[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


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I already have been using an automation to stop ALL HVAC and set to ECO based on if windows/doors are open. This has been working great !!!

I’m having trouble setting up another automation to circulate the HVAC fan between 11pm to 7am, but NOT if any contacts are open. I’m getting nowhere. I can get it to circulate, but can’t get a restriction to not run if a contact is open, or only between certain times.

Could someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction?


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I am new to Smartthings and all this stuff. But I was able to update the Nest Manager to 5.3.7 by going into IDE, selecting My SmartApps, selecting Nest Manager, Selecting SAVE, then PUBLISH - for Me. Hope this helps.


works great on the new update, did it manually. Had a hard time not working at first, whenever you can, please update the wiki regarding the storage smartapp. thanks for the great NST manager!

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Made some updates to the wiki.

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I’m not sure why i haven’t been getting notifications for this topic anymore… Sorry i’m late to the game…


I’m having some trouble viewing the live camera feed from my Nest Hello. I’m able to see the device and see the clips it makes when there’s motion, etc., but can’t get the live feed to play. It just says either couldn’t connect to the livestream url or Camera unavailable.

Is there a setting I missed?

Edit: I was missing that you need to enable Public Sharing for your camera via the nest website.


I’ve wiped out and installed this from scratch as I was using a way old version and just got the Nest Hello. I’ve installed it from the Community applications (found out about that the other day great job on that, BTW)
I’m stuck on the section where the install says to copy/paste your Client ID/ Secret ID into the app on the IDE. If I click on the “Settings” section like it says in the instructions to paste the information in, there is nowhere for me to paste. The screenshots of the instructions do not match what I have in the IDE.

(Glen King) #3126

I have an ecobee4 in my downstairs heat/cooling zone.
I am considering a Nest for the upstairs zone, which is cooling only.

The concept I’m thinking about goes something like this:

  • turn the Nest up when we get out of bed, to say 80. So it will only begin cooling the upstairs zone during the day if it reaches 80.
  • turn the Nest down, perhaps to 77, when arriving home. This makes it palatable to be upstairs.
  • turn the Nest down when we go to bed, to perhaps 73. Nice sleeping temperature.
    (Let it learn our patterns, weekdays and weekends.)

On the Ecobee, set up a Comfort Setting called “Upstairs AC on”.
That setting will not turn on the heat unless the downstairs temperature falls below, say, 65.

Then… via webcore, set up a piston such that
Nest is in Cooling mode
Set the Ecobee comfort setting to “Upstairs AC On”.

This will ensure that the downstairs heat and upstairs AC are never on simultaneously**.
So my question for NST Manager experts: does the NST DTH expose that status to WebCore so that such decisions can be made based on that status?

** of course, have a piston that returns ecobee to its scheduled comfort setting when the Nest is no longer in Cooling mode.


I need help figuring out how to set ECO mode using NST manager.

What i want to happen is to keep my COMFORTABLE INNER TEMP @70.

So i set my ECO settings i have set are

So that when the external temp is @ 60 or lower the ECO setting should kick in and if higher than 60, well then the house AC should be kicking in and cooling.

Other pertinent settings that i have set

I am just not sure if i have the right settings.

Thanks for the help.

(Eric) #3128

With you desired temp to be 70, and you want the AC to “be available” unless outside is 60 or less, then the desired and external at 10 seems correct.

On the desired and internal, if the house was 78 inside, and it is 60 or less outside, do you want the AC to be on or off? The setting for internal you made says if inside is 80, desired is 70 and outside is 60, you want the AC off. So you need to decide if the how warm can the the house be when you shutdown the AC. You might want this setting lower than 10.


I want the internal temps maintained @70 and for the AC to kick in… would 1 be an ideal number?

Thank you much.

(Eric) #3130

yes a smaller number for desired and internal difference


I have hub working using with ForterzZ Flow meter works well
Now I want hookup my nest outdoor camera so I install NST manager Using Git Integration and I did OAuth setup and I can see Client ID: and Client Secret in IDE but have error on my iPhone “Are both missing” Please help


Is anyone else having an issue with the SmartApp saying “Something’s Wrong”? It just started the other day I’m trying to add another Nest Protect to Smartthings.

(Anthony S.) #3133

Are you using the SmartThings Classic mobile app?

I can’t open any of my installed smart apps under the New Mobile


I am using the classic. The new mobile app is useless at this point.


I got it all sorted. After looking through the logs I found that the NST storage SmartApp wasn’t installed. Not sure why it was uninstalled.


Hi! Every time I try to change the name of my Nest devices in the SmartThings Classic app, they revert back to the names NST Manager gave them. Is this a bug or expected behavior, I’m trying to rename Nest Camera- Front Door to Front Door Camera. Any suggestions on making my renames stick? Thanks in advance.

(jkp) #3137

Open the NST Manager app located in Automation. Click on Device Customization then choose Device Names. You can modify the names there.


Thank you jkp! And thank you tonesto7 for all of your work on this!