[RELEASE] Official Monoprice Door/Window/Mailbox Open/Close Sensor (Recessed/Mounted - 15268/15270/24259) with External Trigger Option and Tamper Device Handler


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Could be the magnet distance. It should be within about 1-2mm ideally.
For testing purposes we put one of these sensors on a mailbox outside the building over a 100ft from the nearest repeater and it’s working fine here.


@rboy the magnet is literally right on top of it. I could not get it any closer or the door will not open right as it would be rubbing the two plastic parts together. but there is clearly no space between the 2 that is how close it is. and I still have the issue. do you think it could be defective?

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Could be, most of the time intermittent/timing issue tend to be mesh related (no enough repeaters, bad repeaters, hub/connectivity etc). Sometimes it’s battery or magnet/mounting, if all else fails it could be the device itself.

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Official Monoprice Door/Window Sensor Device Type - Version 02.01.03

  • Added basic support for the new ST app

You may need to exclude and re-pair but you can try to manually force it, My Devices -> Click on monoprice door sensor device -> Scroll down and click on Edit -> Scroll down and click on Update -> Force kill and restart ST app
The new ST app is still experimental so it’s recommended to continue using the ST Classic app to get access to all the features of the DTH

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Did you ever resolve your issue with not getting updates from the recessed door sensor? I’ve got two units that are just reporting “Open” 100% of the time, and don’t seem to be sending updates, despite seeing the LED flash when I move the magnet in and out of proximity of the sensor.

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I recently added about 10 of the 24259 sensors in my house and noticed they are all executing in the cloud. Shouldn’t these be local? If I change it to a generic zwave door windows sensor it works locally.

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No custom device handlers work locally. Only the handlers that are in the SmartThings firmware will work local, and then only with SmartLighting or SHM.

(Rich) #28

Is there a way to tap into the tamper status to create a push notification or text message? I have the RBOY Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor device handler installed. I’d love to get some type of alert/alarm/notification when the tamper switch is tripped.

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You can use WebCoRE to crate a custom rule for the tamper event or use this SmartApp to take actions (eg notify or turn on an alarm etc) [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Support for Lights and Taking Pictures with a Camera

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This worked perfect! Thanks again to RBoy Apps. They continue to be a big part of my smart home.

Do you have any apps that poll once a day to see if devices are available and active?

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The DTH’s have a built in health check feature customized for each device which ST uses to indicate when the device goes offline.
Each device is unique in how they behave and some sleepy devices don’t wake up for a week. Hence the time before which ST can determine when a device has gone offline varies.



I have an issue where the device is starting to not report events (door opened and didn’t register, but started working again later in the day) which to me has always been tied to a dying battery. This is my front door, so it gets a lot of use and it’s been around 10 months since I changed the battery.

However, battery is still reporting as 90%.

Anyone had this issue before?

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Could it be an internet issue or a Z-Wave mesh issue ? For the latter adding a Z-Wave Plus repeater (mains powered device) helps in creating a strong mesh. Often just rebooting the hub once in a while doing a Z-Wave repair helps with the mesh.


I should clarify - I think the battery is actually close to run out based on how long I get from other sensors - it’s just this device that never seems to report a decrease in battery with your handler below 90%. Any ideas on if that’s normal behavior with zwave generally or should it be close to accurate? I know my Schlage door lock using your handler also starts exhibiting connection issues after about 8months of use until I change battery - I’ve seen that one drop to 80% but nothing ever below that I guess.