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[RELEASE] PlexPlus - Control Lighting with Plex Play Status

(Jake) #345

No problem, I’ve been using it for months, the only reason I haven’t rolled it out is because I’ve been busy with life :slight_smile:

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(Donni K) #346

@Entityxenon The Plex Communicator and MediaScene are super easy to install! Are you open to answering support questions about them? I can get Plex Communicator to see my Plex and select my Plex device (xbox one x) and I added the webhook to plex but it doesn’t have the play button next to it when it’s in use.

When I go to MediaScene and select a room I created the media player device is greyed out:

Is there another step I am missing?

(Jake) #347

Of course, so have you installed the device handler and when you select the device in communicator does it then appear in your devices list?

You will possibly need to leave live logging open if anything is broken in order to capture any errors… It sounds like the device is not being added for some reason… I don’t use smartthings anymore so not able to see if it is a platform change…

Let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help

(Donni K) #348

Thanks for the reply. When I reset all the devices and then add the (single) xbox device, this is what I am seeing in the log:

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:44 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:44 PM: error Error creating device: Device type ‘Plex Communicator Device’ in namespace ‘jebbett’ not found.

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:44 PM: warn e1iuvm3o2ygn3r2edl0hp4mx and Honeypot Hub

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:43 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:43 PM: error Error creating device: Device type ‘Plex Communicator Device’ in namespace ‘jebbett’ not found.

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:43 PM: warn e1iuvm3o2ygn3r2edl0hp4mx and Honeypot Hub

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:37:41 PM: debug Parsing text

When I go to the log again (after clearing it) and pause and play on Plex, I see the following:

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:40:55 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:40:53 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

3d527d27-c27a-4d43-a694-b110404ce822 9:40:46 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

This is good because it means Plex and Smartthings are talking, so I guess the issue is with the ChildDevice? To add more info, I added your two repos to my Smartthings IDE and did the save and publish and also made sure oath is on.

(Jake) #349

It appears you don’t have the device handler installed… Plex Communicator has two bits you need to install, MediaScene just the one…

(Donni K) #350

Ah, I understand. So I need to add Plex Communicator, MediaScene, Device handler, and add a custom device. Does the name and device ID number need to be set with certain attributes, or can I add whatever smart things will allow?

(Jake) #351

No you don’t need to add the custom device that’s what the Plex Communicator will add, just need to install the handler and the app(s)

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(Ken Nalbone) #352

I’ve just setup this SmartApp using webhooks and cannot for the life of me get anything working. I’ve copied the webhook URL from the SmartApp to my plex server. I do see activity when I enable debug logging in the SmartApp, but there is never any last event received by the app.

How can I figure out what I’m doing wrong? I wonder if I’m not using Virtual Devices correctly. I’m not clear on what they are used for an how I should be using them. I did install the device handler. I’ve tried to create a virtual device in the Smart App, but I’m not sure what its used for. I even went so far as entering * for the Player name in the room configuration but it has had no effect.

Anyone have any advice for me?

(Jake) #353

So you don’t need to install the device handler if you just want to control the lights using the inbuilt functionality… * should then work when you configure the room… for last event try going in to the last event screen and press done… of you want a device to use elsewhere then I would suggest using the app posted a few posts back instead

(Ken Nalbone) #354

When selecting * for the media player, I still have no luck. For the name of the player, do I need to include the uuid that I see in the debug log, or can I just use the player name that I set in the plex app?

Are you talking about Plex Communicator? Is that for use in place of PlexPlus or in conjunction with Plex Communicator?

(Jake) #355

I think you’re going to need to share some logs, for me to see what is happening…

You need to use either * for everything or take the player name, ip or maybe uuid… if * is not working though then something else is up …

Plex Communicator replaces part of Plex plus this allows you to add the device by selecting from a list… this removes the guess work!

Media Scene replaces the lighting control element and should also work with any media player devices

(Ken Nalbone) #356

It’s been a busy couple of days, but I’m going to try to get some logs tonight.

It’s very possible that I’m configuring things wrong. I’m not a developer so sometimes this stuff goes over my head.

(Ken Nalbone) #357

As I suspected I had something misconfigured. After reconfiguring Plex Communicator and Media Scene I am able to control lights in my living room when I begin playback of media both in my Plex app and Kodi using PlexKodiConnect. Thanks for your work on this @Entityxenon.

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(House Smarty) #358

Does Plex Communicator require that Plex Plus be installed? It seems very similar to Plex Manager. I’m a bit confused about the relationship between all these Smart Apps.

(Jake) #359

No Plex plus is not required, it’s sits somewhere between plexPlus and Plex Manager, it’s easier to add clients than plus and shows more clients than manager… but doesn’t offer the control element that Plex manager supports for some devices… Plex plus will be removed when I can be bothered

(House Smarty) #360

Thanks for the response!

So I have Plex Communicator installed, and it discovered my Roku plex players. I’ve set up the webhook with the url from the logs. However, I don’t see anything else in the logs when I press play or stop on Plex and the status doesn’t update. Is Roku Plex compatible? Did I miss a step somewhere?

Edit: When I look at the device list in Plex Communicator settings, my TV does have a > next to it so the sessions are being parsed. It just won’t update the device status to “Playing”.

(Jake) #361

Is nothing showing in logging, I think you need to enable logging from memory, I don’t use ST anymore… so can’t see if they have changed anything… You don’t use multiple hubs by any chance?

(House Smarty) #362

I see things like:

55056a94-94bf-4ece-a12e-62b68b45d9d2  5:20:37 PM: debug Parsing status/sessions
55056a94-94bf-4ece-a12e-62b68b45d9d2  5:20:37 PM: debug Parsing
55056a94-94bf-4ece-a12e-62b68b45d9d2  5:17:51 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=3

but nothing about incoming webhooks. I only have the one hub

(Jake) #363

Ok so looks like the webhook event is not getting to ST, it’s likely that the URL you have entered is wrong… the play state icon doesn’t come in via webhooks

(House Smarty) #364

You’re probably right but I copied the url directly from the logs (and once from the smart app under connection settings). I guess I can try it without the shard data ( and see if that helps.