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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0



Click on the Marketplace tab in the Mobile app and scroll down and select My Apps and only select NST Manager (don’t install NST Automations - this gets installed automatically inside of NST Manager).

Let me know that you are able to authenticate with Nest successfully.

If you still receive an error, stop as well.


i think its working!!!

thank you


Cool. You were able to select your devices and they show up under Things?


yes. thank you. if i get stuck i know who im coming to! youre a star


If something ever happens moving forward, don’t delete anything. Most things can be fixed without resorting to that. Deleting devices or uninstalling anything is the last resort.

Glad I could be of assistance. Enjoy! :grinning:

(Tony B.) #3024

I am having a little issue with motion with webcore on my cameras.

The motion events show up but! webcore never acts on it to turn my light on if the motion is at the front door. What am I missing here?


Might want to post this here:

(Tony B.) #3026

It’s not really a webcore question. The NST Manager isn’t giving proper motion notifications to the rest of the system.

I could set a routine that would never fire because of the same issue.


You either need to run REST Streaming or do this through IFTTT. With IFTTT, you would pick off the notifications received from Nest on your phone or Gmail (Android) and then trigger an Action in ST (turn on virtual switch / alarm) which your Piston then runs off of.

NST Manager alone will not pick up the motion events. Even though you might see the past camera image from a motion event inside the app under the camera device in Things, this is a different portion of the API that is used to pull the last image from Nest. The polling time (API limitation) between NST Manager and Nest is not enough to grab the motion event and record it in ST in time without the use of REST.

(Tony B.) #3028

Installed the REST service on my Linux server, works perfectly. Thanks very much @WB70!

(Tony B.) #3029

Unfortunately, that STILL didn’t make motion events come up on the ST app or webcore :frowning:

Any other suggestions @WB70?

The REST/NST server is online and it even said there was motion on the ide log.


I still have webCoRE installed, but unfortunately I have uninstalled NST Manager as I am going in a different direction so I can’t test for you anymore. I know there were some specific functions added to webCoRE for Nest (On Person event for one, but that requires Nest Aware subscription).

Someone who is triggering off of motion events should be able to help you though. :slight_smile:

(Tony B.) #3031

Ok, I have Nest Aware. I’ll give that a shot.

(Tony B.) #3032

Looks as if LastEventStart and End were the trick to getting the light to turn on.

Thanks for the link of the REST. I have a fan that was not coming on when the AC was coming on, it waited a good minute. That fixed it and the fan comes on right when the AC kicks on.

Many thanks to you and @tonesto7!

Hopefully we can get a GoFundMe started when doorbell actions show up on the SDK.

In the meantime, I will donate a little later this month. Took a very expensive trip to Florida. Great SmartApp man!


I’m headed down the road of Abode, primarily because of the stability/reliability issues of the ST platform and because I see a rough 2 year roadmap headed this way for ST between the NEW App / NEW cloud structure / NEW API. I believe it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, so I’m going to leave a few trivial ST integrations together, but I am planning a migration/replacement for all of my other devices. Anything that wasn’t a necessity for my needs has already been removed from ST and running standalone in their own sub systems.

One of my primary reasons that I am going down the Abode route is that Nest is officially integrated and supported:

(Tony B.) #3034

Got a link for Adobe?


(Tony B.) #3036

Their site really doesn’t make it look like home automation. More like a security product.


It’s a more mature product and the stability/reliability is night and day compared to ST. The security system is what you would expect of ST.

Yes, primary as a security system but it has an automation engine as well:

It’s no where near as flexible as a webCoRE or way out there complexity, but I’m getting away from that.

Most of my products are either or both a Works with Nest / Works with Abode approved product (Hue / LIFX / Yale / Nest / Wemo / Alexa, etc.). I plan on doing a lot of my base scheduling/integrations/automations between Nest and Hue / LIFX and then adding Keen vents as well as they work with Nest as well. I chose my devices carefully and did a lot of research before even purchasing the ST hub.

There’s an official list of works with Abode page and then there is an unofficial page where almost everything of mine works. Will replace MyQ with Linear and a few other things that are supported. I want something that remains up, can provide security and be able to automate the things that I need without going overboard.

I’m still in the mapping out stages and reviewing everything for me to transition and cover all my gaps. Am also still evaulating whether I go with Nest Secure (very slim chance) and then a different solution from a 3rd party home automation hub to cover stuff for locks (Nest x Yale if I go with Secure and their sensors) and open close sensors (Lights, Motion, Heating / cooling, and Smart Plugs (Wemo) all covered outside of a smart hub).

:joy: and no sooner than mentioning stability and reliability, this email comes across for ST:


I noticed recently that NST Manager keeps setting my thermostat to 50 degrees. I can’t figure out why it’s doing this. Any ideas what I should check?