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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

#(The SmartApp Formerly Known as Nest Manager)

We are very excited and proud of this this release.
While it may not look like a giant update but this is the 'GREATEST NST Manager YET!!!


Please open issues on GitHub for ANY issues you find because it’s very hard to track them using the forum.

NST Manager SmartApp

This is the SmartThings user-created SmartApp and Device handlers to integration Nest devices with SmartThings.
The SmartApp and Device Handlers work together to provide integration to the SmartThings ecosystem using Nest’s published API.

What’s New

  • New: Name Changed to NST Manager
  • New: Manager and Automations codebase has been split into two individual files.
    * There is an automated process to migrate your existing automation to this new file and remove the old ones, if you are running v.4.5.2.
  • New: Find Weather Locations using integrated Wunderground’s search API.
  • New: Token’s are now redacted from all IDE logs to prevent them from being shared.
  • New: Fresh New Notification UI right off the first page of the Manager.
    • The New Notification UI manages the new notification system to handle the following events:
      • Nest API Errors and Rate-Limiting (This is very helpful now)
      • Failed Commands (A maximum of 5 msgs/per 10 minutes)
      • Nest Location Home/Away Changes
      • Device Health Issues (Disconnects, etc.)
      • Get reminder when you leave debug logging and remote diagnostics on for more than 24 hours.
      • Receive Nest Cam Streaming On/Off alerts.
  • New: Control Watch-Dog Notifications from Manager
  • Updated: Re-Structured the Managers Setting Area to simplify things.
  • Updated: Moved device preferences to the Manage Devices section.
  • New: Tests on Nest Protects are auto-disabled after 15 minutes if they are left on.
  • New: Added a Toggle to disable all automations right from the Automation section under the Manager.
  • New: Turn graphs and event history on/off in the Thermostat and Weather devices from the Manager.
  • New: Added support to send Automation Event history and Who set eco to the Thermostat device. (Part of the new Thermostat UI).
  • New: Added Hub to the install of all new devices to help support ST’s Device history.
  • New: Added Change logs the are shown when a new version is published .

NST Automations SmartApp

This is a Child-SmartApp that allows you to create different types of automations for your HVAC systems.

What’s New

  • New: Humidity Control Automation: Works with Switch controlled humidifiers (***Requires a third-party DTH for HVAC humidifiers)
  • Fixed: Fixed input status text to auto-sort by device name.
  • Fixed: There were dozen’s of cleanups and bug-fixes.

Nest Thermostat and Nest Virtual Thermostat

What’s New

  • New: All-New HTML design with fluid swipe/tap friendly slides and a refresh button to reload html content without leaving page (Swipe/Refresh on iOS only).
  • New: Automation Schedule info is now nicely displayed in the device interface.
  • New: Added in WhoSetEco mode info (Ex: Which automation?, Was is it externally set?)
  • New: Add automation event activity history to the HTML section.
  • New: Cleaned out a lot of unneeded code.
  • Fixed: Fixed AskAlexa Voice reports.
  • Fixed: Dozens of optimizations and tweaks to make things more efficient.

Nest Protect

What’s New

  • New: All-New HTML design with new icons to easily indicate the current alarm status.
  • New: Device now determines the power source (Wired or Battery) type based on it’s check in habit’s.

Nest Cam

What’s New

  • New: All-New HTML design with fluid swiping/tapping slides and refresh button to reload html content (Swiping/Refresh on iOS only).
  • New: Camera event zone info is now part of the device interface.
    * Event Types (Ex. Has Motion, Has Person, Has Sound).
    * If Zones are configured they be will displayed for each event.
  • New: Re-added the Motion and Sound capabilities to the device to support an exciting new feature coming soon.
  • Fixed: When streaming was off it would sometimes cause the device health to show offline.
  • Updated: Few tweaks to help minimize the connection issues with iOS/android camera streams.

FYI: As much as I want to add support for password protected camera streams.
It’s just not going to happen (At least not at this time… Sorry…)

Nest Weather

What’s New

  • New: Added option to allow filtering of Weather Alerts Notification under the devices setting UI.

Nest Presence

What’s New

  • Fixed: Code cleanups and optimizations.




