[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

Should be operational until Aug 31, 2019 at which point the Nest API will be shut down. There is always hope that google will provide a new API but who knows :frowning:

Have you opened the NST Manager and clicked on Save in the upper right of the screen? Then allow a few minutes for everything to sync.

It “should” be operational after August 31st too, as long as you don’t convert your account to the new Google Nest account. Many works with nest companies have not received further instructions on what comes next, so they were told that they can continue to use Nest API until the new Google API will offer the same or better functionality.

Yes but folks who set up a nest developer account and set up a token for use with
NST Manager will cease in August 31.

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Ha ha,
I’ll be surprised if it will do anything except work with the Google home.
I bet alexa will not even work.
Google sucks!

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Hey, hey, Google said they are “working” with Amazon, too bad that none of Bezos teams knows about it, much like most other “Works with Nest” partners.

Yes, many times. It doesn’t seem to sync and I still can’t use Google Assistant to set temperatures or modes.

I use a direct connection between google assistant and nest instead of through the google assistant - ST connection… But that is just me. I like to use direct connections from Google Assustant to other products such as Hue, lutron Caseta instead of going through ST. I disable the enable all devices to link to Google Assistant and only allow select ones that I choose.

I was trying to set up an automation with my Nest based on cooling temperature and it seems that the numbers may be a bit off @tonesto7

Looking for some help getting NST Manager to stay current. For the past few weeks it stops automatically updating every couple days. When I open Nest Weather or my thermostats, it will show an old date for “Tstat Last Checked-In”. It also isn’t automatically changing the mode based on presence.

If I hit the “play” button on NST Manager in my smartapps list (automations tab), it will refresh and work fine for a couple days before it stops working again. The app and device handlers are current on my IDE. Any suggestions?

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