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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Alex Stein) #3464

Any word if the Nest x Yale lock will be supported? I want my lights to turn on when I unlock the door :frowning:

(Bob Kerr) #3465

I’d like my door to lock and the porch lights to come on when someone unknown approaches my door. I may put a speaker and a tts message, “Say cheese, you are on camera!”

(I think locking the door when unknown faces are detected by Nest doorbell is a neat feature).

(Ron Warris) #3466

Yesterday I started to see the following message on the NST Manager Status page on my phone:

“Your Manager State Usage is Greater than 80% full. This is not normal and you should notifiy the developer.”

The only option on the page is to go to the NST Diagnostic Web Page, which does not seem to provide any clues on how to fix this. How can I clear this error?

(Eric) #3467

many times hitting “done” / “save” on your way out may clear some of this. If it continues to happen we may need to move to a private message to see your diagnostic page.

Are you running the latest release?

(Ron Warris) #3468

I got the error cleared by running the Run StateClean() and Run SendInstallData() functions on the diagnostics page, but I had to do it a few times before the State Usage on the diagnostics page went down to 37%

Not sure which of those functions actually solved the problem though.

Any idea what the cause might be, and how I can prevent it from happening again?

(Anthony S.) #3469

I wish I had an answer for you. The platform has been a fickle mistress lately and i’m seeing weirdness across the board

(Ron Warris) #3470

Any insight as to whether NEST will actually allow better integration between it and SmartThings/Webcore etc.?

While the current system does provide all of the functionality I need and works well when it is stable, it is very complex for non-programmer types such as myself to maintain, and as you pointed out, tends to go flaky on occasion, making it the weak point in my entire automated system.

(Eric) #3471

For the most part the nest side of the api is very stable.

The code of NM (and other device handlers) runs in SmartThings cloud, and when they have platform issues, life gets exciting.

(AJ) #3472

Anyone else having an issue with thermostats not updating? ST is not displaying what the actual thermostat has. When I goto the device in the app and look at “recently” I see the last connection is 5+ hours old which I assume explains why ST is not current.

Any work around or things I need to check? Thanks

(Christian Long) #3473

I’m having some API issues this morning and now both of my thermostats are showing offline but they are online on the Nest app itself.

I haven’t posted in quite sometime - because it is working so well.

Is this a Nest issue? I have turned logging on in the diagnostics app but haven’t been able to figure out the root.

(Christian Long) #3474

They are showing Online now but API still Has Issue.

(Guy) #3475

Mine has also been sending notifications saying offline, when in the Nest app it is online. Might just remove the SmartApp as it seems flaky.

(AJ) #3476

Strange. Mine just updated about 2 minutes ago, has been showing lastConnection 20 hours ago until just now.

Does the Nest developer API often go down? Noticed this twice now this week, while the Nest App itself works each time. Was just about to uninstall NST manager and reinstall.

(Eric) #3477

I regularly see some issues with Nest APIs. You can look at IDE logs, and go into NM app and save/done your way out.

Typically you don’t need to reinstall as Nest gets their cloud going again, but IDE logs can show you if there are other errors (authentication, etc).

My experience typically is not a “complete down event” occurs, but some portion of their cloud or accounts may have a problem (I have some devices that have a problem, and others that don’t). Nest will ask you to watch your home network if you contact them. They typically will ask you to reboot your router first. I have seen this help (I use google wifi), but most of the time this does not change anything.

(AJ) #3478

Noob question, just started with ST about a week ago. How do you get to the logs (where I can see everything) taking place? Tried from My Locations > Location > Installed SmartApps > NST Manager but don’t see full logs, only recent events.

EDIT - Maybe found it:

9:32:08 AM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.5.5) | Updating Device Data (Last Updated: 556 seconds ago) (async)

9:31:58 AM: error | NST Manager (v5.5.5) | procNestResponse(dev) error - (Status: null - Received Response…) - [ErrorLink: null]

9:31:58 AM: warn || NST Manager (v5.5.5) | [procNestResponse(dev)] | Status: (null) | Error Message: null

9:31:15 AM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.5.5) | Updating Device Data (Last Updated: 503 seconds ago) (async)

9:30:41 AM: warn || NST Manager (v5.5.5) | Nest API Issues may still be occurring. Status will clear when last updates are good (Last Updates: [true, true, true, true, true, true, true]) | Issues began at (Sat Nov 03 09:25:46 EDT 2018)

(Andrew Newton) #3479

Hi, Had a few notifications saying my Nest Protect had dropped off line. So I updated the code for all smartapps and device handlers as per instructions on wiki page (shame UK doesn’t have auto upgrades yet !!) But since I’ve done that … Nest manager is now refusing to open in mobile app. Tried to delete everything and start again but ide says in use by another user which ios strange as Im the only user? Anyway logs show these errors

1121017d-1b44-498b-9b3f-16fd3ffd2770 14:00:05: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 72747552719725 @line -1 (sendExceptionData)

1121017d-1b44-498b-9b3f-16fd3ffd2770 14:00:05: error getNestStructures Exception: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 72747552719725 @line -1 (apiIssueEvent)

So tried to reset the OAauth , nope that didnt fix it… and then run out of ideas.

So since the notification to update my devices have gone off line and are no longer in the mobile app… Can we have the previous version back please as this worked … 5.5.5 doesnt. !!

Any ideas any one

(Christian Long) #3480

It seems to have mostly cleaned itself up. My virtual thermostat is still showing it has an API issue though. Is that just because it hasn’t had any events?

(Christian Long) #3481

Spoke too soon

“10:11:02 AM: error | Manager: NST Manager (v5.5.5) | procNestResponse(str) error - (Status: null - Received Response…) - [ErrorLink: null]”

(Andrew Newton) #3482

Yeh just received another notification that there another critical update so maybe that fixes it but I cant find that update ?

(Christian Long) #3483

I’m guessing there really isn’t much to be done. Null for the error code isn’t very helpful but at least I am not alone.