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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

(Martin Fuentes) #3990

I really appreciate the work that Tonesto7 and E_Sch put into the NST Manager. Thank you.

(Anthony S.) #3991

I just pushed up version 5.6.4 with the tokens embedded

Adding Nest to SmartThings

thank you!!!

(Martin Fuentes) #3993

Anthony and Eric,
Should we also update the Rest implementation to get the triggers to be closer to real time?

(Chris Pohlad Thomas) #3994

Thank you! Works great.

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(Otto Mation) #3997

Thank you. I just got set up and in under the wire.

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I’m not seeing an update available when I try to Update from Repo. My version in the app is showing v5.4.6. Is there some other way to push the update? My Tstat has stopped checking in as of about 1800 UTC yesterday.

(Johnny2678) #3999

Checked back in because I’ve received a few update notifications and wanted to see what the changes are and whoa… lotta action on this thread recently. :wink:

Understand that Works with Nest is going away and will screw everything up, but do we need to do anything now? Seems to be working fine still on the latest version (5.6.4).

(DJAC) #4000

How does one get the tokens. I can’t update a repo I must do it manually