[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Benji) #3484

I’m having the same issues but I think Nest is the one having problems, my ‘Nest’ Account was set to away and yet had my ‘home’ temperatures set, think they’re having cloud issues or something.

(Keith G) #3485

This morning I was seeing API error messages, and updating to 5.5.5 worked for me, however I also opened the NST Manager SmartApp and pressed “save”.

(Andrew Newton) #3486

Ok so think i’ve fixed it. Uninstalled from mobile app totally. Deleted from IDE. Re created in IDE and then re-installed in app. Took a lot of meshing about and a lot of time for what should have been a simple update. Why cant we have auto update app/device handlers ?

(Benji) #3487

Use the Community Installer, it won’t auto update but it makes things a heck of a lot easier:


Hi - I have NST Manager up and running. I would like to create a smartapp that turns on a register fan (connected through a smart outlet) when the Nest thermostat goes into active heating or cooling mode. I can’t seem to find a logical hook or state to trigger the smartapp. Any advice? I’m a bit of a noob - sorry if this is real basic stuff. This forum is tough to navigate.

(phil) #3489

Webcore is the way to go.

(Anthony S.) #3490

If you use the Built-in automation app there is a fan control feature that does exactly what your asking for


How do I update the the Wunderground weather location? The location I have set is not giving any data and I can’t see a way of changing it.


what exactly does “lite app mode” do? I didnt see a description in the wiki.

(Ralph Dunham Ii) #3493

My Thermostat and weather information has updated since Sunday. Does anyone know what may have cause it. I’ve done all the recent updates.

(Eric) #3494

There are several things to check

  • in the nest mobile app, ensure everything is ok (you can see devices etc, no messages about permissions, etc)
  • Then go into ST app (classic) and go into NM, again check for errors, and done/save your way out
  • if things are still giving you trouble, you want to look at IDE “Live Logging” and see if there are errors there.

There have not been recent changes to NM. I don’t know how long you have been running recent version.

You can enable remote diagnostics, and private message myself or tony to have a look.

(Tony Fleisher) #3495

Just got notification that NST manager hasn’t received data
Logs show a few errors:

12:33:31 PM: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 439258652361800 @line -1 (apiIssueEvent)
12:33:21 PM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.5.5) | Updating Meta Data (forcedPoll)
12:33:21 PM: error getApiData (type: str) Exception: org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: developer-api.nest.com:443 failed to respond @line 3604 (getApiData)
12:33:21 PM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.5.5) | Updating Structure Data (forcedPoll)
12:33:21 PM: error getApiData (type: dev) Exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out @line 3604 (getApiData)

And this (from initialize when saving):
12:34:57 PM: error org.springframework.security.access.AccessDeniedException: Access Denied @line 7739 (settingRemove)

(Eric) #3496

I saw nest having API problems for about 15-30 mins. For me it seems to have cleared up. At the same time, the nest mobile app worked, but ST logs showed the null responses. So I don’t know if this was ST or nest.

You can go into NM, and done/save out.

In any case, I recently saw exactly what you saw for more than 15 mins

(Tony Fleisher) #3497

I am seeing some intermittent updates now but a lot of errors as well.
The Nest developer environment must be having some issues.

(Ron Warris) #3498

I started to see “API Status is: Has Issue” messages in the SmartThings device event log about 2 hours ago, Since then there have been about 15 “API Status is: Has Issue” and “API Status is: Good” messages logged.


I’ve been getting these sporaticly the last few weeks, thought it was just me so I debugged everything, ended up doing a complete uninstall/reinstall. Now I cant even get it installed, get stuck when trying to install the app and log into nest. I log in but it just times out and says “cant refresh” or something.

I really hope google provides some type of official integration soon even if via ifttt, this is such a complex solution for a simple need.

(Slimshizn) #3500

Any way to fix this problem, I just started getting it also. Nest app works fine.

(Christian Long) #3501

Me too - and again right when it gets cold.

(Slimshizn) #3502

Yeah, just glad the app works fine. If need be I’ll just go back to that. You reinstall nest app?

Edit: seems to have fixed itself.

(DC) #3503

It appears the last time my Nest protect connected was on November 7th. How do we get this back up and running?