[RELEASE] New Virtual Thermostat With Device

To do this requires a custom vid.

How can we create a custom vid?

Use the CLI, see the developer subforum there is a very long thread on it

Am I being thick? I can’t seem to get this to work. I’ve looked through all the other replies and can’t see that anyone else is having issues.

I’ve created my fork of the code, and uploaded the app and device handler into the IDE.

When i try and run the device manager smartapp it says that it is unable to connect. but then creates a thermostat with the temperature at 23 degrees C, but i can’t do anything to edit it.

you must select a humidity sensor as well, even though it says optional.

@mvevitsis i’ve included the humidity sensor

It works totally fine for me as long as both temperature humidity and one outlet are selected.

looks like its something to do with the temperature sensor I’m using (Shelly IOT HT sensor). I’ve changed it so that its using my hive thermostat instead and all loads ok