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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

I truthfully don’t know where they will take there api. I think it’s rather strange they have been so silent.

And honestly with Wyze kicking their ass in camera sales, I’m hoping they wise up and open it up their api more…


yay finally got it all removed and can start fresh! thanks for the tip. Had to also disable thermostat entries within webcore and other smartapps available devices but then finally i was able to get past the “device is in use” error when trying to delete it. Also thanks for the reminder about the incognito window. I am always forgetting that one.
I now have a fresh install and see the graphs again and everything is back to functioning as it should besides one thing, my downstairs thermostat. I have 3 zones and the other two work just fine. The downstairs one was rebooted already twice, it came on for a short moment in the nst manager smartapp and let me set a temperature once, then it went back to being unavailable. Any thoughts or suggestions? I migtht reboot my router for who knows what its worth and let you know in case that fixes it. The thermostat had twice in the last days failed to display the weather when i walked up to it…
good old reboot of router and hub fixed it!


is anyone else having to reset the token quite frequently, every few days / week. I used to never have to do this but over the last few months its been a pain and just stops working without knowing?


I have not seen having to reset the token. I have seen Nest apis having issues. Nest is making a lot of changes to their infrastructure.

We are putting out a release to be more conservative in command issuing to Nest.

Usually folks just need to go into NST manager and hit “done” (vs. having to reset the token).

If you continue to see token reset requirements, we likely should chat in a private message so we can see logs of what is happening. We have not seen this as a general issue to date.

Ah ok. Next time I’ll go into nest manager and hit done to see what happens.
Is there a way I can get a notification when it goes down? Is this possible in core? It’s just a pain to having to keep checking it’s done what the routine has asked it to do…

there are notification settings in not manager you should look at. These can warn if unable to check with nest.

Tony has posted an update that is more conservative on sending command to nest.
Please ensure your nst manager, automations and device handers are up to date

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Can the nest manager change the display and farsight settings? This would really help me out. Thanks!

I’m not aware these are in their API.

If you find parameters you want in their published API (, that is what we have available.

OK. Thanks!

Does anybody know the correct syntax for the ‘setNestEta’ command? I want to get the travel time when I leave work, from google API’s and use that for the 'setNestEta. However, I’m not sure exactly the formatting Nest requires.

the command is

setNestEta(tripId, begin, end)

and cancelNestEta (tripid)

Tripid is a string you make up

begin and end are string times, in iso 8601 format

begin must be > now, and end must be > begin (in time)

Thank you. I’m new to webcore and smartthings. Is there a quick way to format a webcore date to iso8601?

I expect in webcore you would use formatDateTime

I expect the format string looks something like: “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ssZ” or “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ssXXX”

You might have luck asking some of this in the webcore forum

Thank you again for everything!

The documentation seems to suggest that the begin and end are just arrival window times and not the begin and end of the tip (which is what I would think). In other words, if you leave work at 5:00PM and are expected to get home 5:30PM,
I would think:
begin is 5:00PM
end is 5:30PM
but the documentation seems to suggest:
begin is 5:25PM
end is 5:35PM

Can you help enlighten me on this?


My reading of this is

  • if you are leaving at 5:00 and expect to be home at 5:30

you would set arrival window for 5:25 - 5:45 (and you would have done this around or before your 5:00 PM

Thanks again for your wonderful help.

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Did you ever get an answer to your query? I am having the same problem. It is very difficult to key on people if motionperson is never active.

I am having the same problem as Flyize. I have a Nest Doorbell and two Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. I am using the NST Manager with the real time solution on my Raspberry Pi. Everything is up to date and appears to be operating normally. The motionperson trigger for the cameras is periodically triggered, but is always inactive. It is never active. Even when the Nest App states that there is a person in the camera’s view, motionperson declares that it is inactive. What is going on?