[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Loic) #3200

Mumm my thermostat and virtual thermostat have been unavailable for the past hours. Anything going on with ST?

(Loic) #3201

Woke up this morning and everything is working again…Go figure.

(Anthony S.) #3202

Missing AppSettings UPDATE

I was able to resolve the missing AppSettings fields when using the Community Installer. It was a stupid oversight.
I apologize for the frustration and time wasted because of it.

(Thomas Jose) #3203

Thank you. This was the answer I was looking for as well. With the new smartthings app, I could not access Nest Manager.


Was this fixed? I haven’t seen it explicitly mentioned in posts since yours.

I’m getting the update nags but waiting until I know this is good.

(jkp) #3205

Mine still crashes and I have not seen any updates.


Okay thanks. No update for me then.


(Anthony S.) #3207

Can you do a screen recording on your iPhone of the process and the crash and PM me?

(MC_BO) #3208

same for me keeps crashing on iOS , just updated to the latest version

(MC_BO) #3209


here the screen recording…

another things noticed … Can’t see anymore Nest items (Cam+Thermostat) in my Home’s devices on IDE
Shame i can’t play with them on webcore too

i have last version of Nest Manager just installed…

(MC_BO) #3210

same for me

(Graham Beale) #3211

Hi folks, I’ve noticed recently that the nest mode switching from home to away is taking around an hour to execute after the smartthings home/away status has triggered.

Any advice on how to improve this? Or is it a bug?


(Phil Panfili) #3212

Does anyone know why all of a sudden, I would be unable to update from repo in my ide?

I have done this a 100 times before in the past. Now when I go in my IDE I see none of the apps in my dropdown. I keep getting notified to update Nest Manager; but cant seem to figure out how to do it, if there is nothing in the repo?

I have never had an issue like this, and have updated 100s of times this way.Capture

(Bob Kerr) #3213

I must admit I don’t like to read documentation (so please no RTFM)…Can someone give me the run down of what this section means?

(engrgma11) #3214

@tonesto updated smartthings login info into Samsung account as instructed by Smartthings classic app. After that, my NST Manager stop working. No updates from Nest or my Virtual Thermostat stop refreshing. Uninstalled NST Manager and reinstalled but unsuccessful. Error regarding storage app not installed. NST Manager won’t finish setup, physical devices pending installation. Won’t proceed to automation setup. Please help.

(Anthony S.) #3216

Storage App is no longer required in the latest version… Its code has been merged into the automation file for simplicity

(Anthony S.) #3217

Oh boy it’s nice to see that they fixed the account migration issues in the last 6 months…

I would try updating all of your app/device code to the latest versions and if that doesn’t help then you will need to do a complete reinstall.
If your app data didn’t fully migrate to the new account then your current install is screwed

(engrgma11) #3218

complete reinstall, meaning delete my NST smartapp and device handlers in the IDE? Did that already and it says successful and automating but no thermostat got installed and stayed physical device install pending. No thermostat, no weather and presence device that got installed. App did not proceed installing NST automation and still shows storage app not installed error.

Please advise. Thanks.

(Anthony S.) #3219

without seeing any errors in the Live Logs in the IDE it’s impossible to tell you what to do. With ST it’s very difficult to tell if its a code issue or a momentary platform issue.

(MC_BO) #3220

Yes but we need to debug anyway… how to ?