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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Jason Nielsen) #3546

I’ve got everything squared away now but am having an issue with nest hello camera in ST. Camera is showing but when I click on it, it says camera id not found (or one error was a groovy.lang.Missing). I’ve seen posts on it but didn’t see specific answer on how to fix.

I made camera public with a password and closed/logged out of nest and ST. Anyone have suggestion or solution to this issue?

I love this integration that you’ve put together. This is what made my decision to purchase ST. Very much appreciate all the hard work everyone puts into this, it’s exceptional!

Thank you

(jkp) #3547

it has to be set to public with no password

(Jason Nielsen) #3548

Lol. Thank you. Always something simple.

Thank you.


Hello. “motion” on my cameras is always set to “inactive”. They don’t go to “active” when they detect motion even though I’m receiving the alerts from Nest, so I’m not sure what’s the expected behavior of “motion”. What am I missing? It would be nice to use my cameras as motion detectors.

(Eric) #3550

I’m not sure if the hello sends motion events to the camera api or not.

Tony has a hello I think, I don’t have one to test. If the camera is otherwise working thru the api, and you are using the streaming module, this is all that is needed for normal cameras.

Do ensure you are running the latest nest manager code, dth code, etc, and the latest streaming module for camera motions events to work.

(Ryan Mell) #3551

Is there a workaround for creating a nest dev account. They are not letting anyone create a new dev account for anything other than oauth for a few weeks?

(Anthony S.) #3552

It behaves exactly the same as a nest… It has zones and does sound and motion alerts.

The only thing not available is the doorbell button events and person recognition info

(Anthony S.) #3553

Try installing with out any items in there and see if it uses our embedded secret and key

(Mohammad Hashash) #3554

Great work by the way…
Is there a way for it to discover the Nest X Yale lock too?

(Anthony S.) #3555

That’s funny question pretty much if you want to do it nest won’t allow you to

(Ryan Mell) #3556

It throws an error and won’t go any farther. I am new at this stuff but it looks like I am going to have to wait for nest to get their act together before I can add my stuff to ST or buy a new thermostat

(Eric) #3557

all you need to do is create an oauth token.

Folks have been creating accounts. I read they are not accepting reviews, which you don’t have to do.

Adding Nest Interface to my Smartthings
(Ryan Mell) #3558

Thanks, that worked


How quickly should the SmartApp update? I am seeing up to 5-minute delays today. Thanks!

(Tony B.) #3560

Can I use 2 accounts? My gf just paid for a nest and the power bill is under her name. I have my cameras and she wants her thermostat to get credit.

(jkp) #3561

I wonder if setting up family members in your nest app would show her Thermostat in ST. Check it out in the family setting of your nest app. Click the cog in the upper right of the screen and select Family in the menu.

(Tony B.) #3562

Thanks! Great idea!

(Kyle Crebs) #3563

Cannot login. Any thoughts. Thanks

(jkp) #3564

Login to your nest developer account and check the url you pasted into it. Make sure there are no blank spaces before/after that url.

(Kyle Crebs) #3565

Umm, what should the URL be?