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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0



I need some advice on integrating eTRVs into my automations please :slight_smile:

I love the Nest automations for giving me all the different options I need to accurately set rules but currently as far as I can see a rule being active will just turn the heating on in all rooms in my house? (UK so just boiler with radiators for heating with no zoning). Every room has an eTRV that’s integrated with SmartThings and I can change the set point of each one but I don’t think I can do that through Nest Manager?

So a use case is that I want the heating to come on early in the morning if my bedroom is cold but I only want it to heat the bedroom and bathroom, not the office as I won’t be working there for a few hours. I can stop it heating if I can get it to change the set point on the eTRVs in those rooms?

Also is it possible to have multiple rules active at the same time? So I have a virtual presence sensor that I use when I have guests over, I’d like to additionally have the guest room also get heated in the morning if there’s someone staying over.

(Dave Lewanda) #3444


I set up my Nest Manager over a year ago and landed on version 4.4.2. I know I’m a ways behind, as I now see in the app that the latest version is 5.5.2. I am trying to upgrade through the IDE, but I can’t seem to make it happen. I have connected to GitHub, and when I tried “Update From Repo”, I was able to install the “NST Automations” app, but I can’t seem to get the “Nest Manager” app to update. I did something and it turned from green to purple in the IDE, but I can’t tell what that means or how to undo it. Please see a screenshot of my “My SmartApps” screen:

Any advice?


(Dave Lewanda) #3445

I was able to revert local changes, but now it looks like this:

I’m not sure what the Edited state means or why the magnifying glass moved to the Status column

(Jason Hosking) #3446

Is this not possible to fully install at this time?

When I go to the part where I have to create a nest developer account the site says

“Thank you for your interest in the Works with Nest program. We’re upgrading our systems and will not accept new client reviews during this time. Please check back in a few weeks. If you have an urgent issue, please message us through the developer console.”

(Jason Hosking) #3447

Answer to my own question, it is just labeled differently than the instructions show. All is well.

(Jon Peter) #3448

@jayhos - I went through the same thing yesterday before finding this post (thanks for writing b/c I was confused as well!).

To follow on - you can create the account, and even though the new UI on the Nest developer page is a little different than what it is in the NST Manager installation instructions, with a little bit of effort I was able to follow the bouncing ball so to speak and figure it out.

Now I’m off to figure out what I can do with :).


So I’m in the market to buy a smoke detector or two and since Halo is now gone, I’m looking for other options for hardwired units that can connect to SmartThings. Albeit convoluted, what’s the current status of the Nest Protect? I tried reading through this thread but don’t feel I have a good sense of the state of things NOW.

(Eric) #3450

I use protects, with the Nest Streaming service (part of nest mgr). It works well for me. few seconds delay (of course both ST cloud and Nest cloud and your internet need to be working).

Good news is protects do their job even when cloud is down.

(mike tarrant) #3452

Hi, This question may have been asked before but does NST Manager handle the nest hello doorbell? Im looking for a smartthings and webCore way of identifying faces in the doorbell triggering an action. I have seen some people mention using android alternatives but wanted to try and keep it as contained as possible.

Thanks in advance

(Borristhecat) #3453

Yes but It picks it up as a camera rather than a doorbell as they haven’t updated their API yet.

(mike tarrant) #3454

Great thanks. As its a camera, is that able to report the facial recognition side of it, or is all of that awaiting the API update from them?

(Benji) #3455

This is just after I got a notification and updated to 5.5.3 (looks like there was a Nest Cam DTH update as well). Is there any info on this?

(Johnny2678) #3456

@tonesto7 @E_Sch

Long shot… but any chance you guys could add an extra attribute on the vThermostat that shows the average of the remote temp sensors for the active schedule?

You are already calculating this value in code today (see screenshot below)

I know that the rounded whole number value is exposed in [vThermostat device:Temperature] but I really need the more precise value for graphing purposes.

My current work around is to create a separate virtual temp sensor in ST and use another app to average together the temps sensors but I have 2 thermostats with 5 schedules each that all use different alt. temp sensors combinations. My current workaround only simulates one of those combinations. To simulate all of them I would have to duplicate the schedule logic that already exists in NST mgr. Would be great if I could just pull the average value for the active schedule from the vThermostat device.

thx for considering… happy to hear any other ideas to achieve this as well.

(Ted Sears) #3457

NST manager overall is working great to integrate my Nest Protects into Smartthings.

I am currently trying to have webCore monitor whether the power has gone out in my home by using the nest protect (I have my hub and internet on a UPS).

I am not a programmer, but from looking at the groovy soure code (, it appears that I would want to be monitoring a specific protect for the value of “powerSource” for “mains” or “battery”

However, I can’t get webCore to work, and interestingly, in nest manager diagnostics device data both “powerSource” and “powerSourceNest” have value of null. Is this function not currently working, or am I somehow doing this wrong?

Thanks for any help or insight that anyone has.

(Robin) #3458

Assuming you have batteries in your hub, and considering that your router is on UPS… webCoRe has a built in function to monitor for power cuts:



Hello all, I’m fairly new at this but was able to install the nest manager. The issue I’m running into is creating a developer account to obtain a client ID. The nest developer website current shows this message “Thank you for your interest in the Works with Nest program. We’re upgrading our systems and will not accept new client reviews during this time. Please check back in a few weeks. If you have an urgent issue, please message us through the developer console.”

Can anyone please help me get started? Is there a client ID I can use?

(Jason) #3460

Awesome app thanks so much for putting this together! Was working perfectly with my Android device. I’m now on Apple and bridging my SmartThings hub through a pi. All works well but I notice that when I change the temp in the Apple Home app (also using an app called Eve), nothing changes on the thermostat. The apps show the change but the nest doesn’t change. What am I doing wrong?

(Eric) #3461

If the change shows up to nest, nst manager will get it.

If you use the stream module, it should be near instant. If you are not using it, you are going to wait for the next poll to occur.

(Roger) #3462

Hi, I added wundergound PWS station, but it seems the temperature is rounded off with no decimal. How can I get the number behind decimal? For example, 98.3F instead of just 98F.


(Aheisinger) #3463

There is a word document called Nest Developer - Nest Product.pdf (scroll up to Sept 24th) It walks you through each step and what is expected on each line.
That message got me as well. If you follow the steps, at the very end a client ID and client secret will be assigned to you. That’s strictly for you DO NOT SHARE IT. Enter that info in your IDE Nest Manager and make sure OA Auth is enabled. OA only on the NST Manager and not the NST Automations. Then re-run the nest manager and it will import all your devices. ( Also make sure you add the devices in your device handler before you run the APP ) Once everything gets pulled in come back here and try and make a donation. These guys work really hard on this stuff. It’s only right to donate for their time. IDK what I would do without this boards. I just redid my nest manager from scratch yesterday after it not working for months. With a little bit of reading and testing… I got everything installed and working. Even the Nest Doorbells work! These guys are great!! in case I didn’t say that enough. Good luck