RELEASE: OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimming Switch(Ultra-fast Zigbee Handler, No Smart App)

It used to have this, but no longer. It got pushed to cloud with an API change.

Technically the device has many events and 7-8 buttons to press as far as SmartThings is concerned

  1. Up (button)
  2. Down (button)
  3. Button release (button)
  4. Held down (button)
  5. Held up (button)
  6. Stop dimming
  7. Both buttons pressed. (button)
  8. Both buttons held (join + button press)
  9. Battery
  10. Refresh
    11-13. Various network messages

They all register as different buttons.

Dimming works here by telling the lamp to go from 100% to 90% over the course of 2 seconds. It then checks back in 2 seconds to see if the button is still pressed. If it’s pressed, it keeps dimming. It dims in increments.

When using the default config, mine does log a HELD action for both buttons … Although in the classic app I have it set for 1 second to trigger, it seems like it takes longer and because of this doesnt always work as expected.


It used to have this, but no longer. It got pushed to cloud with an API change.

With the default handler, mine is local - but Im a bit naive/new here so I’m not 100% sure what your reference was to …


Last Action held
{ “protocol”: “zigbee”, “scheme”: “untracked” }

I have some running thoughts over here

So to clarify, if I get this dimmer/switch, connect and only use the default local DTH.

In the smart lighting app, can I set it to ONLY on/off, or does it allow for dimming as you hold the switch?

OR does it shows different virtual buttons, and I would assign different smart lighting actions to each button? Like one for held, dim to 50%. but a quick press gives me 100%?

You’re only going to get basic ON/OFF with a default DH.

@adamoutler Thank you for your code time on this. Not to hijack here, but I started to play around with making this dimmable via Webcore. It works, its still beta, and we will see where it goes.

I have a thread over here if anyone is interested

@professordave - there are 3 (now 4 with mine) DHs for this switch. This FAQ goes into it all more. but in a summary:

  • Default (as Zigbee Button): 4 buttons; the long press act as a single button but does not act continuously
  • Version 2: 4 Button, Im not sure but I think the default handler does the same now
  • Version 3 (This one): 8 buttons (hold and combos [ie both at same time]) - meant to be used directly with other zigbee, probably can see all 8 button (not continuous hold) in webcore (havent tested)
  • Version 4 (referenced above): attempt to do 2 button and continuous hold in webcore.

Anyone having trouble with getting this to work on the new SmartThings app? It works well on the SmartThings Classic app, but not the new app.

I can’t get it to recognize both buttons. Thankfully the light I had it assigned to doesn’t need specific on/off commands but it’s still pretty annoying. Either button you hit now toggles the light switch. Is this a device handler issue?

I am having the same issue as @jgentry when moving my smart dimming switch from a v1 hub to a v3 hub (in anticipation of the forced march to the new structure.) I see only a single button in the new app, though the IDE clearly shows a numberOfButtons count of 2.

The Type is ZigBee Button. Do I need to install a new DH, and if so, is there one that stands a chance of working for a while?

An odd thing is that this switch was working fine under the new app on my v1 hub - it does not appear to be a classic vs new app issue.

FWIW, I was able to get the buttons functioning again on my multi-button panel (Remotec ZRC-90US) by first deleting all of the Automations associated with the switch and then installing WebCoRE. This essentially bypasses the horribly-limited API that the new Smartthings app provides. It was pretty straight forward to install (I chose the Manual install option as I don’t have a github login) and the interface for creating new automations was also pretty intuitive.

I just noticed the same issue. Lost both buttons. now it is a single. WTF. I removed it and installed it again and got more functions but only one button. Hope someone is working to fix this.

I stopped using SmartThings all together and moved to Home Assistant. I was unhappy with the way SmartThings was going to all-cloud-with-exceptions, and having to install tons of random Device Type Handlers for random things I want supported which do not have large company backing. HA is all local execution and better for enthusiasts like myself.

I’m sorry, but nobody is working on this to my knowledge. If someone wants to pick it up, I’d be happy to link to their project in the first post.

I excluded (deleted) mine, then factory reset it by holding down both buttons for 5 seconds, then re-added it. It still shows a single button on the device, however, the Smart Lighting smartapp can see and operate on all four buttons.

So, problem fixed for now, but it’s pretty clear that the native Zigbee button controller isn’t up to scratch if it can’t show and trigger scenes from all the buttons.

At least it’s running locally now.


I was banging my head against the wall for hours trying to get the multiple buttons to work again until I came across your post. Setting up the switch using a Smart Lighting app was exactly the work-around I needed.

Thank you so much!

Glad to help! Other posts suggest that the problem is with the app UI, and not the actual Device Handlers, so this may get fixed in a future app release.

There has been a change in button “capabilities“ between the old platform which classic used and the new one.

Most likely the DTH just needs to be updated to use the new capabilities and then all the buttons will be visible to the new app automations. Without the updates, you get the same symptom that is being reported here: only one button is available.

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I was having problems with mine. I was playing with it all night. I did several searches online and was looking for a device handler. Took your advice deleted it then reinstalled it and it’s working perfectly with smart lighting now. Thanks.

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