  • @shmookles (Thanks for helping with the testing)

##IMPORTANT: Upgrade Procedure:
This upgrade is a significant change to the built-in Automations from previous releases.

Please visit ThingsThatAreSmartWiki (NST-Manager Upgrade Instructions)


  • Due to changes to our github repo structure for v5.x.x users with versions v3.x.x or lower will likely have broken installs.
  • Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to update from v3.x.x or lower to v5.x.x.
    • These upgrades haven’t been tested with versions lower than v4.5.x and will not be supported.
    • Please perform a complete uninstall/reinstall.


The update to version 5.0 is supported from v4.5.2 and requires using the separated automations file. If you have existing automations it’s imperative that you install the new automations SmartApp file along side the manager SmartApp file in the IDE, then update all device handlers. The new manager will begin a migration process for existing automations which will back them up and restore them under the new file and remove your old automations. There is no user interaction required beyond properly installing the new files in the IDE.

We recommend you update the code in this order:

  • All Device Handlers
  • Install NST Automations SmartApp
  • NST Manager SmartApp

Getting Started:


Known Issues

  • Device handlers with HTML content won’t reload under Android client. This issue is being addressed by ST and an issue has been opened with the android developer.

Issues and Troubleshooting

The most common issue is forgetting to enable oAuth for the app under SmartThings

For Issues: GitHub Project Issues Link

Please check the Help Page before posting questions in the community forum. NST Manager Wiki Page

3rd-Party SmartApp Compatibility (Confirmed)

We are NOT in anyway Responsible for any missed Carbon/Smoke alarm notifications. This is simply out of our control, and as a rule you should NEVER rely on SmartThings for any potential life saving alerts!!!

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I was the brave one who might have tried first and it didn’t go well. I first updated all of the DH’s like you mentioned via GitHub integration. Went fine.

I then installed from the IDE the NST Manager Automation in the IDE. It’s now available to install from Mobile app, but when I go to install it, it asks me to setup new automations which I don’t want to do, so I skip this part.

I then update the NST Manager SA and it opened the first time with the donation screen but now nothing happens and I get this error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14909207708691797697015.getAutomationsInstalled() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 2201

Did you follow the upgrade instructions?
This requires the new automations child app be installed

I think I got confused…in the top of the instructions It says to do this:

If you have existing automations it’s imperative that you install the new automations file along side the manager file then update all device handlers.

Towards the bottom:

Try to update the code in this order:

All Device Handlers
NST Automations SmartApp
NST Manager SmartApp

I did the bottom instructions since it stuck out at me. Can I recover or am I screwed? I do see the automations in my logs.

You shouldn’t be screwed.
If you installed the new automation smartapp it should start the migration after a minute. Try going into the manager app again.

Well, the good news is I do see IDE log entries for my old automations. When I go to open Nest Manager, I get in the IDE and nothing happens in the mobile app.

42dca54b-7032-475c-bcdc-06d19d780a1c 8:50:31 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14909204616811797697015.getAutomationsInstalled() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 2201

I do not see the Child Automations app listed in my Mobile app, only in my IDE. Is that ok?

You will not see an additional app. This update is very complex is because it contains a migration mechanism which performs a full backup of your old automations and restores them using the new automation file and removes the old ones.

I haven’t seen this occur in the 90 days of testing internally.

I guess we can wait to see if others have this issue too. As of now, while my automations appear to be running, the only way for me to see or edit them is to go into one of my devices and click “smartapp” and then I see see the automations.

I have updated it and keep getting notifications for being offline. I have followed all the steps.

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Do the devices show offline in the device list?

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It shows online

Is it all devices or a specific type (i.e Thermostat, Protect, Camera, etc.)?

All of them sending notifications

How will we know if everything want as planned?

If you open the manager app > goto automations > all listed items should contain (NST) in the labels


Hey, when you get that migration issue figured out… you should send that over to ST to show them it CAN be done on this platform… lol…

btw… this app makes me want to go and buy a bunch of Nest Products… I just want to try it out cause the screen shots look awesome!


The migration process itself is 100%. Its the old versions of nest Manager child apps that are causing unforeseen issues

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##NOTICE: v5.0 has been re-pushed to github.
We apologize for any issues.
If you experience any upgrade issues with you existing automations unfortunately you may need to manually remove them and re-install you automations again.

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