[RELEASE] OmniThing v0.5.1 - ESP8266/ESP32/RaspberryPi/Linux/Windows - A cross-platform successor to ST_Anything - Web-based Configuration Tool


So, I spent 4 hours tonight trying repeatedly to get this to work and I think I’m just not smart enough. All this bool this and offset that and subscriptions and triggers… it is just too darn complicated for someone who’s not a programmer. And i know more than the average Joe. Looks like a really promising project but I just can’t figure it out. A few example json files might be a big help. That way we at least know if we’re starting to get close to the right direction.

(Daniel) #42

I understand. There are multiple layers involved in adding a device, and that can make it complicated. I intend to add some examples and perhaps some beginner tutorials in the near future.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I FINALLY GOT IT! I dunno how it came to me but I was working through my Hubitat transfer and it dawned on me. You don’t actually need to define the Trigger and Subscription in the device config. I left those out and the rest just worked. I kept getting caught up on need both of those and it tally was confusing the hell out of me. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me soon. Thank you for humoring my endless tirade of questions.

(Denis Grabocka) #45

Hello all,
Well we have a baby on the way and being all excited about this my brain is on overdrive :slight_smile:
So i am thinking about constructing a sensor box (obviously it is NOT going to be a main, life depending entity gadget) but more as a back up novelty type of actual approved gadgetry such as baby sound, video and motion monitors sold at mom approved baby stores etc.

What i want to do is a Raspberry Pi that will have connected to it a camera for monitoring in distance (solved this part already), a speaker for lullabies (solved as well), relays to control the switches for the automatic baby rocker (solved as well … Alexa turn on Baby Rocker)… but i was also thinking about incorporating some sensors, 5 to be exact to the same Rpi;

  1. Sound sensor
  2. Soil sensor
  3. Vibration sensor
  4. Motion sensor
  5. Temperature sensor

I don’t want to do anything fancy things with these sensors (most likely a ST multipurpose sensor will take care of the last 2) other than when they are triggered i want SmartThings to buzz a signal and change a light to different colors depending on which sensor was triggered.

i was doing some research and that is how i landed on this thread…will this OmniThing be able to help me and how??

Any help will be greatly appreciated


(Daniel) #46

Hi Denis,

OmniThing can definitely do the last two sensors with little trouble. As for the first three it would depend on what sensors you’re planning on using. Anything that works by toggling a digital gpio pin to signal a state change should work pretty easily. If you’re planning on using something that outputs an analog voltage (I know many soil sensors do), it will be trickier due to the raspberry pi’s lack of analog input pins.

Do you know which specific sensors you’re wanting to use?

(Denis Grabocka) #47

Hello Daniel,
I was just about to write you on our old conversation we had about a year ago. :slight_smile:

The sensors are the simplest out there pure digital high /low when it moves change the GPIO pin value to high, when it cries change it to high, same with soil if i ever use it :smile: if it poops take it to high …(or low)
Here are the sensors i am interested on (from from top left going right and under) the slot position on the first illustrating picture as follows #2, #7, #8, #14, #16

pretty simple stuff, more to say that i did it rather than utilitarian, if you, or my family for that matter are to lough LOL .
I wanted to use a Raspberry pi just so i can also control some relays and utilize a web cam in the same set up

Please guide me as to how to tackle this
Again Thank you, thank you
Denis from Dallas, TX

(Daniel) #48

Hi Denis,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Those sensors should be very easy to implement with OmniThing if they just toggle a gpio. I’ve been meaning to write up some tutorials for using OmniThing, and your project seems like a good example to use.

I’ll try to throw something together this weekend or coming week.

(Denis Grabocka) #49

@leinax Thank you buddy looking forward to it let me know how i can help i am eager to get this going