[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(jkp) #3566

Nest manager help
(Kyle Crebs) #3567

You are a saint. Thank you

(Tony B.) #3568

Doesn’t look like I can :frowning:

Can I just add another plugin instance?

(jkp) #3569

Tagging @E_Sch

(Tony B.) #3570

I set up the API with her account but, as soon as I tried to add another instance, it doesn’t let me do anything other than configure my first one.

The answer is currently “no, you can’t add more than one SmartApp instance”

(Anthony S.) #3571

By default the manager app is limited to a single instance per ST location (I think it’s because the way the children apps are setup. It’s been 2 years since that decision was made so i’m struggling to remember)

(Scott Chapman) #3572

Hmmm, Mine was working a while ago, then I noticed I only had a couple of my Nest Protects showing up.

I still half of my devices showing up on my devices, but looks like they haven’t been updated in a while.

I sent ahead and updated the apps and DH.

But I go into the app now and se Home is not set, and when I go look for devices in it it shows none.

(Radim Svoboda) #3573

Is there a plan to include remote Nest Temperature Sensors to the NST Manager as well?