names.

What handlers are you using on smart things. Mine never reports the status of the switch back (position)


I’m using the one published by @erocm1231 on GitHub (SmartThingsPublic) per this thread.

Are you using smartthings classic?

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