[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Tony B.) #3301

Thanks! That solved the issue! I forgot that a recent release completely replaced all my nests and I had to add things like that. Completely forgot about that.

(Anthony S.) #3302

Which release recreated all of your Nest devices?

(Johnny2678) #3303

Thanks for confirming that it was a release issue. Glad it wasn’t just me.

(Tony B.) #3304



(Anthony S.) #3305

There’s nothing to confirm. That’s not accurate. No changes were made to the device creation logic

(Anthony S.) #3306

Let me rephrase this…
The only way for this to happen is if you changed to using a different nest token/secret from a different nest account.

@E_Sch built-in a remapping function about a year ago to address this so your NST automations don’t fail.

(Tony B.) #3307

So, all my nest items just deleted on their own after I upgraded? Seems kinda odd to me. I sure didn’t delete them.

(Anthony S.) #3308

they couldn’t have been deleted if they were present in any other apps/automations

(Anthony S.) #3309

Did you recently change your nest token or move you devices to different nest account?

(Tony B.) #3310

Nope. Haven’t done a thing. Everything has been humming along very happily.

(Johnny2678) #3311

no token changes for me. Haven’t touch my setup in years except adjusting automation setpoints/schedules.

I believe you that no logic has been recently added that would delete devices that are in use by NST mgr and in other apps. Wasn’t implying otherwise. Bugs, however, are usually unintended, and it’s just as likely that it could be something specific to my/@Tony_B 's setup.

I only posted about the issue in the first place to see if it was just me or if anyone else had experienced it.

(Anthony S.) #3312

I apologize! When i’m wrong i’m wrong!
I just spoke to @E_Sch and he said it might have just deleted your. For some reason the platform just ignored the in use exception and force removed the devices on him… It’s random…

We use that exception to help us regulate devices.
He fixed the potential bug…

We will be rolling out the fixes today pending testing…

(Johnny2678) #3313

Excellent! Thanks for looking into it.

(Anthony S.) #3314

All thanks go to @E_Sch

He’s pretty amazing at finding all these tricky bugs


Hello everybody,

I am looking to fit my radiators with Tado soon. After I integrate them in st will they show under thermostats in nst manager? Is there any way I can program nest to kick in when one tado is below the desired temperature?

If there is no way doing this from NST manager, probably I will have to rely on CoRE pistons. Or might be a smoother experience to just ditch the nest thermostat and use Tado thermostat instead?


(Tony B.) #3316


Is there a way that you can set up a new report for “Dewpoint”…

I would like to track it with Grafana/Influx. I really don’t know which category you could fit it in. Maybe as an alternate temp or water sensors?

(phil) #3317

Since the last update I have been seeing that within the NEST app that they are going offline more than usual. I thought maybe I was having issues with my mesh network but I have dne everything possible to change configurations to try to keep them online but periodically they go offline randomly. I have three of them. I know the question is going to be can I control them with the NST app…not sure I did not try it. Next time it goes offline I will give it a shot. I know the NST …I think…was not communicating with the Tstat because it was hotter then hell in my family room. I had to manually turn it on.

(Anthony S.) #3318

Eric made some optimizations to the device health which I’ve been noticing more alerts…
I’m not sure if there is a bug or it’s actually working better and the devices really are losing connection more.

(phil) #3319

I cannot control it with the nest app or the NST app. It is like it is deaf. As a matter of fact I can control any of the three with any of the apps

(Anthony S.) #3320

Sounds like a wifi issue to me…