[RELEASE] OmniThing v0.8.2 - ESP8266/ESP32/RaspberryPi/Linux/Windows - A cross-platform successor to ST_Anything - Web-based Configuration Tool

I’ve got three goals in mind - run scripts on Pi, read humidity and temperatures from DHT11 sensors plus control an LED.

Ok setup is pretty straight forward once you get it…
Network receiver is the pi, enter port for it to receive from the hub
Network sender is where you enter location and port of your smartthings hub
For the temp sensor you need to create peripheral. Create and name it, enter the pin used for it on the pi
Under devices, selectthe type, name it… then triggers are when you want the device checked.

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What port is used for hub?

You mean for SmartThings device? Is it all the same device type? All I’ve got is omni_parent. How do you differentiate in SmartThings whether they’re a sensor or switch? Also what does the configure do? Thanks so much for your help.

No, in devices in the omnithing config on the raspi. If everything is configured correctly on the pi, the refresh button in ST in your picture, IT will automatically add your devices in ST. When everything is configured on the pi, you can watch the live log in ST and watch it add the device

In ST the only thing you need to set up is the Pi’s info

Where do you set that up? Is there a SmartApp I’m not aware of?

The screen you posted, gear in top right corner

Duh totally spaced on that sorry. Anyway what do I use for SmartThings port when setting up in web config? Doesn’t say in readme.

According to this post it looks like port 39501.

Yes, the smartthings hub uses port 39501

Unless something has changed recently… the SmartThings Hub uses port 39500. Hubitat uses port 39501.

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Yas my bad I could have just looked at my configuration file that I posted earlier in this thread


looking at the child device for temp, i see the value should be rounded. This along with converting to Fahrenheit is not working for me. Same goes with humidity isn’t rounding (didn’t look to see if was supposed to)


If you look at the child device in the ST Mobile Phone App, do you see all of these digits as well, or does the ST App round it for display?

It’s the same

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My java is pretty weak (I’m a electrical engineer, software issues I typically pass to the software engineers to deal with…haha) so i can’t quite tell where my issue is.

Please update both the Omnithing Temperature and Humidity Child Device Handler groovy code from GitHub. I just fixed the rounding issue (and offset issue that I found while looking). I am away from home right now, so I cannot test this code. It should be fine, but I would appreciate it if you could test it as soon as possible and let me know if it is fixed.

I ended up deleting all omnithing devices in ST and starting fresh and added humidity back on the pi. It now converts and rounds the temp to the 1/100th. intermittently it reverts back to long sting (not converted) then back to converted/rounded.

Humidity will not round…

I’ll try to take a look at it tonight. It would be helpful if you could show your Live Logs for a section of time when temperature is still reporting a bunch of decimal points worth of data. Also, I would like to see the Live Logs from Humidity.

It’s not obvious why either of them would not be rounded to two decimal places at this point by looking at the code.

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