[RELEASE] PlexPlus - Control Lighting with Plex Play Status

I don’t mind adding them may help someone else… not sure if someone may have a list already on the forum…

These were the Hue and Saturation numbers created by the default color controls for the ST OSRAM Lightify device:
case “Blue”:
hueColor = 59
saturation = 67
case “Green”:
hueColor = 24
saturation = 84
case “Yellow”:
hueColor = 15
saturation = 89
case “Orange”:
hueColor = 10
saturation = 85
case “Purple”:
hueColor = 75
saturation = 92
case “Pink”:
hueColor = 80
saturation = 93
case “Red”:
hueColor = 98
saturation = 99

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Huge thanks again guys! Finished implementing the OSRAM Lightify bulbs, a GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer Switch and a GE Z-Wave Smart Paddle Switch! Everything is being controlled by Alexa through an Echo Dot that’s mounted to my projector and PlexPlus takes over the lighting during showtime!!! :sunglasses:
Feeling like a pig in :poop:!!!

What is the intention of the “Dim bulbs only if they’re already on” slider in the PlexPlus Trigger settings?

It does what it says :smile:

So… say it’s daytime and all of the lights are off… when you start playing a film you don’t want the lights to come on…

Basically it checks the state of each bulb and if it’s off it doesn’t adjust the brightness, if it is on then it will… due to the limitation of smartthings though, this can cause a pop corn effect, where lights change sequentially rather than at the same time.

Thanks for the clarification… In my dedicated home theater there’s never a daytime! LOL but I can see how that’s really useful.

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Hi, can you explain how to obtain the Webhooks URL? I have a Plex Pass and the app instructions say to look at live logging, but I don’t see any URL there.

Make sure Debug Logging is enabled in the PlexPlus SmartApp on your phone scroll down to Advanced.

You will then need to exit the smart app by clicking done on the top right, then it should appear in live logging

Perfect! Thank you so much! Really appreciate all the work you’ve done!

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@Entityxenon Is there a need to install the Device Handler “plex-plus-device.groovy” from your Repo? I just realized I don’t have it installed.

No it will work fine without its only there if you want to push the status to a Virtual device to use in other apps…

I don’t use the scene handling in Plex plus I actually use SmarterHome…

Hello, I have your app installed and setup using the webhook. I enabled debugging, pasted the webhook in my Plex Pass account and see the details being posted back to Live Log in ST. However, when I go to view recent event in the PlexPlus SmartApp it shows there is none. Did I miss something?

Hi @kkniffin , No that should be fine, however have you added a room? I’m not at home right now, but I think this is triggered from the room, if there is no room then you won’t get the event… let me know if that solves it, I might change how this works in the next version though…

@Entityxenon is the 1st post updated? i just came acorss this and will be installing using it.

thank you for taking the time to put this together…

@ToXIc yeah should be all up to date, any questions let me know!

cant decide on the two options, i do have Plex Pass and i can run the program on the same computer i’m running openPHT

  • Plex2SmartThings
  • Plex Webhook (Requires Plex Pass)

any recommendations?

@ToXIc, I would use webhooks if you have the option, its easier to setup and you don’t need to worry about a seperate program, there are some instances where the exe is more accurate, but I still think the pros of webhooks outweigh the cons

so i installed the code from here


added it to the mobile app so i can get the token but the smartapp doesn’t respond, it doesn’t open. I cant figure how to delete from the mobile app and try to redo all the steps.

What error are you getting in live logging?