[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Erik) #3159

@tonesto7 Hi NST Manager has been working fine but recently I started getting an error when trying to access the smartapp. Where should I look for solutions?

(Benji) #3160

Mine is loading okay in the classic ST app, that being said about 5 minutes after leaving the house I got a WHOLE load of notifications from ST on my phone in my pocket which turned out to be the usual Nest Manager API CMD Failed being spammed multiple times, along with devices offline and now “NST Automations?Nest Manager has updated settings”.

The API CMD Failed still seems to be happening so I don’t know if there’s an issue either with the Nest platform, the ST platform or my house. For a second while driving I was terrified the house was on fire because of the number of notifications spamming my phone…

(Jason Hearne) #3161

Same here. It’s been working for the last few months with my Nest Developer account. Now I get the “something’s wrong” page. Note to ST - “Something’s Wrong” doesn’t tell us a whole lot.

(Eric) #3162

It would be good to see logs to understand what is happening.

I have seen folks have nests “home/away assist” be enabled on some devices (commonly if you add new nest equipment), and I have seen a couple of things happen:

  • a) home away assist starts “flip flopping”, so it sends a lot of changes into Nest mgr
  • b) if you have an automation (built in Nest manager, or other automations WebCoRE, etc) monitoring home away or modes, they can start sending a lot of commands during a “flip flop episode” that causes api commands to exceed limits (ie fail).

Without seeing longs, above is just guesses. IDE logs are best. Sometime hitting save can clear it up, sometimes you have to ensure “two more more automations stop fighting it out”. (ie watch nest mode (built in), WebCoRE, and home away assist)

(Jason Hearne) #3163

Where do I find the logs and how should I get them to you?

(Eric) #3164

Logs are in the IDE -> “Live Logging”

best way to share is cut/paste in a private message in the forum app

If things works some, you can enable the diagnostic web page, and send the link via a private message. This assumes you get into the Nest Manager app.

(Jason Hearne) #3165

Thanks Eric. The log told me everything I needed to know. I just hadn’t added Nest storage App. Once added, everything is working. sorry for the bother.

(Erik) #3166

What is the nest storage app?

EDIT - NM, I looked in the Github repo and there was a new app for storage. Added and published it and now everything works! Woot!

(Strike Knight) #3167

I don’t know how to install the Nest Manager could someone please provide instructions

(Rich L) #3168

try following the instructions on the thingsthataresmart wiki page


I’m having the same issue as ciscosurplus. Both with the community installer and manual installation none of the settings fields are showing. Just “Add setting definitions in the source code and then set the values here”.

I had to save and publish a few times and then the field just appeared again.

(Anthony S.) #3170

Thanks for reminding me about the stupid missing settings inputs. I need to fix that in the community installer

(Ask Me) #3171


Sorry if its a stupid question. but can some one please explain how to create a “Client ID and secret”? When i open it it says they are missing.

I appreciate your help.


(jkp) #3172

You need a Nest Developer Account. Here are the instructions…

(Ask Me) #3173

Thank you so much for your prompt response. :slight_smile:


i’m still stuck. my NST manager appears as if it’s working. but it’s not. when I try to use my action tiles, and verify that the temperature changed. it hasn’t. I still am getting an access denied error! and I even created a new developer account and got a new token. still not working. if anyone could help, I would appreciate it.

(Eric) #3175

it would be good to post IDE logs as a private message.

You should look at the IDE logs to see if there are errors, and what the messages are.


I get this same “Something’s Wrong” error after updating everything. Did you manage to fix it?

(jkp) #3177

@impee Did you install the Storage smartapp when you performed the update?

(Anthony S.) #3178

Just an FYI it was stupid of me to add a third file in for storage.
This has been remedied in the upcoming release.