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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

Thanks for this. I have carried out all of the above (or I think I have!).

When I go to Automation>SmartApps, the NST Manager appears with a little play button on the right hand side. When I click on this nothing happens.

If I click on the wording, i.e. NST Manager it opens up the log in page. I follow this through, enter my Nest Log in Details, that then goes to the Works With Nest page, I allow all of them and it tells me ST and NST Manager is now connected. On this page i have a number of options, i.e. setting its location (currently Home), and that my current status is away.

Is this all set up correctly? I can’t seem to see the common screenshots which are shown on the wiki page etc…

Aha! Scrap all that, it works!!!

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:joy: Hehe. I’m glad to hear it!

No need to click on the Play button. That will only be used for troubleshooting if there are issues. Just click on the wording to access it.

Finally got around to installing the update,
Thanks for the clear directions especially on how to get the developers code.
All is up and running again.

Great app, just two questions:

  1. The app doesn’t seem to play nice with the new Smartthings app. My Nest devices show up, but upon clicking them it tells me “unable to reach device”. They work fine in the “old” Smartthings app though. Will this be fixed or am I doing something wrong?

  2. I have various multi sensors around the home (Samsung) that all read the temperature, how can I effectively use these to work in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat? I’m a little daunted by all the options in the NST manager automations.

Thank you

  1. You should only be using the SmartThings Classic app. There is nothing to be fixed right now as the new app isn’t ready for primetime. Read the thread below. Won’t answer any more questions about the new app or its future as to when it will be ready and will contain all the same functionality as Classic. Different topic than NST Manager. :slight_smile:

"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App

  1. You can setup your sensors to act as virtual thermostats using the Thermostat Automations inside NST Manager. The documentation covers all of this. Open the doc and search for Remote Sensor. If you setup a Thermostat Automation, you will see all of the options available to you, including Remote Sensor which will allow you to assign one of your devices to act as a virtual thermostat.

Problem I having with that setup is I have my “Desired Heat Temp” set to 18.5c, if the temp reading is already at that temperature, then using the Nest app I’m no longer able to go any higher. I try set to 20c, it kicks in & then shuts off about 1min later, reverting back to a lower temp within the Nest app.

I’m using one other sensor which is upstairs, with the main Nest thermostat downstairs. Both sensors are reading a similar temp.

Do I need a virtual thermostat?

I’m not sure I completely understand what you are wanting to do so I’m just guessing here.

  1. If you create a Thermostat Automation in NST Manager and that is currently active based on all the qualifications that you gave it, then you can’t control the Thermostat from the Nest App or directly on the Thermostat itself.

NST Manager and whatever you have programmed will constantly read from your Nest environment and where you have actions that are modifying temps or setting the Nest Mode, will continuously poll and write those values to your Nest environment.

So if you have an Automation in NST Manager that modifies setpoints on your thermostat, and then you goto your Nest app and modify the setpoints, NST Manager is going to override that the next time it polls and set the values from your Automation. Hopefully that answers the question.

As for devices acting as a virtual thermostat, the idea behind this is that if you have a sensor in a room where the temperature is a lot hotter or cooler than the desired temp of the actual thermostat, then by adding a virtual thermostat you can keep your thermostat running to continue heating or cooling until the desired temperature in that room has been reached.

If you layout exactly what your requirements are and exactly what you are trying to accomplish, there are a ton of people I’m sure have a similar use case and can share exactly how to setup what you are trying to accomplish. Hope this all helps.

Instructions posted for installing the streaming service


I am on the us version of nst manager and had a question that no matter how many times I go back into settings and change the product id and secret product code it does not update leaving me with the missing client id in nst manager in smarthings mobile app.
image.png1920x1080 124 KB
I am lost and have no idea what I have done wrong. I did create a nest developer account and keep trying to paste in but to no avail.

When you entered the clientID and Secret, did you paste it into the blank fields to the right of clientID and ClientSecret? Or did you paste over the top?

Should look like this with your values pasted on the right under Value:

Stupid me I was putting in name section which I went back and changed but now I am getting this error.

Uninstall the simulator. Don’t do it from there.

Is this the first time installing or did you have NST Manager installed already?

NO I have installed and removed it a few times and I go into smart things app,marketplace,my apps,nst manager and this is error I see also.

Have you setup your Location in SmartThings?

I did not know I had to do that sorry for dumb response.

:joy: Not dumb. Just a lot to do when setting things up for the first time.

Where do I go to set that just to make sure I am doing it right.

After you do that, you can always verify it in the IDE by going to Locations and then selecting the name of your location. You will see your information populated here: