[RELEASE] PlexPlus - Control Lighting with Plex Play Status

Hi Tom,

WebHooks is an alternative to the Plex2SmartThings program, basically the program did pretty much what webhooks does, and because you don’t require a seperate program it is a better way of doing it!

The only thing to note is that you can’t use IP address as webhooks doesn’t provide an internal IP address unfortunately…

If you are not using IP address then setup should be as simple as pasting the webhooks URL in to Plex and closing Plex2SmartThings! Please ensure your server is also up to date…

New version live:

v3.2 - Updated Live Logging to be able to get Plex2SmartThings setup details easier, Cosmetics for WebHook and addition of matching 2 criteria, which I am now using where I have two of the same Samsung model TVs, but they have a different user on each…


This is awesome. I set it all up last night using Webhooks and it works great.

One question: Is it possible to add more details to the virtual devices (i.e. track name, artist, etc…)? I can’t think of any practical reason to do it but I think it would be cool :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely possible especially if you are using webhooks, this makes it really easy!

But like you say I’m not sure of the value it would provide… in most cases you don’t even need the virtual device if you are doing the lighting in Plex Plus… personally I try to keep out of the smart things app where possible because it’s so slow doing anything…

However if I have time on Sunday or while I’m at work next week see if I can add it as an optionally enabled function :slight_smile:

The webhooks works out great! I’m loving this… Thank you!

I noticed on your colors you are using hue color and saturation, even for ones Soft White and Daylight. I’m using the Sylvania Lightify bulbs that use the tunable white. Is there any way to incorporate the color temps to the 4 main white color choices? Or even add them as additional options for the tunable side? I noticed the Soft White using hue color and saturation doesn’t produce the same tone as the tunable temps.

Once again great job! I’m digging the movie theater experience. :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

Yes this would be really easy to add, I’m actually doing all of my lighting control using using my SmarterHome app, and now just using this app to send details to the virtual device, this allows me to trigger the same scenes used for other actions, but this includes colour temperature… I’ll port the code over to this app as well, feel free to check out SmarterHome too…

Hi @tomd16,

I have updated the app to be able to set color temperature

v3.3 - Added bulb temperature for color bulbs

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You rock @Entityxenon!! Thank you so much! This works awesomely (if that’s a word :smile:)



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No worries :wink:


first of all thanks to @Entityxenon for this great SmartApp. I just installed it and it’s doing exactly what I want - almost :slight_smile:

My config looks like this

and it does correctly turn off the lights as soon as Plex starts playing something. However, all of these lights will turn on as soon as I pause or stop playback. Is this the intended behaviour? If yes, it there a way to change this, so they will just remain turned off?

Also, it would be great if it we could trigger routines from PlexPlus. This can probably be done as well using a virtual switch that triggers a routine, but maybe you will consider it anyway :slight_smile:

Hi @janw,

So yes this is expected behavior… you can currently set “Switches use Play config when Paused” and this will mean they will remain off when paused…

However that doesn’t achieve exactly what you are looking for… Should be fairly simple to add an additional switch to handle it though… might not be able to do it today, but will try to add this week…

Same for routines… I’m sure there was a reason for not including them… but I can add that at the same time!


v3.4 - Added control for switches to only react to ‘Play’ and added Routine triggers…


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Awesome, thanks a lot! :smiley:

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No worries, I only briefly tested, so any issues let me know!

This is absolutely outstanding, huge thanks for this! This was just the upgrade my theater needed right now. I decided to go with the Sylvania OSRAM Lightify bulbs BR30 RGBW bulbs so that I could tune the bulbs to match my rope lighting. Plex Webhook made this a really easy setup for my Apple environment. My current PlexPlus setup uses Level on Stop to 50%, Level on Pause to 10% (also using Pause config for movie trailers), and Level on Play to 0%.

My first question is what setting do I need to adjust so that my lights remain at 10% in between trailers and pre-roll clips before a film begins? Currently during the 1-2 sec break between each trailer, the bulbs revert to 50% very quickly and back to 10% once the next trailer plays.

Thanks again, really looking forward to seeing what more I can do/control with PlexPlus!

Question -

I have 5 AppleTVs around the house. I set up the first AppleTv -

Made a Virtual Switch and it shows as playing with no metadata. Is that normal?

Hi thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

For the below question, under “with these settings” set delay stop action, this will be the number of seconds that will be ignored for a stop action… 5 seconds for this is usually good…

Sorry not quite sure what you are asking :slight_smile:

I assume it is playing? What meta data are you expecting and where are you expecting this to be presented? The Device handler currently only shows play state and media type… I haven’t updated it to display anything else yet, as to do so I’ll need to update the exe also to pass the additional info.

Sorry - I shouldn’t post when I am too tired to reply or… much of anything.

I noticed the dashed line at the bottom of my window so assumed there was supposed to be metadata.

I notice ALL my virtual switches show as something playing even though, currently none have anything playing.

Other question -

Here is the scenario I am trying to invoke:
During Day - Plex plays TV show/Movie - Lamps Turn on
During Night - Plex Plays TV Show - Cans turn off/Lamps On
During Night - Plex Plays Movie - Cans dim to 15%/Lamps Off

During Pause - Day - no change
During Pause - Night TV - lamps on/Cans On
During Night - Night Movie - Cans/50%

Should I be creating routines for this in Plex and relying on those as it seems my desires may be too granular.

AWESOME work by the way - this has been really fun to play with.

Thanks @Entityxenon Jake. The 5 seconds worked perfectly for the 2 movie trailers that I have setup but the lights brightened to 50% during the cinema trailer pre-roll video before the film. I could change the seconds to be longer but some pre-roll videos I have are over a minute long and then that would effect how long I have to wait for lights to come on at a general pause.