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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Eric) #3504


About twice a week I have been going into the diag page and running the diag commands “run update, stateCleanup”. That seems to get things working temporarily for me.


Anyone running the REST api on a windows machine? I have so many other api’s running on my windows box I’d hate to waste a rasperry pi just for one purpose.

(Anthony S.) #3507

it will run fine on windows as long as you have a node process manager like PM2 running it

(Saman) #3509

After last update I am getting the following message multiple times per day for my Nest Thermostat “Device is offline: Please check your logs for possible issues.”. I am able to see trends of temperature in the UI, but this message is really annoying. Would appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

(Anthony S.) #3510

That message is generated when the Nest API tells us the device is marked offline

(Saman) #3511

Thank you for your response. If I set “device health” as off, I don’t get this error message. Is problem from ST or Nest?

(Brandon Marshall) #3512

I was just able to set up NST Manager and I’m loving the possibilities so far! I really wish it worked natively.

Forgive me if this has already been asked, but is there a way to set the presence of ST based on Nest’s presence? I can see there is a way to change the Nest presence based on SmartThing’s presence, but not the other way around. I find the Nest presence is more accurate, and would like to base the overall presence of my house based on what Nest thinks.

(Anthony S.) #3513

Inside of the NST manager you will see an automation section there’s tons of things you can do

(Brandon Marshall) #3514

Thanks for the quick reply… let me try to re-explain (maybe I just don’t see the option)

In Automation section, it says “Set Nest Presence based on ST Modes, Presence Sensor, or Switches” but what I want to do is set ST Modes based on Nest Presence.

(Benji) #3515

Just an FYI, for real, Nest is having serious issues. Getting HTTP 500 errors from their website.

(jkp) #3516

they were also experiencing issues 2 nights ago. they were down for 1-2 hours.

(Benji) #3517

That’s way more helpful than what I provided, stop showing me up :smiley:

(Anthony S.) #3518

I really do think they are overhauling there API… There has been too many issues lately

(Eric) #3519

There is a nest presence device (that will allow you to read in a smart app nest presence). This would mean you write a webcore or other SmartApp to adjust your ST modes with Nest’s status being an input.

I don’t know how accurate / up to date nest presence (I have not used it)

(Brandon Marshall) #3520

Assuming I know how to code a SmartApp! :joy:

My wife and I can be out of the house for a several hours and it will still show her iPhone as “present” in SmartThings, tried all kinds of troubleshooting. The Nest app can sometimes be delayed by up to an hour to trigger “Away” but that’s better than nothing. Would love the option to use the wonderful ASUSWRT Wifi Presence app to trigger home/away but I have a Netgear router, so I seem to be out of luck

(Patrick ) #3521

Hello Everyone. I have tried this out and installed this several times to the Letter, but I still run into the same problem. When I run nest Manager, it tells me Nest Developer Data Missing. I went onto the Nest Developer Site and tried to creat my own and it told me something about maintenance and that I’d have to try again later. Did this several times with no luck.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m in the US.

(Eric) #3522

ST has presence capabilities with the ST (classic) mobile app, and your phones. It is important if there are two of you you use two different ST accounts (linked in ST).

So most folks use ST presence (or life360), and they use this presence to adjust the ST modes via ST routines or smart apps (like webcore).

I have not seen too many folks start with Nest presence (but it is a choice). You likely want to search for presence both in ST docs, and this forum.

(jkp) #3523

WebCoRE also offers a presence sensor

(Gavin Wong) #3524

If you have a Netgear R7000 router, there is a hack you can do to install AsusWRT firmwares on it. But that of course will void your warranty on your router.