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[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0


(Eric) #2517

Yes, ST changed how displays “work” in a recent IOS update. There are other threads on the incompatibilities and lack of testing that was done in this release. They say they are going to address these soon, so we will have to see what they “fix”.

(Anthony S.) #2519

All of these platform issues are causing issues. This isn’t an NST issue. Open app press done it will likely start polling again. We have a lot of protections in place to prevent it but if scheduling doesn’t fire your data doesn’t update

(Bscuderi13) #2520



Ive gotten everything installed and I can see the app in smart things but the status page is saying client ID and secret are missing. Ive went through the wiki for the past hour or so and could not figure out what I am doing wrong. Can anyone provide a direct link or offer assistance to get past this issue? Thanks alot in advance

(Eric) #2522


Nest Developer account section

(Eric) #2523

Hopefully this may address the issues:

(Steve) #2524

Thanks for sharing over here. Tiles touch so many things, it’s hard to track all the places that are affected by a bug like this.

( #2525

I have run into the same problem as listed above the oops we have encountered a problem please try again. when login into my nest account.
I have been reading through all the comments and solutions on this post for a few hours an i am unable to find a solution.

I have never used the NST manager before, so this is a fresh install of the nest manager 5.3.3.
any assistance you can offer would be awesome.

(Eric) #2526

Most often the oops problem is one or more of:
a) Nest token was not created with correct permissions

b) Token was not properly copied in Nest Manager IDE settings

c) git integration is not properly setup (less frequent).

I suggest you start by checking your token permissions, and that the token/secret were properly copied. Also verify that you installed in the IDE Nest Manager, device handlers and did publish for me.

95% of the time one or more of above are the issue.

( #2527

Thanks Eric.

It was the token i had to redo the secret/token. fixed the problem.
Thanks for the assistance. Awesome program gents …

Thanks again…

(Col) #2528

I’ve just installed Nst Manager (which was surprisingly straightforward thanks to the comprehensive instructions) and am a little confused by a couple of basics.

I’m in the UK and use Celsius if that makes a difference. Current temp is 21 and target temp 22 in the screenshot below.

What is the blue circled temperature? I thought it would be target temp as the up and down arrows change the target but just follows current temp while the ‘Heating to’ temp follows the arrows.

Also, if I tap the 22 above the red arrow I get the second screenshot which seems to bear no relation to anything. If I tap the up arrow on that screen (well you would wouldn’t you :wink:) it sets the target temperature to 32 (50 Fahrenheit is 10 Celsius coincidentally).

Oh and finally, is the play arrow on the app on the Automation tab meant to do anything? It doesn’t.


(Eric) #2529

Did you adjust the thermostat ( and weather device to use C settings)?


The portion on Celsius

(Ed) #2530

Wanted to provide an updated. I uninstalled all devices and smart apps today and did the setup all fresh from scratch. In doing so, I also setup a Nest Developer account and configured the app. Everything works great but the second thermostat tiles still do no work :slight_smile:

(Anthony S.) #2531

The platform has been running like shit the last week. I just realized that my manager died on the 2nd and hasn’t been running which should be possible with my Streaming service pushing events to the smartapp


im constantly getting ST MODE (HOME) has triggered Nest “Home” notifications.

when i checked my NST MANAGER APP, I See that it says

is there anybody else having this issue?

(Jay) #2533

Same thing here. Its been happening for a few hours now every 2 minutes. I just made a developer account and tried to enter my new product ID and secret but i keep getting “Access to was denied
You don’t have authorisation to view this page HTTP ERROR 403” I may Just delete it all seeing as I have no access to turn off these notifications.

(Ed) #2534

I had that too. If you follow the wiki instructions, there’s a great guide on setting up you your client id and client secret.


everything was working so well… we need a developers account now to use this app?

(Ed) #2536

If you read the wiki, there’s an explanation as to why it’s needed. It’s always been recommended to have your own account since the burden was on the development team to acquire tokens.

(Jay) #2537

I guess so. I’ve been using this since the beginning with no problems really. I’m hoping there’s just something up with the IDE and I can get my new ID and secret entered soon.