[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0



So test this.

  1. When the qualifications are met, both the Main thermostat and the virtual Thermostat go into ECO mode at the same time when the Door sensor is open for 3 minutes?

  2. Then when the door closes, the Main thermostat comes out of ECO mode immediately, but the vStat remains in ECO?


Here’s a thought.

If the automation is indeed putting the virtual tstat into ECO mode on Contact open, but not taking it out of ECO when the Contact is Closed, then leave your NST Automations in place and create a simple Piston for the virtual thermostat when Contact changes to Closed then DO set virtual thermostat with “autobtn”.

(Kurtis) #3001

As a datapoint for those who may be late to the party in fixing the issues with Nest that require the developer portal setup… in order to get my devices working I ultimately had to remove all the devices and reinstall the NST Manager App. Once I did that things started communicating properly again.

(Ron Warris) #3002

Has there been a change somewhere? After setting up NST Manager and Nest Developer account a few weeks ago, my Webcore pistons have been working flawlessly. But for some reason, the connection to my Nest Thermostats and Cameras quit working yesterday. I have not made any changes to anything. The devices just suddenly stopped responding to the Webcore commands.

I have confirmed that WebCore is sending commands and that the device current states and logs in SmartThings API for all of my cameras and thermostats indicate that the WebCore commands have been sent, but none of my Nest devices are responding to the commands. All of my other SmartThings devices (motion, door sensors, etc) are all working fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

(Ron Warris) #3003

Following up on my original message about NST Manager not working.

I ended up having to reset my existing token in the NST Manager app. As soon as I did that, everything started working again. No idea why the token would suddenly stop working.


Hi everyone,

im trying to install the device handler but it will not let me change oauth.
when i enable it and click update this appears on the screen. any ideas?

Access to graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com was denied
You don’t have authorisation to view this page.


The instructions don’t have you Enable OAuth for anything except the NST Manager SmartApp code. Please open the following post below for a summary of steps, but you still need to read through the instructions and not skip a step: :slight_smile:


Thank you, you’re a star.

(Killian Gilmartin) #3007

I am not able to control the power of my cameras through smartthings. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Everything seems to be set up properly, cameras are shared publicly, I can do everything else with them in ST, but I am only able to turn them on and off from nest itself. If I go into recent activity for the camera, it says it turns on, but goes right back off and vise versa. Attached screenshot

(jkp) #3008

In the ST app, My Home: Things, you will see streaming to the right of the camera name, click on that and it should change to off.

(Killian Gilmartin) #3009

Just tried it now. If I do that, it switches right back on, and never even shows as off in Nest

(jkp) #3010

Did you set your permissions correctly for the cams in your Nest Developer account?

(Killian Gilmartin) #3011

That was it! It’s been a while since I set everything up I figured I did it right, but I guess not. Thanks!


Hi Im still struggling with this. ive created my account and got the codes. when i click update after inputting them it still goes to the same page. before i knew this i also installed the automations. i cant figure out how to delete the smart app to start again.

any suggestions


Screenshots please. Don’t know what the “same page” means. Authorization error when pressing Update?

Which SmartApp are you tying to delete? The NST Automations that you accidentally installed? If so, in IDE goto Locations / Installed SmartApps, scroll down to Other and take a screenshot of the Nest stuff so I can see.


thank you for your help yes authorisation error.

not sure if i should screen shoot the codes…


There is no SmartApp installed yet so there is nothing for you to delete. To validate for me. Open the ST mobile app and goto Automations/SmartApps. Do you see NST Automations or NST Manager in there? If not, there is nothing you need to delete right now.

Do this first. Then we will cover the error.


when i try to add it in my apps it comes up with an oauth error… it then appears in the smartapps but disappears if i click on it


I don’t want you to goto Marketplace yet (when you click on My Apps, it’s taking you to the Marketplace). As long as they disappear from Automations/SmartApps that’s all we need to know for now. :slight_smile:

Now what I want you to do is logout of the IDE and close the browsers. Open up browser in incognito mode and login and then insert your codes into Settings (in the right hand side boxes) and then press Update. Save should be successful.

Don’t go any further.


no auth error!! whats next?

thank you!!