[RELEASE] New Virtual Thermostat With Device

Good morning, I am interested in this DTH, I have a virtual air conditioner via tasmota with a tuya ir bridge, which I want to put as a thermostat on the homebridge.
Can you send to me the code ? or put on github ?

Thanks @Steffen_Nissen. I have made the suggested change in my code base.
Do you know how I can query whether a device has a level?


I’ve added the Thermostat Fan Mode capability so that it doesn’t freeze when you press these buttons in the new app due to the vid being used. You could possibly use these buttons for the smartheat/cool capabilities. Another option would be an override switch to force an outlet on. They currently do nothing, what would people want them to do?

capability “Thermostat Fan Mode”

def setThermostatFanMode(mode){
if (mode == ‘auto’) {
sendEvent(name:“thermostatFanMode”, value: ‘auto’)
if (mode == ‘on’) {
sendEvent(name:“thermostatFanMode”, value: ‘on’)

Had an older version when the door contact was added and without cooling. I got the most recent from rcharmichel to work, however I can’t separate heat and cool. The current original code in the repository gives me an unexpected error occurred when trying to save.

Apparently you can’t leave anything blank. Is there a way to just use heat or just cool?

It should be possible with the latest version from my GIT repo, just leave them blank, please let me know if it doesn’t work

I selected both heating and cooling then was able to go back in and remove one however I think it still triggers the outlet. I did change the differential so one or the other doesn’t respond.

After playing around a bit. You have to select a humidity sensor or it won’t save.

Hi all! I just forked @Steffen_Nissen because I also noticed the Humidifier error reported by @JoeHenn :slight_smile:

It was just a little “divide by 0” type of thing. I went ahead and made an MR on GitHub. It’s working beautifully now on my end!

Thanks, I merged your request

Hi, thanks for make this possible, i´m a newbiee on smartthings and with github,
can you help me how to do this?

a lot of the code is from the Samsung SmartThings Virtual Thermostat example and lots of the UI elements and a bit of code came from NST-Manager Thermostat Handler

install both the smartapp and the device handler otherwise nothing will work, once setup it should be pretty strait forward.

(i already have an api.smartthings working account, and install some repos but i´m lost with this)
Hope you can, thanks!

I’ve had this working before but now when I changed the device names the devices doesnt show up in available devices in webcore so I can’t add the devices and use them with webcore.

Anyway to fix this? they show up in the groovy ide but not anywhere in the webcore settings… can one also add the option for fan speed?


Should this still work on the new ST app? If so, is there anything to update change to make it work?

It works fine

I dont seem to have any controls to set the temperature like I used to have in the old app. Is this what it should look like or am I missing something?

It looks like you’re using an outdated version of the st app

It was an outdated version of the code. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!